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Over the counter medicines and tablets are often the go-to solution; but is there another way to cure one?
Which makes sense - how many times have you rubbed the sides of your temples or pinched the bridge of your nose when your head is thumping? We asked Danielle to show us her top acupressure points and massages to help ease the tension of a headache. Migraines make you feel like hammering your head and walk around headless like the headless nick in Harry Potter, scaring others out of their wits. The very first thing to do when you suffer from migraine is just turning the music and lights off as both of them can further worsen your condition.

Take plenty of water during margarine as it is a natural solvent and helps in smooth blood circulation, relaxing the nerves. The one-sided dull head pain along with nauseated feeling, hot face and irritation form sound and light are the clear symptoms of migraine pain. Long and peaceful sleep as it is very effective to relax the nerves, easing the severe condition of pain. You can take one or half cup of black coffee as it breaks down and eases the migraine pain. Migraine makes you cranky, irritates, and make sure you do not indulge in any constructive work and give them a proper attention.

Ok, let us stop making a monster out of migraine pain as it is just an aggravated form of headache and of course, like a headache it can be treated pretty easily.

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