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Step 1Fill a clean bowl with hot water -- however, not hot enough to irritate your skin -- just a degree or so warmer than your fingertips.
Step 4Apply a little bit of mild soap to a clean cotton swab and carefully clean out your navel area. Step 6Rinse your belly button area well to make sure that all of the soap residue is removed, and pat it dry with a clean towel. Sleep in a loose nightshirt, or nothing at all, to keep pajamas or lingerie from irritating your navel at night. Don't attempt to treat any sort of rash or infection with hydrogen peroxide or over-the-counter ointments, because this can make the problem worse.
I got mine done 2 months ago and i have had no problems with it , but 2 days ago it got painfull and it hurts when i move my stomach but it is not red or warm on the outside and it does not puss or anything.

Is it infected ?NaNa Elli: Thanks so much his really helped me I saw a change after 2 days now its no longer infected!!!alora babe: Someone please help me!!! A smelly belly button can be caused by many things, such as increased activity in your sweat glands, rashes, or an infected piercing. If you see redness, swelling or pus, contact your doctor immediately, because you might need antibiotics. Avoid scratching, poking or tugging at your belly button, and make sure your clothing doesn’t irritate it. Cleaning your belly button isn't hard, but should be done carefully to avoid making the problem worse. There is skin forming around the top ball which is weird but I've been told not to take it out because it will form and abscess .

I just got mine done 2 weeks ago and i'm not sure if it's normal or if theres an infection possibly forming or its migrating. My body has actually rejected 2 of themA hairandmakeup princess: Every time u clean it does puss come out?

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