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While acne or pimple scars may never fully disappear, there are treatments available, ranging from topical or injections to surgery or lasers. Natural or prescription-strength options include, topical creams, vinegar, tea tree oil and pressure bandages.
Chemical peels, laser treatments or surgery are also options for reducing the appearance of acne scars, filling scars or possibly removing them. Pimples or Acne is a type of skin disease and it appears on the neck, face, chest, shoulder and back.
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Tollywood king Nagarjuna is going to complete 30 successful years in his acting career by today. We all should know what can be the possible reasons which increases this pimple and we should try to avoid this to overcome from this acne. Over eating of junk food may also result in growing of pimple.try to avoid this food and always go for home made food so that it can give your skin a proper amount of nutrients which is required . Sandalwood-Take a sandalwood stick rub it with the help of rosewater and make a paste.apply it on your acne or may be the acne scars leave it for overnight and wash the face with plain water next morning.
Neem-You can use neem in different forms,firstly you can take some neem leaves in a bowl pour some water and bring it to boil,than make that cold and wash your face with it everyday.secondly you can make neem face mask and apply it on your face leave it for 20 mins than wash it with plain water. Lime Juice-With the help of Cotton Balls apply lime juice on your acne.wash it after 10-15 mins. Ice cubes-You can rub the ice on pimples which make it pain free and early healing of pimple.

Baking Soda-Take 1 tbsp or as required baking soda make a thick paste of it with the help of normal water apply it on acne,leave it for 10-20 mins than wash it.
Chemical peels utilize a chemical to help remove scar tissue and encourage new skin growth.
There are lots of medicines in the market to eliminate pimples, but now you can eliminate the same with home remedies. Laser treatments are similar to chemical peels, except instead of using a chemical, they use targeted lasers to remove scar tissue. Surgery for removing acne scars involves taking a wire brush to sand away scar tissue, which then promote new smoother looking skin to grow. Tea tree oil and vinegar help to make skin look smoother by encouraging your skin’s natural cell renewal process.

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