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If you encounter similar issue about this virus, your computer may infect with a ransomware. Please keep in mind that this virus can get in your computer through spam emails or malicious pop-ups about fake video update. If you see your files are encrypted by [email protected] Virus and you fail to get rid of them, you can follow the methods below to have a try. Step 2: Open Task Manager by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting the “Start Task Manager” option. Step 3: Go to the Start menu, type “folder options” into the search bar and click on “Folder Option” in the search results. Have you ever heard Beep Sound coming from your pc or laptop,many would wonder if it is hardware problem as suggested on several portals ,many other would believe it is normal windows beep sound while booting and would try to disable beep sound. Beep sound A may not cause blue screen always but yes Sometimes the beep sound could lead to Blue Screen.If only driver is corrupted then mostly it could be temporary but there could be cases when trojan or virus could create memory related bug in device driver and hence causing the crash or blue screen permanently.
Like in below Image the blue screen and beep sound is caused by corruption of video device driver. Now the question arises, how does it gets into your PC and badly infects it.Most of us would say it might come through internet,the answer is yes but chances of getting infected is 100 percent if you are using pirated version of Windows.
BIOS also called Basic Input output System is a System Software which resides in ROM(Read Only Memory) chip on Motherboard.When you switch on your System,the first address pointed is of BIOS software as a result POST(Power on self Test)A is done. Once POSTA is done ,BIOS locates a Boot Loader program, which resides on booting device like Harddisk etc.
So coming back to problem here,if say boot sector is corrupted,your operating system may not start. If both of above steps does not work then it means there is no problem with your your boot sector and MBR is not affected.
The virus or trojan, attack your device driver and corrupts it.So your basic device like video display,keyboard,finger print device or any other hardware attached to the PC may not be loaded properly during booting,As a result POST fails and it makes beep sound.

Go Ahead right click and un-install the device,Now your beep sound problem should get resolved.
Now reboot your system and you should not get any beep sound,install fresh driver for that particular device.Always install a licensed antivirus and scan your PC. Some nasty species of computer virus protect themselves from removal by disabling or bypassing Anti-Virus software already installed on your system, and preventing you from installing new Anti-Virus software. Once infected, you should not back up all of the files onto an external drive because the entire backup can be encrypted as well. Although there is a manual removal guide and an automatic removal guide, the latter will be better because it can help you get rid of this virus without using expert knowledge.
Select the tab of “View” and under the “Advanced settings”, choose the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option and uncheck the “Hide protecting operating system files (Recommended)”.
After finishing installing, SpyHunter will scan and diagnose your entire system automatically.
These infections are becoming more and more prevalent, as the bad guys have started using viruses and other malware to make money by means of intrusive advertising, social engineering, identity theft, etc. If your computer is infected, keep it disconnected to the internet and your home or business network until it is cleaned.
When the “Advanced Boot Options” appears on the screen, highlight “Safe Mode with Networking” by moving the up and down arrow keys, and then press Enter to proceed. This virus is so dangerous that you may lose control on some of your computer functions because your MS Office files, PDF file, Images, Audio, Video, and other kinds of files have already been locked.
Otherwise, you will not only get your files encrypted but also get more threats to your computer. To safely and quickly remove [email protected] Virus from your PC, you are suggested to Download and Install Powerful Security Tool.
Avoiding PUPs is not always a easy task, this Browser Hijacker is often bundled using freeware and offered during the installation of legit software.

To release all your files, you are required to pay $500 or more in bitcoins to get your files decrypted with a key provided by the virus maker. So, be aware when you install software onto your computer and carefully read the terms of agreements during installation. This software is not always malicious and may occasionally be offered as handy software or browser enhancing software.The interesting part of this Browser Hijackers is they might install software to protect themselves against changing the default homepage to another homepage. Search Protect from Conduit is software that monitors the browser for any changes, if anything changes within the browser it alerts you with a question if you really want to change the homepage or keep your existing one.
This might sound like a good thing, but its just a nasty way to keep their Search Engine as default homepage and default search engine to get web-traffic and revenue by promoting in-text advertisements. Too bad this Browser Hijacker is not detected by Antivirus software as they are “PUPs” Potentially Unwanted Programs, and you might want them ? Afterwards install free software as MalwareBytes Anti-Malware to remove and protect your computer from PUPs. Some programs include the option to change or repair the program in addition to uninstalling it, but many simply offer the option to uninstall. You can use the social media buttons or use the URL at the bottom of the page or the URL in your browser.
Everything is free and our team is investigating the newest malware to provide you with the latest malware removal instructions at no cost!!

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