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Lesson stretch marks, skin tone discolorations, and old acne scars by watching this video on how to use African Shea Butter (100% natural) to get rid of skin flaws. Its natural, and you just need to make the best of yourself such as my Concealer For Men article, or if your a women looking to cover up your acne or marks, then this video is great, for a guy its overkill but for a women its perfect.
Covering it up aside, actually try and get rid of it, see my Acne Treatments That Work article.
And those are only two, so guys at the end of day everyone gets Acne don’t let it get you down, live your life, cover it up and deal with it however you can.
All content present is protected & licensed under NO Commercial, Share Alike CC license, in respect of Terms Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 CC License. Casandra is very brave to do that makeup tutorial, it really helped me though so im glad she did.
Thanks James, another interesting article, everybody thinks Megan Fox is perfect but shes not, and I am glad you showed her to be human.
Pimple marks and acne scars can be a beauty concern for most of the teenagers and adults who face pimples.
Lemon juice has vitamin C which is extremely beneficial for healthy skin and it also helps to get rid of the pimple marks efficiently. Remedy 2: Take one teaspoonful of lemon juice and add one half teaspoonful of gram flour (besan). Baking soda is a gentle face exfoliant which mildly takes off the upper layer of dead cells which keeps the skin cell renewal rate good and also fades the marks with continuous usage. Mix one teaspoonful of baking soda with some water to make paste and apply it on the face for 5- 7 minutes.

Potato juice or the grated potato can be an excellent remedy to remove the pimple marks and scars. Remedy 1: Cut a potato in thin slices and rub it gently over the acne marks and pimple marks. Remedy 2: Another home remedy for pimple marks at home with potato is by using this in the juice form. Tomato juice is enriched with the enzyme lycopene which lighten the marks of pimple and also improves the skin’s dull complexion.
Remedy 1: To get rid of acne scars take a tomato slice and gently rub it on the face concentrating over the pimple marks and spots. Remedy 2: Another method to use tomato juice is by making a acne marks lightening face pack. Remedy 2: Take half teaspoonful of aloe vera gel and mix half teaspoonful of lemon juice in it. Apart from the individual ingredients here are some effective home remedies and face packs which will help to get rid of pimple marks, scars fast at home. Whether you went through a recent weight gain from eating a few too many ho hos or are recovering from post-pregnancy weight, stretch marks tend to pop up because your skin is stretching beyond that which its fibers can stay stable. It occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, an oily substance that moisturizes the skin. Pimples are still easier to get rid of but the marks and the spots left behind can be troublesome. Lemon juice is also known to make the skin fairer and remove sun tan so apart from the removal of acne marks at home lemon remedy can also be used to improve the complexion.

Baking soda is good to get rid of the pimple marks but apart from that it also reduces the redness and swelling of the acne on the face.
Excess sebum can clog the hair follicles, which may become inflamed and rupture into lesions. Soak a clean washcloth in this mixture and hold it to your acne marks for a few minutes each day. These marks are mostly on the cheeks, chin and forehead and take a lot of time to fade but with the help and regular use of home remedies and natural treatments the acne marks and pimple scars can be removed at home without spending too much.
It is due to the potato’s skin lightening and whitening properties which actually make this a good treatment for the acne marks removal at home faster. Doing this natural treatment for pimple marks at least 3 times in a week will give best results in lighting the pimple marks on the face. Aloe vera gel is a great natural skin moisturizer which helps a lot in getting rid of pimple marks naturally at home fast.
Manuka money is a good choice for this treatment because it's made from the flowers of the manuka bush.
The citric acid in the lemon juice can remove the older skin cells on the surface of your skin, exposing the newer skin cells underneath.
You can improve the appearance of acne marks with natural substances that imitate the effects of medical treatments for acne.

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