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Use the form below to delete this Nothing Found For 31 Trisha Sweaty Armpits image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Fungal Rashes Precautions How To Stay Away From Infection image from our index. If someone were to ask me what the least favorite part of my body is, I would say aside from my feet it would be my armpits. Through my research for a cure of dark underarm skin, I have learned that it is caused by hyperpigmentation due to trauma to the area. While there are many reasons why hyperpigmentation can occur in the armpits, in my case it was due to excessive shaving. If it is the deodorant causing your armpits to darken, you may choose another brand or avoid using it altogether. If skin friction is the reason for the hyperpigmentation, you can wear loose-fitting clothes. Ex-foliate – Scrub your underarms with a loofah when bathing to gently but persistently rub away all the sweat, impurities and deodorant leftovers. Baking Soda – Some people use baking soda instead of deodorants since they can cause dark armpits.
Coconut Oil or Vitamin E Oil – Coconut oil or Vitamin E Oil is another good option to get rid of dark underarms. Potato  – Potato is another great bleaching agent because of the mild acidic property it contains.
Homemade Tendskin – Tend Skin is a liquid astringent that improves the appearance of unsightly razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn and redness from shaving, waxing, and electrolysis. A chemical peel will absolutely work but it can be costly because you will need to go several times. I’m not sure if a natural deodorant will help you, but it is a safe alternative to aluminum-based anti-perspirants. My name is Toya and I'm a metro Detroit based blogger who loves traveling the country covering exclusive lifestyle events.
Apply baby powder or talc as another possible deodorant replacement that also helps keep the armpits dry.
A good hot bath even without soap gets rid of all dead skin, compacted sweat, and everything that can be broken down by bacteria. Change of Clothes (and washing of clothes) everyday is essential too, since your clothes, especially socks and innerwear import sweat and bacteria from your body.

Hair gives a greater surface area for bacteria to flourish, and hence its absence, especially from the stinky areas is advisable.
Your posture can induce sweating, especially in areas which have skin in contact with skin, such as insides of knees and elbows, armpits and groin.
Foot odor can persist for a long time since it is difficult to change or wash shoes as often as clothes. Sweating is a natural way to make the body cool and it happens most often during excessive hot and humid weather conditions. About Excessive Sweating Excessive sweating under normal conditions can be a problem but there isn’t any cure for this.
Remedies for Excessive Armpit Sweating If you think logically then to avoid excessive sweating you must maintain your body temperature by keeping it cool. Dress according to the season and wear light colored clothes that will reflect the heat rather than absorbing it.
Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. How sweat smell clothing - man, If you are athletic, chances are you will need to learn how to get sweat smell out of clothing. How rid male genital odor - man, Most guys want to know how to get rid of male genital odor. Hair removing creams contain harsh chemicals that can cause an adverse skin reaction in many people. There are some wonderful natural deodorants on the market that won’t have you stinking either. Also, use a pumice stone twice a week to help whiten underarms by removing the built up dead cells. Baking soda aids in curing the darkness of the underarms and also provides relief from body odor.  (Double win!) To make natural skin scrub at home, take some baking soda and add some water to make a thick paste.
The natural bleaching agent of the lemon will lighten the skin color of armpits while its citric acid will help kill the bacteria.
Although the above preventive measures and dark armpit solutions can be very effective in tackling the condition, it will take time. When my aunt got Breast Cancer they found so much of the Chemicals clogging up her lymph-nodes. Shower with antibacterial soap as much as needed in the summer when you tend to sweat more, and shower after working up a sweat in the gym. Wear cotton shirts in summer because they soak up sweat, and avoid wearing sleeveless shirts that make armpit odor more prominent.
According to the Natural Home Remedies website, sage tea reduces body odor and reduces sweat gland activity.
If you can influence the environment, though, it is good to have a well-ventilated, cool, moderate humidity environment. Sweating may otherwise also occur for certain medical conditions or some people may just have more tendencies to sweat. Excessive sweating is very uncomfortable and distressing as it may cause body odor for which you may feel embarrassed in social situations and in personal relations. May be your body constitution is such or you consume foods that create more heat in your body that you need to sweat it out to maintain proper body temperature.
Take enough water which is very much recommended for various health purposes as it keeps your body cool and eliminates toxins. Avoid chilled drinks, excessive caffeine and also alcohol as these aggravate the body temperature.
When used over long periods of time, these products can cause permanent damage to the sensitive skin of the underarms.  In my case it was the excessive shaving. I’ve been contemplating going the wax route and now after reading your post, I def will go for it.
It’s considered one of the best ones out there, especially if you have sensitive skin!
Bacteria thrive in warm, moist places, making your armpits a particularly good environment for them. Whenever you do any physical activity, it is good to take a bath to prevent setting in of body odor.

Thorough cleaning of parts such as the groin and armpits is necessary, since these areas have coarse hair and compacted sweat and sometimes pheromone secretions which promote bacterial activity. Tight clothing like elastic straps, tight jeans should be avoided if you have a tendency to sweat profusely. Excessive armpit sweating is a problem related to sweating and this again has various negative effects.
Sweating problems may be a generalized one or a localized one; the former being all over the body while the latter is restricted to particular areas like the armpits, the palms or the head. Even when there isn’t any hair under them, it still looks like I have globs of hair because of the discoloration. Or grate the potato and apply the juice to the affected area, allow it to dry for ten minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. To be totally honest I got my surgery on my arm pit on a Thursday…I basically let myself be without the Antiperspirant for the weekend. According to the Home Remedies For You website, antiperspirants can clog pores, which leads to trapped sweat and increased odor. Although it is essentially associated with hygiene, it may also be influenced by genetic build-up, diet etc. Sweating isn’t a disease but a natural phenomenon which is a part of the body mechanism. People who sweat excessively have nothing to do with poor hygiene. Excessive sweating causes are usually linked to genetics and also because over activity in the sympathetic nervous system. Excessive armpit sweating causes much embarrassment and though sweating has nothing to do with remaining unclean yet you feel irritated as your clothes become soiled more often. If you are overweight or easily get stressed then these also account for excessive sweating. Another problem with shaving is that it removes the hair from just below the surface of the skin. This will help to remove any dead skin cells accumulated in the underarm which is one of the main reasons for dark underarms.
This process will lighten the skin tone and kill all the germs and bacteria which feed on the dead skin cells causing underarm odor. In that time I started noticing that my white shirts didn’t have stains and my underarms starting getting lighter.
Sweating is a common factor with every human being and in areas where the climatic conditions are hot and sultry almost every individual sweats profusely. You may constantly feel conscious regarding people around which may affect your confidence and self-esteem. There are various effective ways to combat excessive armpit sweating which can restore your confidence and help you get rid of your constant embarrassment. Overcome excess weight and stress by managing it through healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Although I don’t avoid wearing tank tops, you will hardly ever see me wear one without a denim jacket, blazer or cardigan over it. The remaining part of the hair beneath the skin makes the skin look slightly darker, especially in people with dark hair. Please note that it’s always better to consult a doctor rather than trying home remedies but in most cases dark armpits are more cosmetic than medical problems.
I have even thought about using bleaching cream or foundation to cover up the discoloration. My doctor was hellbent on saying these lumps I kept getting weren’t linked to my deodorant.
Do note that permanent hair removal is expensive and doesn’t always work with women of color. The trick was using a fresh razor too so you don’t have to drag it too hard across your skin.

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