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Funk smell (from #2′s) I use bac-out on every poo diaper and have kept funk away for the most part. Any ammonia remover with the main ingredient Sodium methanal sulfoxylate will do the trick. When a wet cloth diaper smells really bad, it is most likely due to an overproduction of ammonia. Since I know you’re not going to drop the formaldehyde issue check out this great article on why ammonia and formaldehyde derivatives are arch nemeses. Hey Char – I just read through all 35 pages on the BabyCenter site – thanks so much for condensing onto here! Yesterday I was at my local cloth diaper store and the owner there told me I should try bleaching them, I have not done it yet because I thought I have read tons of people saying it doesn’t work… Can anyone help? A few months ago, I moved to San Francisco and rented a medium-sized apartment in Nob Hill. Because of its acidity, white vinegar works by neutralizing two substances in smoke: resin and tar. Lighting a few candles (especially scented ones) will often also do the trick and neutralize smoke odors in the house. Share & Follow:Follow When our diapers get stinky, we tend to focus on poopy build-up being the primary cause. In normal concentrations- like you drink plenty of water, and urinate often- the urea doesn’t have much time to convert back to ammonia and is pretty diluted. My son kept getting these rashes and when I realized it was ammonia building up, I went to Dr.
2) Washed a heavy duty cycle with Tide Original Ultra (powder formula) and rinsed 3-4 times afterwards. There are many different ways to treat your diapers for ammonia including bleaching, but this is a simple method that worked for me. Testimonial:"I have been using Lil Bums for my daughter since she was only a few weeks old. Using ammonia is not a sure shot way to get rid of rats, but it might scare them away for a little bit.
Step 2Pour equal amounts of ammonia and water in cups and place them by the entrances, or soak rags in ammonia and place them by the entryways.
Step 3Go around the perimeter of your house outside and lay down a line of ammonia as a barrier.
It’s a little zany but it works!!!!A  Here is the first thread and a Second Thread for your browsing pleasure.

If you try a different brand be sure it is NOT a compound product, ie a dechlorinator, a ph nuetralizer, water conditioner, etc.
In a nut shell they bond to each other and their chemistry changes to a byproduct of water.
I have washed my diapers probably about a dozen times since the first ammonia-out soak and still have no ammonia smell.
However, ammonia has a much stronger smell, so it is best to open the windows and air out the house at the same time. If you anticipate the smoke smell being a recurring problem, get a steam mop and a special deodorizing shampoo.
Stuff your closet drawers with small wads of newspapers to absorb the smoke smell that may be in there.
Especially in environments with high humidity, odors that you thought were long gone may resurface over time if they are trapped in walls.
Remember to open all windows before using this solution, and use a higher concentration of ammonia for greater effect. Did you know that urine can build-up just as badly, causing  burns, redness, and irritation?
But if left sitting around, exposed to air and moisture it can quickly change its tune and turn into ammonia.What makes it even worse, is one molecule of urea can turn into 2 molecules of ammonia. Google and started researching for about an hour and I educated myself on the cause and reason for ammonia building up in the urine.
Yeah, I know that Tide is not recommended in the list of cloth diapering safe detergents-which is why I only reserve it for these types of occasions. I have only had 18 diapers the entire time, so they get washed every day, but they still look amazing and work very well! The trace amount isA  VERY small and a smaller amount than the ammonia that’s built up in your diapers. Products that get rid of FUNK (such as Bac-Out) are usually for #2 build up and might not be formulated to get rid of Ammonia issues. Once the urine is released, the urea begins converting back to ammonia, so some ammonia smell is perfectly normal. I am just a mom that had stinky diapers and did my research and wanted other mom’s to use this knowledge to make their own decisions. The couches, carpets, shower curtains, bathroom mirrors – everything seemed to carry a lingering smoke smell. Sprinkle baking soda over the affected furniture and let the baking soda absorb the odor for a few hours, ideally overnight.

Urine is very harsh on the skin due to its pH level and can cause ammonia to build up over time.
My daughter is now turning 6 months old and we have ordered another 12 diapers so that we don't have to wash so often and I can't wait to get the newer styles! Using this method I’ve not seen ammonia for approximately 5-6 months after an ammonia remover soak for covers, and diapers with organic cotton and cotton velour and 3-4 months with organic bamboo and bamboo velour.
Ammonia remover is completely safe for fish which as a fellow aquarium enthusiast know that fish are the most fickle creatures when it comes to water quality. Lingering urea in the diaper and certain types of bacteria can speed up and increase the production of ammonia. I have talked with Lil Bums customer service a couple of times and always receive a prompt and courteous response to my questions.
Aside from using ammonia to get rid of rats, you should take other precautions, like boarding up holes and sealing up food sources. Unfortunately I do not use Microfiber so I do not know the time span it takes between soaks using the spray method. They also don’t recommend soaking anything with PUL or elastic in vinegar but a lot of have done so anyway. So if you smell an unusually strong odor of ammonia after your baby pees, you most likely have a biological residue in your diaper. Then follow up with hot Wash using Rockin’ Green (or any CD safe Diaper detergent) then follow with a second rinse.
This residue is most commonly caused by not using enough water to wash and rinse diapers clean.
What I’ve done is turn up the water heater to the highest setting then do a soak on hot in the washing machines. Detergent is what enables water to enter the fibres of the cloth and release its soil (by decreasing the surface tension of the water). A  I only have a top loader non HE machine so I have no advice on how to fill your washer full. It is recycled in the wash and dries onto the fabric, remaining there in the form of residues.

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