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In this time and age, it is already necessary for anyone with a computer to know how to get rid of a virus.
There are times when you will be lucky by deleting the virus just by simply pressing the Delete button. The secret is to run the Control Panel and look and delete the infected programs and files. In the Control Panel, you can click the Uninstall button and just wait for the system to plan how to get rid of a virus.
You know you are doing the right thing on how to get rid of a virus if you are able to avoid them from getting into your computer. Today even Facebook has got enough Viruses to get you in trouble with your Facebook friends.

Enter your email address to subscribe to Technozed and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sometimes, this can only make things worse because they will make you think that the virus was already gone but it is still there creating worse chaos on your files. Do not think twice of deleting the file that is associated with the virus even if it is very special to you. After removing the virus app or all apps, you will have to Clean your browser History, Cache and Passwords. This is the beginning of the entire process on how to get rid of a virus because most of the time, they will not just show themselves up.
There are much more activities inside the computer that needs protection and your only armor for this is a quality anti-virus.

Usually the Facebook virus gets to you when you click on a link, clicking on the link gets the Virus to your account, which automatically spreads same message and link to other users, the virus can spread your profile picture to all your friends making them to click on the link and automatically they get the same virus. You can bookmark the websites where you can find legit information without the need for download. In this article I will explain how to fix your Facebook account if you have a Facebook virus.

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