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Dark spots can develop on your toes, according to "Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice," for a variety of reasons, including exposure to the sun, wearing shoes that do not fit properly and hereditary factors. Saturate a cotton ball with the juice mixture and use the cotton ball to apply the mixture to the dark spots on your toes.
Overview Most women who wear makeup regularly have at least one favorite concealer for their faces. Overview The dark spots on your skin are age spots that form when you stay in the sun for too long. In fact, the notorious «black spots» – not that other, as sebum, скапливающееся in the pores and темнеющее on the surface of the skin from dirt or oxidation in air. Use cleaners containing fruit acids, essential oils or extracts of citrus fruits, salicylic acid: they reduce the activity of sebaceous glands, has a slight lightening effect, and lighten the closed comedones. Choose creams and cosmetics on the water or gel base. Products containing large amounts of oil (especially synthetic) can clog pores. Cleansing gel for problem and oily skin Aha and BHAUltra Clear Exfoliating Gel Cleanser, Ultraceuticals. Exfoliating gel for daily washing c used for cash register), extracts of witch hazel and lactic acid, Clean & Clear. A deep cleansing mask against acne with salicylic acid and kaolin Pure System Ultra Clean, Yves Rocher . Once a week use a clay masks: this is the simplest and most affordable means of struggle with «black spots» in the home. Thorough care for skin at the end of the menstrual cycle: at this time, under the influence of hormonal changes sebaceous glands to increase their activity pores seem to be wide, and «black point» is noticeable.

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According to "Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice," the lemon juice will lighten the dark spots, the tomato juice will infuse antioxidants into the skin to promote healthy circulation and the cucumber juice will hydrate the skin, helping to diminish the dark color of the spots on your toes. According to "Braun-Falco's Dermatology," an hour is the minimum amount of time required for the skin to thoroughly absorb the mixture and benefit from its contents. According to "Handbook of Dermatology: A Practical Manual," the cool water will constrict the pores and prevent the skin from becoming stained in the future. To get rid of them once and for all difficult, but make less apparent – is quite real. Also useful tools with себорегулируюшими and antiseptic ingredients – rosemary extracts, tea, witch hazel or lavender, essential oils, биосерой etc. Narrow pores and get rid of the «black spots» well helps not only classical mechanical cleansing, but more sparing options – ultrasonic or vacuum. As a rule, they have a complementary and well-balanced components, not contradicting each other. If androgens in the body more than the norm (as happens when ovarian dysfunction due to stress, problems with digestion, genetic features, or other reasons), the activity of sebaceous glands increases, and skin condition worse. Scientifically proven: nerve experiences and stress and increased activity of sebaceous glands directly connected. But try to do cleaning alone is not worth it, besides the fact that the pores of the «stretch» and, accordingly, will be hammered faster, the risk of infection – and then you will have to fight not only with «black spots», but with inflammation and acne.

Blue clay also gently exfoliates the old cells and disinfects the skin, it is particularly useful with oily, комедонах, vulgar and menstrual acne. And on the contrary, the components of different brands may have conflicting basis, neutralizing the effect of the active components. Exfoliation of epidermis cells slows and Horny and grease caps stretching the sebaceous glands, darken.
But proper care will help to make them less visible and reduce the number, the main thing – a systematic character. It dries the skin, but not very successfully treats acne and has no effect on the «black spots». And green clay and many dermatologists and did believe the ideal tool for deep purification of oily, porous skin and combat all forms of acne, which include blackheads.
For example, salicylic acid and fruit acids may increase the effects of each other to such an extent that on the face of manifest undesirable outcome in the form of dermatitis.
Final verdict, increase chocolate, fatty food, nuts, sweets and milk products number of blackheads and the so-called menstrual acne, scientists still can make.
It has antibacterial properties, reduces excretion of fat, tightens and cleans the pores, refreshes and softens the skin.

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