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To decrease the intensity of attacks of asthma cough, honey can be taken along with turmeric on an empty stomach in the morning.
Soaking one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water during the night and consuming this fenugreek seed in the next morning will prove as one of the best natural home remedies for asthma cough. A very small piece of garlic cloves when consumed two times a day with streaming ginger tea will play a role in curing asthma cough.
One of the miraculous home remedies to cure an asthma cough is to consume the ripe banana warmed on a gas stove. Asthma can also be cured by drinking the mixture of one teaspoon of honey in boiling water twice or thrice a day. Taking washed three or four dry figs along with water will help to eat on an empty stomach along with drinking fig-soaked water, which also helps in draining the flag.

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It is said copper acts as very favorable in the process of de-congesting the respiratory tract, and one will get this copper mineral from the water which was kept in the copper vessels last night. Moreover, the mattress should be covered with plastic and should be washed with the help of hot water every week. More often, cough appears in a shorter period of time and at irregular intervals, and this may continue till the person actually vomits or until the person is completely out of breath.

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