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If you have noticed that your shoes smell bad, it’s likely that you want to get rid of the odor as quickly as possible. The bad smell coming from shoes can be overwhelming and make you wish to throw them away as soon as possible. To get rid of the unpleasant smell coming from your good pair of shoes, you can stuff the shoes with newspaper.
Another simple solution to get rid of the smell coming from your shoes is to throw the shoes in the washer.
You can also use fabric conditioner sheets available in the market to get rid of smelly shoes. Though this may sound strange, but cat litter has proved effective in getting rid of shoe smell.
Pour some rubbing alcohol in a cotton ball and wipe the insides of your shoes with the same. If your shoes are not washable, wipe out the interior with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to kill bacteria. If your shoes are damp, you may be able to microwave them for 90 seconds to kill the bacteria.
At home we use DryPointe Shoe Inserts they use silica to dry the shoes and keep them smell free.
Skin usually appears blotchy or discolored due to factors like excessive sun exposure, allergies, rosacea, irritant contact dermatitis, hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, etc.
As your eyes are the windows to your soul, tired eyes often give you a flushed out look, mostly due to eye strain or intense use. Apart from your armpits, back, and legs, your face too, can be prone to excessive perspiration, which can be particularly embarrassing in public scenarios. Unskinny BoppyDIY, Home Decor and Interior Design Blog based in Birmingham, AlabamaLet’s Connect! Gus and Woodrow, our two 100 pounder Labrador Retrievers, have been outdoor dogs their entire lives. Anyone who has ever owned an outdoor dog knows that it doesn’t take long for them to begin to smell like a goat with a buzzard scented albatross hanging around it’s neck.  I’ve tried taking them to the groomer by myself, but transporting these two in a car alone is not an activity for the faint of heart. Young Living even has a great smelling animal shampoo that I definitely will use more often than once a year, I promise. I love my oils!  In case you are wondering where to get a bottle of the essential oil blend, I can sell it to you!
If they didn’t weigh close to 100 lbs each I would adjust the number of drops and use WAY less for a smaller dog.
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions about essential oils around your home and family. Rest assured, my two labs are petted, vetted, exercised, shed and brushed on a regular basis, up-to-date on all shots and regular monthly meds, well-fed with a dog food that had chicken as the very first ingredient, free to roam three acres securely inside an electric fence and not caged up all day, crated indoors at night and in inclement weather, and clearly as happy as they can be, if you cannot see that in all the multiple pictures and past blog entries I’ve linked up to this post. I hope this makes you feel a little better about the condition of my two “pitiful” puppies. Bathing a dog too often DOES cause problems and since their skin has a different pH, you should never use human shampoo. Beth, I have a friend who has golden retrievers and the only baths the get are the ones they take themselves in the swimming pool in warm weather.
Beth, I’m going to order some of this essential oil from you because our dog stinks to high heaven right now. I’ve told Beth this before, but there was a time I looked down on people with outside dogs as well.
Anyway, biases tend to stick around until challenged, so props for a great story and the dialogue Beth!! I’d be cautious using oils on ceramic just for the slipperyness factory, but you could try a small area and test it out.
Merri Jo, I haven’t been a regular reader of this blog, since I just discovered it a few minutes ago on pinterest, (however, I plan to check out more of it now). Tags: foot odor, get rid of foot odor, remedies for stinky feet, smelly feet, stinky feet, stinky shoes. 8 Tips to Help You Say Bye-Bye to Bad Breath!Home Blog Uncategorised 8 Tips to Help You Say Bye-Bye to Bad Breath! Halitosis isn’t just caused by stinky foods that we consume; there are several factors that come into play, including poor hygiene, mouth infections, nose and throat issues, dry mouth, medications, tobacco products, and, yes, certain foods.

