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Eye Stye is a general bacterial infection at the edge of the eyelid, affecting the hair follicle of an eyelash. Usually, an eye stye begins with a small pimple and in the next few days it gets filled with pus. Eye Stye is caused by several reasons such as when we use our hands to rub our eyes, we not only irritate the oil glands but the bacteria from our hands get transferred, if the mascara, eye-liner and other eye products that we use are contaminated it may cause eye irritation and helps the bacteria to be transmitted and if the pores of the oil glands are clogged, it prevents the pore from draining resulting in swelling. Gently press a very warm washcloth against the eyelid for 10 minutes at least 4 times per day. Boil 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds with a cupful of water like an herbal tea preparation to wash the eyes 3-4 times a day. To decrease redness, pain and inflammation, take some guava leaves, wrap it in a piece of warm, damp cloth and use it as a compress. Moisten a regular (non-herbal) tea bag, put it on the closed eye with the stye, bandage it in place and leave the bandage on overnight.
The tannic acid in tea is reported to help cure styes, take a used tea bag that is still warm and apply it to the eye as a warm compress.
Wash your hands thoroughly after touching or treating boils, pimples, acne or any other wound and before you touch the area around your eye. Ingrown hair problem is a benign skin condition which is commonly seen among individuals with curly or coarse facial or body hair. To remove deeply embedded ingrown hairs apply half a teaspoon of Epsom salts directly on the ingrown hairs and then rub your skin gently. Like Epsom salts, brown sugar is a wonderful natural exfoliate which is extremely helpful in reducing ingrown hair condition. For this particularly effective home remedy, simply combine one cup of brown sugar with a quarter cup of extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil.
Using almond meal as a natural exfoliate is a great way to keep your skin super smooth and to free the ingrown hairs.
The walnut scrub is an extremely popular home remedy to free deeply embedded ingrown hair on the face and the body. Red eyes can be accompanied by eye pain, itching, eye discharge, swollen eyes or visual disturbances such as blurry vision. Bloodshot eyes can develop over time or appear suddenly, particularly in response to allergies or an eye injury. The appearance of red eye ranges in severity from a bright red that completely covers the sclera to a few enlarged blood vessels that look like wiggly red or pink lines across the "white" of the eye.
Red eyes usually are caused by allergy, eye fatigue, over-wearing contact lenses or common eye infections such as pink eye (conjunctivitis).
However, redness of the eye sometimes can signal a more serious eye condition or disease, such as uveitis or glaucoma.
When the conjunctiva is infected, the blood vessels within it become irritated and swell, giving the eye a red or pink appearance. When your immune system reacts to a foreign substance, such as pollen, pet dander, dust or certain chemicals found in makeup or contact lens solutions, your body releases histamine as part of the inflammatory response that occurs to "fight off" the culprit allergens. As a result, the histamine released causes blood vessels in your eyes to enlarge, making your eyes become red and watery. Avoiding known allergens to which you are sensitive or taking medication advised by your doctor such as antihistamine eye drops can help keep dreaded hay fever and eye allergies at bay, especially during allergy seasons. Red eyes while wearing contacts could be a sign of a serious eye infection, such as keratitis or fungal eye infections.
Contact lenses also can worsen dry eye syndrome, as they typically reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your cornea and can restrict normal tear flow production, particularly with poorly fitting contacts.
You can minimize your risk of contact lens-induced red eye by keeping your lenses clean and disinfected, and replacing them according to your eye doctor's directions. Your eyes have to work overtime when working at a computer for extended periods, and this can lead to tired, red eyes. Tips to reduce computer eye strain include taking frequent breaks while working at a computer, modifying your workstation and wearing specially designed computer glasses. As an inflammatory response to injury, blood vessels in your eye dilate to allow more blood flow to the site of the injury for quicker healing.
Eye injuries can range from minor eye scratches (corneal abrasions) to deep puncture wounds and chemical burns.
Signs and symptoms of ocular herpes include eye redness, swollen eyes, eye pain, watery discharge and light sensitivity. Herpes of the eye can cause scarring of the cornea if left untreated, and in some cases may require a cornea transplant to restore vision. Uveitis has many known causes; the most common are eye infections, eye injury or trauma, or a systemic autoimmune disorder. If not treated early enough, uveitis can result in a detached retina, cataracts and high ocular pressure, all of which can lead to permanent loss of vision. Acute angle-closure glaucoma is a sight-threatening condition that warrants urgent medical attention. Pregnancy also can alter the shape of your cornea and you may develop an intolerance to contact lenses or even experience blurry vision. In addition to significantly increasing the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts and uveitis, tobacco smoke is a toxic eye irritant that also can cause dry, red and itchy eyes. Corneal scratches caused by windblown particles such as sand and wood filings or flying bits of metal and glass can cause a serious eye injury. Always wear protective eyewear such as safety glasses when you're at risk of foreign objects striking your eye, whether it be at work, playing sports or performing chores around the house such as mowing the lawn.

