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Do not be ever naive to think that the fake Flash Player message keeps popping up on your browser and computer for fun.
Accessing designated sites without authorization to communicate with the remote command-and-control (C&C) server for further damages. Go to ‘Control Panel’ and select “user accounts and family safety” to click open ‘Folder Options’. Hit View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
Choose Options from Tools menu and hit its “Under the Hood” tab and press on “Content Settings” button shown there. Close down the window and navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc to click open Hosts file. Microsoft has been asked to help the Lake Washington School District get rid of the Goblin virus, as the infection has reportedly reached its network and affected thousands of computers. KOMO News reports that the Goblin virus has spread to each of the district’s 50 schools, but officials are yet to determine the way the infection has managed to reach the network. As part of the LWSD Mobile Access for Students program, middle and high school students have been allowed to take their laptops at home.
Some of the students have apparently installed unapproved games and applications and in case the data was infected with the Goblin virus, the malware automatically spread on other computers once the laptop was reconnected to the school’s network.

The district’s Lenovo netbooks are using Sophos anti-malware security tools, all of them capable to detect and remove Goblin, but a newer version of the virus could actually bypass protection. Although additional staff has been hired to deal with the infection, the district has asked Microsoft to step in and help remove the virus, as the schools are covered though a contract with Microsoft Premier Support. Most anti-virus solutions are already capable to detect the virus, but updating virus definitions is recommended, just to make sure you’re on the safe side. RockApps is classified as potentially unwanted adware program which causes a lot of chaos on the affected system. RockApps is usually bundled with other software and installed on your computer system without any authorization. Net users, first of all, should pay much attention to online activities, especially when they download and install something. For those who are not competent with computers, it’s advisable to download the Automatic Virus Removal Tool directly to remove RockApps.
The popup has been reported to be incredibly frequent, appearing several times in a row on most pages visited. Since most sites need Flash Player  to play video and some Script for website loading, faking such message could capture as many PC users as possible.
The online support will remotely access your computer and fix almost any tech problem you have.

The annoying program hides in unauthorized free downloads to get into the target system and carry out malicious activities. Many people report that they caught this unwanted program after updating Adobe Flash Player or Video Player. Meanwhile, keep in mind the Custom or Advanced installation should be your first choice when installing a program. Other issues happening along with the fake Fake Flash Player Update message are no access to certain sites (news sites and sites offering security help particularly) and disabled Google app store.
In the event that you run into unexpected issues in the middle of the procedures and you don’t know how to overcome, just contact Qisupport Online Support for specialized technical help. On the occurrence of difficulty or help request, please do feel free to contact Qisupport Online Support for quick fix according to your concrete situation. RockApps could trace your browsing habits to display attracting and related advertisements. Moreover, P2P file sharing could get RockApps downloaded in your system as Trojan hides them inside.

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