If you find that you have chronic halitosis that doesn’t improve with good hygiene and diet practices, there could be an underlying medical condition causing this. The first order of business is to get rid of any blankets, pillows, toys, or bones in the car. Cats mark their territory with a super odiferous, ammonia-scented urine that is one of the stinkier substances known to man. Set a bowl of white vinegar by the stove or oven when you cook fish to help neutralize odors.
To remove cigarette or wood smoke from clothes, hang them outside for a few hours, where sunlight and air can get to them, or use an electric fan. Your little angel’s diapers stink like the devil, and the Diaper Genie only does so much to contain the reek. But before that you need to first understand that reason behind the stinky smell coming from your shoes.
Due to excessive sweating it becomes an ideal place for bacteria to reside that cause the shoes to emit an unpleasant odor. Well, there is no need to spend money on buying new shoes as there are many simple and easy ways to get rid of the unpleasant odor. This way whenever you need to use the shoes you will not be disheartened with the unpleasant smell.
Keep the shoes to dry in direct sunlight and when dry, double bag them and put them in the freezer overnight.
I am a distributor for Young Living essential oils.  If you’re interested in buying any Animal Scents for your pets, you can click here to sign up to be a retail customer, or become a distributor and get wholesale prices! That is certain not something I ever strive to do with my blog, so I apologize that you’ve been hurt over this. They are very well maintained animals, who mostly lay around the pool deck and sleep all day. They are doing just fine without a bath, and I was so excited to find out that this Purification oil worked so well that I had to share it! I let the dogs have a spoonful of plain Greek Yogurt now and again to help them with their stinky breath. He said to remember that the gentlest human shampoo is way stronger than the strongest dog shampoo. If you’re not familiar with the breed, it can be easy to misunderstand, but bathing a Labrador more than necessary can actually harm it by removing the natural oils and causing undue shedding.
My experience with outside dogs was always that they were neglected, lonely animals who weren’t part of the family (or worse).
You go somewhere or come back home, open your shoes or socks and that fishy smell vitiates the environment. Many times, halitosis is caused by poor hygiene or the breakdown of certain food particles. Removing food particles from between your teeth isn’t just essential to healthy teeth and gums; it also helps diminish bad breath.
Luckily, you probably already have some of the tools to fight these odors and you don't even know it. Clean out food that’s moldy, rotten, old, and smelly, and anything that has changed color or physical state. Traditional cleaners leave behind (and even reactivate) the protein crystals that are responsible for the smell. Alternatively, rub your hands over a stainless steel spoon under cold, running water for 30 seconds.
The most effective recipe for getting the stench out: scrub with hydrogen peroxide (3 percent), baking soda, and mild dish liquid.
Bag and tie any leftover bones, scales, or bits before they go in the trash can, and follow any remnants that go down your sink’s garbage disposal with half lemon or lime. If they still smell like an ashtray, you’ll probably need to wash or dry clean the items.
If the answer is yes, the good news is that you do not need to get embarrassed about the unpleasant smell that comes from your shoes. Their stink has been completely erased, and I did nothing more than give them a spritz of water and essential oils.
Growing up in near-poverty conditions in Alabama (there’s a post in the archives about that) I have witnessed first hand many cases of true animal abuse.

It really does work, so if you have any stinky dogs in your life I would be willing to mail you a free sample and let you try it out. I have a lab who stinks to high heaven this winter (I live in WI so outside time for him lately isn’t much) He has gotten two baths since Nove,mber and that was only because he would be traveling in our car and we didn’t want to smell him for a 2 hr trip!
Forcing them to live a solitary life outside and wear shock collars is not my idea of kindness. If you find that the above tips don’t do too much in eliminating your bad breath, try eating crunchy fruits and veggies, eating fruits high in vitamin C, adding a cinnamon stick to your beverage, or sipping great tea throughout the day to give you a bit of extra help.
Sprinkle upholstery and floor mats with baking soda and let sit over night; vacuum in the morning.
Activated charcoal (available at most pet supply or garden stores) will neutralize mold and mildew smells in damp basements and crawl spaces. Luckily there are a number of special enzymatic cleaners on the market for just the purpose. Sprinkle regularly with baking soda or a product like Smelleze or Diaper Buddies, and take out the trash at least once a day. Shoes are usually made from synthetic material and have rubber soles and plastic innersoles. The litter, a great deodorizer, would absorb all the foul smell, making your shoe perfectly ready to wear. Dogs with mange, dogs covered in huge ticks and teats dragging the ground engorged with milk, dogs tied to a tree with a rope that strangled to death while trying to escape over the side of a homemade fence.
But unless you have a prize winning dog these animals don’t NEED to be pampered and groomed every month. I’ve met Gus and Woodrow in person and they are living the ultimate dream life with freedom to roam (safely), shelter when they need it, a pool to lounge at and a six year old little boy that keeps them very entertained (and fed with treats!)!
My outdoor lab only was bathed when she rolled in the neighbour’s freshly-manured flower bed! One of the reasons we bought this current house that we are in was so the dogs would not have a single set of steps to walk up and down as they get older. I am the first one to get all upset over animal neglect, but I can clearly see these animals are not neglected.
As a general rule avoid inferior quality footwear and prefer canvas that let your feet breathe and prevent stinky shoes. In fact, almost everyone will experience bad breath at some point in their lives, if not every morning when they wake up. If the car still smells like a kennel, spritz with a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. White vinegar, tee tree oil, and grapefruit seed extract (which can be found at health food stores) are natural fungicides that can be mixed with water and sprayed on mildew.
Furniture or clothes with extensive smoke damage (say, from a fire), will likely need to be professionally cleaned by a fire restoration company. It makes me want to curl up with them and take a nap like we used to do when they were little baby puppies. I’ve read that tea tree oil can be toxic to cats so please do your research before using essential oils on any of your animals.
Our old house had a huge flight of stairs that they had to run up and down daily to get to the backyard. It’s disheartening that with real animal abuse to direct anger towards, that these to readers would write such comment to you. Brushing teeth, vet visits, cleaning of anal glands by professionals are all part of animal care. Heck, my spoiled, regularly bathed, inside Labrador would be jealous if she knew of their life by the pool.
No, just different styles of care based on the needs of the animal, that should be addressed respectfully.

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