Don't rub your eyes — irritants on your hands and fingers can cause even more redness and irritation. Take a break from looking at the computer screen and follow the 20-20-20 rule: look away from your computer every 20 minutes and gaze at a distant object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.
Schedule an eye exam to rule out a more sinister cause of red eyes such as eye disease or a sight-threatening infection. If you wear contact lenses, always remove them if you are experiencing bloodshot or irritated eyes. Remedies for red eyes range from rest, cool compresses over your eyes and over-the-counter eye drops to more aggressive treatment such as antibiotics or even surgery.
Remember, if red eyes are accompanied by eye pain, light sensitivity, swelling or blurry vision, see your eye doctor immediately for urgent treatment. About the Author: Aimee Surtenich has many years of editorial experience in consumer publishing, with an emphasis on the health, pharmaceutical and beauty fields.
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When you get a stye on your eye, it is a painful process where you experience lots of itching and irritability around that area.
Rubbing the Epsom salts into the skin in a gentle circular motion can help to free the trapped hair follicles. Gently rubbing the skin with brown sugar helps to get rid of dead skin cells and other surface impurities. The natural antiseptic properties of honey will prevent the ingrown hairs from becoming infected. Oatmeal is one of the top tried and tested home remedies to get rid of painful ingrown hairs.
Symptoms and Treatment Lethow The Ultimate Guide HOME HEALTH HOME REMEDIES HAIR SKIN DISEASES RELATIONSHIP HOUSE DATING Popular Articles Foods High in Iron (Rich Source of Iron) How to Get Rid of Eczema Naturally? Red eye is caused by swollen or dilated blood vessels on the sclera, the white outer surface of the eye.
If your red eye persists or worsens, always contact your eye doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Also called "pink eye," conjunctivitis is one of the most common (and contagious) eye infections, particularly among school children.
Dry eye syndrome occurs when your tear glands produce either an insufficient quantity or quality of tears to properly lubricate and nourish your eyes. Treatment for dry eyes includes lubricating "artificial tears" eye drops and punctal plugs.
Red eyes often are referred to as "allergy eyes," given that eye redness is a common indicator of an allergic reaction. One of the main culprits of red eye is over-wearing or not properly caring for your contact lenses, which can cause a build-up of irritating surface deposits and microbes on your eye.
If your eyes become red while wearing contact lenses, remove your contacts immediately and visit your eye doctor.
Your doctor also may advise you to try daily disposable lenses or a different type of contact lens material, such as gas permeable (GP) lenses. Red, burning and tired eyes go hand-in-hand with staring at a computer screen for too long, which can cause computer vision syndrome. Lubricating eye drops also will can help to keep your eyes moist and healthy — and red-free. Trauma or injury to the eye, including cosmetic eyelid surgery, can result in red, bloodshot eyes, sometimes accompanied by a subconjunctival hemorrhage. This dilation (and sometimes breakage) of blood vessels on the eye is what causes the redness.
Whatever the source, always treat an eye injury as a medical emergency and see an eye doctor immediately.
Infections of the cornea, including a corneal ulcer, are potentially sight-threatening and should be treated as an emergency. Also called eye herpes, this is a recurrent viral infection caused by the type 1 herpes simplex virus — the same virus that causes common cold sores.
An inflammation of the middle layer of the eye (uvea), uveitis typically is characterized by red eyes, light sensitivity and visual disturbances such as floaters and blurry vision. The spike in intraocular pressure (the internal pressure in your eyes) can cause permanent vision loss within a matter of hours if it is not reduced. Eye drops marketed for red eyes contain vasoconstrictors, which are chemicals that shrink the blood vessels on the surface of your eye to reduce redness. Many people who regularly use eye drops formulated to "get the red out" build up a resistance to their whitening effects and need to use more and more drops to achieve the same results.
These problems, including eye redness, usually are temporary and resolve completely within weeks or months after childbirth. The dangers of cigarette smoking to your heart and lungs and other diseases associated with smoking are well-known, but did you know smoking harms your eyes, too?
THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, causes significant dilation of blood vessels on the eye, producing eye redness that can last several hours or even longer. Alcohol reduces oxygen to your red blood cells, causing blood vessels to clump together and resulting in a ruddy complexion and red, bloodshot eyes.

Extremely dry air, dust, smoke and excessive sun exposure are known eye irritants that can cause red eyes, among other symptoms.
Contacts and contact lens cases can act as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, so it's important to follow your eye doctor's instructions about cleaning and replacing your contacts.
Doing so puts you at significant risk of contracting a sight-threatening eye infection such as Acanthamoeba keratitis. Read the following article to know the symptoms, treatment and home remedies to get rid of a stye fast.
Eye Stye should not be squeezed or pierced as the bacteria inside can spread over the entire eyelid. Timely and regular application of the prescribed antibiotic drop helps to combat infection. In the hot parsley water soak a clean washcloth, lie down, put the cloth on your closed lids and rest for 15 minutes. Another way to use garlic is grind it and dip a small piece of cloth into the mixture and gently apply over the stye.
A stye is generally treated with natural remedies which is listed below to help you find some sort of relief when you have a sore eye. A cosmetically disfiguring condition, the problem of ingrown hair is exacerbated by waxing repeatedly or shaving too close to the skin.
To prepare the exfoliating almond meal scrub, simply combine two tablespoon of almond meal with one teaspoon of organic honey. To prepare this homemade scrub, combine one tablespoon of quick cooking oats with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and two heaped tablespoons of yoghurt. Chronic dry eye can cause the surface of the eye to become inflamed and irritated, making your eyes look red. One reason is that you blink less when working at a computer, which dries out the surface of your eye. In addition to red eyes, corneal ulcer symptoms almost always include eye pain, reduced vision and eye discharge.
But a sudden onset of painful, bright-red eyes accompanied by halos around lights, vision loss and nausea may signal acute angle-closure glaucoma. Also, chronic use of eye whitening drops can actually cause the redness to worsen after the drops wear off — a condition called rebound hyperemia. Red eyes in this instance typically are caused by a sinus infection or blocked sinuses, especially when accompanied with sneezing and coughing. If you are prone to red eyes, use swim goggles before taking a dip to avoid irritated, bloodshot eyes after swimming. Staphylococcus bacteria normally live harmlessly on the skin but if the skin is damaged they can cause infection. Ingrown hair condition which occurs primarily after puberty can even cause skin discoloration, extensive skin scarring and painful infections. If there is any sort of infection in your eye, you need to go on antibiotics which only a physician will provide.
The best way to diminish the problem of ingrown hair is to follow some tried and tested home remedies.
Repeat this home remedy twice a week for at least one month to mitigate the problem of ingrown hairs.
During rubbing to get relief from constant itching, this infection normally spreads from one hair shaft to another. Finally, scrub your body (particularly the areas where you have ingrown hair) with a long handled brush having natural bristles.
Rubbing the skin in gentle circular motion will help to free the trapped ingrown hair follicles. Styes are found more frequently in persons who have diabetes, chronic blepharitis, seborrhea, high serum lipids and small unprescribed refractive error. One should avoid rubbing the eyelid with bare hands as it may aggravate the infection or the stye to become bigger. Repeat this home remedy three or four times a week, for a couple of weeks to get rid of ingrown hair problem. Symptoms and Treatment Kattey Spares Diseases Leave a comment Share tweet What is MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) Staph Infection? Soak a handful of seeds in warm water and after 12 hours use the seed to massage your eye gently. What makes MRSA different from other bacteria is its ability to resist antibiotic treatments.
This home remedy if followed twice in the day will help to decrease the swelling in the sore eye. Since the bacteria live on the top of the skin, to have skin infection is very likely to happen. If not  given  proper attention, the person might suffer from the following: Necrotising fasciitis or flesh-eating infection Sepsis or blood poison Endocarditis or infection of the heart’s lining Osteomyelitis or bone infection UTI or Urinary tract infection Pneumonia and lung problems Septic arthritis or joint inflammation due to bacteria Septic bursitis or bursa inflammation due to bacteria What are the MRSA Treatments? Despite being resistant to antibiotic, there are brands that can treat this condition.  The drugs that can treat MRSA include bactrim and vancomycin. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Other Popular Posts How to Open Third Eye Chakra, Opening Third Eye Technique How to Get Rid of Constipation?

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