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Dip a cotton swab into almond oil; apply it to the lips once a day for three to four weeks. Speak to a doctor or dermatologist if the at-home lip-lightening treatments are not effective after two to four weeks. Black lips are caused by many things, including sun exposure, excessive coffee or tea drinking, allergies, and most commonly, smoking.
Chapped lips usually are associated with the cold, dry winter weather, but they can occur at any time.
Colleen Meheen is a certified personal trainer through the ISSA, and has years of experience in the fields of holistic nutrition. Prevent further damage by applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more to your entire face each time you go out. Exfoliate your face with alpha hydroxy acids every other day, and focus special attention on the lip region.
Discuss therapies with your health-care provider if you choose injections or supplements, because they carry risks of side effects. Dark spots on the upper lip can be embarrassing, especially since they can create the illusion of hair growth on your upper lip.
Try mixing lemon juice into a fragrance-free moisturizer and apply it to the face every day.
Waxing Upper Lip: A dark line on upper lip may be caused by waxing the skin on the upper lip.
To get rid of dark of dark skin on upper lip, you can choose to use natural home remedies or go for treatments over the counter.
How to Get Rid of Dark Skin on Upper Lip: Other than seeing a dermatologist, you could use some home remedies for dark skin on upper lip to remove the dark marks and lines. How to Get Rid of Dark Shadow on Upper Lip: I recommend that you use a skin lightening cream like the one listed above.
How to Get Rid of Dark Pigment on Upper Lip: If the problem is dark spots on the upper lip, you could use the best concealer or lip primer to hide the pigment spots as you treat them. How to Get Rid of Dark Line on Upper Lip: Are you using harsh hair removal methods such as excessive waxing? Best Dark Upper Lip Treatment: Prescription skin bleaching or skin lightening creams and ointments are the best treatments. Black and brown spots on your lips appear as discoloration that leaves your lips with an uneven skin tone.
These spots on lips are sometimes called age spots, liver spots and some people refer to them as diabetes spots on the skin. Apple cider vinegar is one of the home remedies for dark lip spots as well as skin cosmetic problems such as cellulite.
After trying these methods to improve the appearance of dark spots, you should see your dermatologist to advise you on the best lip care practices that will help you prevent the darkening of the upper lip and lower lips.
Quitting smoking, stopping using dark lipstick shades or cutting out your morning cup of coffee or tea will help. Use a lip balm that contains an SPF, or sun-protection factor, of at least 15; it will not only moisturize your lips but protect them from the sun. There are medical options, including prescription lightening creams, that the doctor may recommend. Her passion for preventative wellness creates her active lifestyle up in the Rockies of Colorado.
Smoking, sun damage and many other environmental stresses can create vertical lines on your upper lip.
Your skin will show signs of sun damage clearly with deep wrinkles and discoloration, around the mouth, the eyes and any other area of the skin that has a thin texture.

