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Body acne is a very common problem for men, and especially for adolescent boys, with the main areas affected being the back and the chest. From our experience with body acne sufferers who have visited the clinic, from talking to them we have found they are often very self conscious and avoid taking their shirt off in public, which in the summer months when you are looking to go on holiday can be quite a problem. Here at Face the Future, we use the latest Danne Montague King acne treatments to combat chest, back and body acne (as well as facial acne), but firstly, let’s look at the key causes to chest acne then the ways of treating this skin problem. Sebaceous Glands (oil glands) are larger and most numerous on the mid back, chest and mid section of the face. Propionbacteriun (P Acnes Bacteria) in the right environment is part of the normal Flora and resides in and around the hair shaft.
This converts the triglyceride oil into free fatty acids; it is these fatty acids that create the skins pH Acid Mantle.
If the Acid Mantle is impaired in any way the P Acnes Bacteria doesn’t have its normal food source and starts to create trouble in the hair shafts and oil glands. So now we have established a basic understanding that acne on the chest is an abnormality in normal skin functioning. Step 3: After the Alkaline wash solution is removed the area is neutralised to re-establish the pH balance of the skin.

Step 4: Once the neutraliser is removed specialised drops are applied to suppress melanin production. Step 5: The Mask is removed and the chest has the appropriate finishing products applied to restore the precious Acid Mantle and re-establish homeostasis.
If you are suffering from chest, back or general body acne and are looking for a treatment that actually works, get in touch with Face the Future today and we can help you, 0113 282 3300, FREE consultations available. Our clinic team – made up of Kate, Emily, Lucy, Suzanne, Chloe and Julie – get asked lots of questions about products, treatments and skin concerns by their clients. Then we have what Danne Montague King believe is the biggest culprit in acne occurring on the chest area, the Pilo Sebaceous duct or the hair shaft. This causes inflammation and infection, along with a fast cell turn over and an abnormality in the cell division where the cells keratinise too early and stick to the walls of the hair shaft.
This results in inflammation and infection, and in the case of acne on the chest, (which occurs in the hair shaft) the condition develops like a form of folliculitis.
It contains botanical extracts that possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties as well as properties that loosen any accumulation of dead cell material. The solution then clears and eliminates the Acne infection and the blockages deep within the ducts.

The client will be prescribed an appropriate home maintenance programme consisting of products to prevent the reoccurrence of the Acne.
They love to spread their specialist knowledge outside of the clinic by writing blog posts for all our readers to enjoy. If the condition is left untreated, as well as pain and discomfort it can result in serious skin damage such as scaring.
This results in blockages (micro comedones) and becomes the perfect breeding ground for the P Acnes Bacteria which attaches to the bottom of this mass and becomes inflamed forming into a cyst or a pimple.
Here it mixes with various other lipids and natural moisturising factors creating the Acid Mantle and Micro Flora.
This is one of Danne Montague-King’s unique Transfer Messenger Enzyme Formulations specifically designed for the body.

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