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A good hot bath even without soap gets rid of all dead skin, compacted sweat, and everything that can be broken down by bacteria. Change of Clothes (and washing of clothes) everyday is essential too, since your clothes, especially socks and innerwear import sweat and bacteria from your body. Hair gives a greater surface area for bacteria to flourish, and hence its absence, especially from the stinky areas is advisable. Your posture can induce sweating, especially in areas which have skin in contact with skin, such as insides of knees and elbows, armpits and groin. Foot odor can persist for a long time since it is difficult to change or wash shoes as often as clothes. My friends, this smell of your fridge is going to take your happiness for sure because a clean and fresh kitchen can only keep you healthy and happier. It happens with most of us, whenever we open the refrigerator, the unpleasant and rotting smell force us to pucker our nose and brows. Imagine when you as a family plans to cook the tasty meal for you loved ones like a routine process.
Clean your refrigerator regularly by following these simple kitchen cleaning tips and get rid of the fridge smell to boost up your healthy life. This bright and juicy fruit has the capability to thump the squalid smell and make everyone crazy with its fresh scent.
If you love the lemon fragrance, then pour the lemon juice in half glass water & keep it in the fridge.

Orange is not only used as eatableA but also for blooming the home with its fresh and sweet fragrance. Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) is not only used in the baking process but it is the good source to get rid of fridge smell. Use the vanilla essence in the water while wiping the fridge or dip a cotton ball in the vanilla extract and keep it in the fridge. Vinegar will not only absorb the bad odour but undiluted vinegar can remove all the sticky stains that can make your refrigerator new and fresh. If you can influence the environment, though, it is good to have a well-ventilated, cool, moderate humidity environment.
Well, then you must be aware of the source of the bad odour as it spoils the other refrigerated food items too. So, how negative it would feel when you open the fridge & the bad odour thrashes your mind? You have to look into the matter and investigate as to what food items are stored from long time and when and how they have to be thrashed or used up. But do you know, apart from health benefits, it works surprisingly to get rid of fridge smell. Generally lemon is considered as one of the best mood-boosting fruit, which relieve from the dull mood & make us happy.
Take a bowl full of baking soda and keep it in the fridge for always or when you are feeling the bad smell in the fridge.

Having over 4+ years of freelance projects under her belt, she frequently writes articles on topics of lifestyle and relationship and learning the basics of blogging. Whenever you do any physical activity, it is good to take a bath to prevent setting in of body odor. Thorough cleaning of parts such as the groin and armpits is necessary, since these areas have coarse hair and compacted sweat and sometimes pheromone secretions which promote bacterial activity.
Tight clothing like elastic straps, tight jeans should be avoided if you have a tendency to sweat profusely. To get rid of fridge smell, keep some peppermint leaves in the fridge or add few peppermint essence drops while cleaning the fridge. Although it is essentially associated with hygiene, it may also be influenced by genetic build-up, diet etc. In fact, the smell would come for sure because we generally store food items to preserve them for a suitable time to consume.
If you wantA to get lost in the coffee essence, then grind the beans and keep them in the fridge.

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