These oils have essential fatty acids with many benefits to overall health, and support skin hydration, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. This natural substance found in the body offers a natural support under the skin to diminish the appearance of wrinkles around the lips.
Beauty supply stores carry many moisturizing creams to help even out spotty skin and remove dark age spots.
If you have them, you could be suffering from melasma especially if the symptoms include a dark pigment on upper lip. As you remove the hair harshly, you may cause a dark spot or line of discoloration on that point of the lip.
Let’s look at each of them, including dark shadow on upper lip, dark line on upper lip and discoloration or dark pigment on upper lip. Mostly, women who are pregnant or those taking birth control pills may see the skin above the upper lip having some spots, dark marks or patches that may appear as a moustache.
It appears as a clock shadow on the upper lip, and you may look like you have grown hair on the skin above the lip. You could also use a good skin lightening soap every time you cleanse the skin above the lip. Women who stay in the booth for long of many times may get pigmentation marks that will make the upper lip look dark. Since the concern is How to lighten dark upper lip skin, it is known that the best skin lighteners that contain azelaic acid, kojic acid and tretinoin are likely to be prescribed by a dermatologist. These will help get rid of the dark shadow on the upper lip by exfoliating the skin above the lip. Find out here the causes, how to get rid of dark spots on your lips, ways to remove black spots on lips and treatments for dark brown spots on lips.
The problem is common in people who smoke, since it is believed that smoking discolors the skin, leaves black spots, patches, wrinkles and even dark circles under eyes. As a matter of fact, avoiding some of the causes of these discolorations on your lips is the best way to get rid of them. Coffee is known to cause not only dark lip spots but also dark circles under eyes and eye bags. Other than using concealers such as lipsticks to hide the black spots on lips, you can constantly treat your lips to remove the brown patches and other lip problems such as lip wrinkles and hyperpigmentation on lips. When you want to fade dark spots and brown spots on the back, on lips, on your neck and other parts on your skin, you can prepare lemon juice and apply it on the lips every night. Like beetroot, apple cider vinegar will bleach the spots and do away with discoloration on your upper lip and lower lip.
Brush your lips gently every time you brush your teeth to exfoliate lips and remove the dark spots. You can also compare dark spots on lips pictures to find out if you have a health problem that needs medical attention. Smoking, dehydration, heavy sun exposure, overuse of dark lipstick and excess coffee and tea consumption can all contribute to the blackening.
This can be awkward when applying lipstick and simply unattractive to many who seek a younger, more youthful appearance. Speak with a licensed dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon about fillers and the potential side effects of each. If you have this problem, learning how to lighten dark skin on upper lip can be helpful to get rid of the dark shadow on upper lip. Dark pigmentations above the lip could be a discoloration that is commonly referred to as skin discoloration.
It is also known that harsh dermabrasion treatment on the upper lip skin may cause a dark shadow on upper lip.

You can get rid of dark pigmentation on upper lip using the home remedies provided above as well. Although you can learn how to conceal dark upper lip shadow, it is important that you find a way on how to get rid of dark skin on upper lip in order to avoid those embarrassing moments. If you are used to waxing your face or threading the upper lip, you are likely to end up with a dark line on upper lip.
Your dermatologist may recommend some simple treatments and ways to get rid of dark upper lip fast, which may include waxing the hair on the upper lip skin rather than just shaving it bluntly.
Other than smoking, there are a host of other causes of darkish spots on upper lip and lower lip. Some of these home remedies will also help you improve the appearance of your type of lips. You can mix almond oil with coconut oil for massaging your lips with every before you go to bed at night. First, you need to consider changing your lifestyle completely in order to not only prevent but also to reduce, eliminate and remove brown spots on the lips and skin.
If you have dark spots on neck, or brown spots on legs, you should also consider using sunscreen on your skin. Removing the unwanted black coating can be accomplished safely, without the need for chemicals or medical intervention. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin and stimulates circulation to aid in rejuvenation and radiance.
One of the most effective natural treatments for fading dark spots on the skin can be found in your own kitchen.
The skin around the lips is soft and sensitive, so when you expose it to the UV sun rays, more melanin pigments are produced, which leave you with dark or brown spots and patches on the upper lip. On how to get rid of dark upper lip skin, I always recommend applying sunscreen all the time you go into the sun.
However, hair removal methods can really contribute to the problem of dark skin on the upper lip. One of the best ways on how to lighten dark skin on the upper lip is to use some of the best skin lightening creams. Depending on where they appear, the marks may not pose a health risk especially when they are on your lips. Citrus fruits---including oranges, lemons and limes---are rich in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant found in many spot-removing creams. Sun exposure is also a common culprit that causes pigmentation and discoloration on the sides of the lips and above the lip. As we have seen above, going into the sun without applying a good skin cream with SPF can lead to dark spots on the upper lip.
Avoid sunbathing or that tanning bed if the dark line on your upper lip is becoming more visible everyday. It is also easier to develop simple home remedies for dark spots on the lips once you know of the causes. Well, you can conceal or cover dark skin on upper lip using foundation, primer or other such makeups. Another way on how to lighten dark skin on the upper lip is to use skin lightening soaps or skin lightening creams.
However, if the dark pigmentations and skin spreads over to the lips, use cucumber juice, lime and lemon juice to lighten dark upper lip naturally.

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