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Bad breath: The most distressing and insulting problem found in almost 50-60 percent of the world’s population this time. Many people think that they brush their teeth daily or two times a day than why they get bad breath problem? So if you are going through this problem, then just take a round over my precious and practical tips that will work like a miracle in combating with bad breath problem. If you are going through any dental treatment like tooth aligning treatment and you wear dentures or braces, then remove them daily at night. Using the same brush for life time or for long time is a very bad habit that cause many infections and bad breath problems in your mouth. Having a scaling treatment every 4-6 months will never let you face the bad breath problem. Many people facing this problem when ask to their doctors that they brush their teeth 3 times a day but still they have bad breath. Seeds have antiseptic chemical qualities that fight against the bad breath problem that is called “Halitosis”.

Mouth wash or mouth spray is an instant way of cleaning your mouth and killing bacteria in no time.
Waking up in the morning with intense bad breath or feeling insulting when someone is un-comfortable standing in front of you while talking is the worst problem that is not only a dental disease but spoils your style too. So for them my answer according to medical point of view is that weak gum with pocketing problem, bleeding problem at night, bad hygiene, eating food that are acidic in chemical nature, not brushing properly from inside, not flossing, a layer of plaque on tongue are many important reasons of your bad breath. Wash your dentures and teeth completely to remove any tangled food particles that cause acidic environment in your mouth. A colony of bacteria build up on the old and long used brush that transfer in your mouth every time you brush and spoils your mouth hygiene. If you have intense problem then I recommend you to have a scaling sitting of your teeth or you can consult your dental surgeon for a proper check-up to investigate the root cause of your problem. Chewing something is not that difficult, you can keep a handful of seeds in your pocket for chewing for the whole day. If you keep wearing your dentures at night without brushing, the result will be devastating for you.

On the other hand the bristles of old brush get weak and don’t clean your teeth and mouth properly making a un-hygienic environment.
Yes like teeth your tongue is equally facing bacterial multiplication on it that cause acidic environment in your mouth leading to bad breath.
You can carry it in your pocket and just give one or two strokes whenever you feel your breath is getting sour.
Flossing also inhibits bacterial function and keeps your mouth bacteria free for long time.

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