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Most of the people who have undergone the extraction of the wisdom tooth have complained about the severe pain that is associated after the extraction of the tooth. Now when you are suffering from the pain due to extracting the wisdom tooth, then it is important that you should know how to get rid of this pain. When you are having a severe pain after extracting the wisdom tooth, then after consulting your doctor you can take the pain killer. These are some of the home remedies with the help of which you can very easily get rid of the pain after extracting the wisdom tooth. 19-year-old Byron Geldard arrived home from a friend’s holiday in Kavos, with a troublesome ache in private parts, which was too difficult to overlook.
After a visit to his doctor, who could feel a mass in his stomach, Byron was referred to his local hospital for an ultrasound.
He was referred to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit located in Cambridge, who attempted to figure out what kind of cancer he was afflicted with. It was there, that he was asked to give a sample for a pregnancy test, to figure out whether the tumor was generating the hormones connected to both pregnancy, and also testicular cancer.

After receiving a positive result from the pregnancy test, Geldard was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer that had spread to his stomach and lungs, just one day before the release of his A-level results. In December 2014, Byron had surgery to get rid of the growth in his stomach, the lymphatic system behind his abdomen and a testicle.
All through Byron’s cancer journey, he was supported by Teenage Cancer Trust, and currently he is raising funds for them as an ambassador. Pain is associated with almost every surgery, but people claim that when it comes to wisdom tooth removal, then it is something that is simply irresistible. In this article we have thought of providing you some simple tips base don which you can get rid of your pain. But, it should be noted that taking too much of pain killer is not at all good for the health. It is true that garlic can prevent the tooth ache, and so it is advised that every morning you should chew garlic in an empty stomach.
If you still have excessive pain, then it is recommended to visit a doctor and take his help.

The people who have suffered from this pain have complained that at that point of time it is simply impossible for them to do anything. Another thing that you can do very easily and you will definitely get relief is that you can rinse your mouth constantly with antiseptic and with chill water.
If you can put a little bit of garlic and salt on the tooth, then also it will provide you some relief. But, this pain is not compulsory and it is not that every people who have gone through this surgery should have this pain.

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