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Spams-less Twitter feed certainly looks good and ultimately enhance your Twitter experience.
Wait for a few minutes and you will not get any further automated welcome DMs from SocialOomph. Simply click the button below, and you will not get any direct messages by Poll pigeon users.
How to get rid of unwanted notifications in Twitter for Android was published on February 15, 2014 by Ben Oliver. Twitter "Moments" is a new feature introduced by the company Tuesday that help users access all the best tweets, photos and videos surrounding trending news stories.
Twicsy is Twitter Pics Browse & Search ALL Twitter Pics! Search over 5,758,737,907 Twitter pics, millions posted to Twitter each day! However, these auto generated direct messages are extremely irritating for the hardcore Twitter users who used to tweet almost every moment of the day.
It offers all its members a simple way to refresh their Twitter accounts by purging all their tweets. I’ve used others in the past, and they are far better, but I feel guilty taking up the API tokens. Twitter is undeniably a great way to interact with others and find useful information, but because of these direct messages, this social media platform has somehow diminished its value.

The check box makes you think you may simply be turning them all off, when instead it opens another, more secretive menu. If you use the service a lot, I can’t possibly recommend the official app, when almost every other option is better.
You get thousands of messages about free gifts, poker, MafiaWars and Farmville, making money, how to increase your followers etc.
And eventually you miss out your important messages from the huge list of these spam messages.
In the meantime, I have some solutions for you to get rid of direct message spam on Twitter. See Images And Twitter Reactions [PHOTOS] Noticed Twitter’s new lightning bolt tab “Moments” and wonder what it all about? The new feature aggregates all the best photos, videos and tweets surrounding trending news stories in an exciting service that could be a game changer.
Will he ever get the chance to prove his deadly capacities again, or will he forever be a "tough" guy that new characters can dump on? Just one day after the co-founder Jack Dorsey was once again named CEO of the company, the new “Moments” feature was rolled out to Twitter users and, I have to say: this may be the most beneficial feature the service has added in a while.What Is Twitter Moments? But once you get it in your hands, or more specifically put your hand through its side handle, it makes sense.

If one strikes your fancy, just tap on it and you are taken into a beautiful full screen slide show of the top tweets, pictures and vine videos surrounding the new story chosen.When you’ve finished looking at one media item, you can quickly and easily transition to the next by swiping right to left on your device screen. Or, if you want to go back to a previous media item, just do a left to right swipe.Tap To Share, Follow Or View Twitter Moments tab offers users new ways to access, follow and share trending topics. Twitter If there are tweets or photos you see that are of particular interest and you want to share them or view the account where they were tweeted from, simply tap on the tweet and you will see three dots appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
Tap on those dots and a menu of options becomes available, including the options to “follow” the tweeter of the media item, view the tweet, share the tweet or even share the moment on your Twitter feed. You also have the option to follow the particular ‘Moment’ itself, which blends Tweets about the moment directly into your newsfeed, so you can keep track of the latest updates in real time without having to tap back and forth between tabs.Swipe Up or Down To Close At the end of a Twitter Moments experience, you have the option to share the moment, or just swipe up or down to exit. Twitter While Twitter’s new Moments feature has only just launched, its addition can be seen as nothing but positive for the service as it shows the company is aware of users’ increasing need for the best and most up-to-date coverage in a format that’s quick and easy to use.

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