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People who put up with the stinking body odor may find themselves turning aside from social get-togethers in order to avoid any kind of embarrassment. Try to exclude those food items from your diet plan that causes body odor problem like onions and garlic. Take bath every day, as cleanliness is one of the best ways to avoid the foul-smelling body odor.
Shave the hair on the sensitive parts of your body like underarms in order to keep yourself dry, comfortable, and free from body odor.
Place some talcum powder on your hand and apply it to groin areas, including breast, underarm, feet etc. If you are going through the menstruation process, then make sure to change your pad or tampon frequently.
This is such an individual decision that should be based on need, not someone else’s idea of cleanliness. If you suspect your body has a bad smell, you might need to change your personal hygiene routine.
Shave the hair under your armpits, and use a bikini-line trimmer to keep your pubic hair trimmed close.
Apply deodorant to your underarms, and sprinkle deodorizing powder on the entire surface covered by your underwear. If your body odor or excessive sweating persists despite improvements in hygiene, visit your doctor.
If you prefer to avoid aluminum-based antiperspirants but want to help eliminate underarm sweat, dust on plain baking soda or cornstarch with a large powder brush after applying your deodorant. It is even better to add some rose water or sandalwood oil to the water while taking shower. Therefore, try to avoid stress and stay cool, finding things to occupy your mind with other than your daily headaches.
That’s because when the body is healthy, showering is about removing dirt and odors from sources other than our body. Not only do we produce natural oils to keep our skin healthy, our skin is host to many beneficial bacterial, just like our gut.
Any time we strip natural oils and kill off beneficial bacteria, we set up an unhealthy cycle that merely perpetuates the use of conventional products.
Bacterial infection can also cause body odor as the bacteria release chemicals through sweat which carry a heavy smell.

Add some essential oils like lavender and sandalwood to your bath water which can help in fighting body odor.
Avoid foods and excess use of substances like garlic, cumin, alcohol, caffeine etc as they can all cause body odor. Even if the same soap and deodorant have worked for you for years, your body chemistry can change during adolescence, pregnancy or menopause.
Wash your entire body with antibacterial soap, which helps eliminate the bacteria on your skin that combines with sweat to cause odor.
To keep it smelling fresh between shampoos, use dry shampoo or sprinkle your scalp with baking soda. Hair traps bacteria and holds it close to the skin, where it can more easily combine with sweat to cause odor. Aluminum-based antiperspirants might be more effective if you tend to sweat a lot, as the combination of sweat and underarm bacteria produces particularly stinky body odor.
Never wear your clothes for more than a day without a wash, especially socks and underwear. Drink lots of water to flush out your system and eat plenty of foods with high water content, such as fruits and vegetables. A dermatologist can provide a prescription for clinical-strength antiperspirant or injections or medication to help stop sweating. Fungal infections, hormonal imbalance, poor hygiene, kidney and liver disease, and smoking are among the main causes of body odor. Vaginal infections can produce a foul odor, and body fluids, including sweat, may give off a foul odor when you are ill, just as sinus infections or infections in the mouth can produce bad breath. The fiber will cleanse your digestive system, sweeping out old rotting food and debris while working as a prebiotic that helps maintain a high level of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
Conventional soaps, especially anti-bacterial soaps, are the greatest cause of body odor because they disrupt the body’s natural defense against bad bacteria. She has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and has worked as a writer and editor for more than 15 years. Changes in diet, medications such as antibiotics and imbalances in the bacteria in your body can also leave you smelling bad. If you find that you have particularly strong genital odor, use a cleansing liquid formulated especially for the vaginal area. Allow the powder to absorb excess scalp oils for 10 minutes and brush it through the length of your hair.

Carry deodorant and powder with you in your purse or gym bag and reapply as needed throughout the day.
However, do not worry as you can get rid of this embarrassing problem with few slight changes to your life style and diet. If you are healthy and you aren’t actually dirty, daily showers or baths are not necessary. Read the labels on soap scrubs and bar soap and ask yourself if you would want to eat those ingredients, because in a roundabout way, that’s exactly what you are doing every time you use them. Becker often writes for "Yoga in Astoria," a newsletter about studios throughout New York City. While severe, unremitting body odor can be a sign of health issues, you can usually battle offensive smells with diligent personal care.
Use a clean washcloth for every shower, and change your towel after no more than two or three uses.
If your underwear or the armpits of your shirts are particularly smelly, spray them with white vinegar and allow it to soak in for 15 minutes before laundering. If you are one among those who have this problem, read this article to get idea how to get rid of body odor naturally. Some may argue that even with toxin free skin care products, daily washing does more harm than good due to washing away healthy flora that develops on skin and controls body odor. Secondly, organic soaps are better for your skin and they stop the body odor cycle caused by conventional products.
The problem is, they kill the beneficial bacteria that naturally keeps the bad bacteria (the smelly bacteria) in check.
You may find that you only need to bathe every other day, every three days, or maybe only once a week. The most vulnerable parts are the armpits and genitals that perspire more than any other part of the body.
Even if you maintain the habit of a daily bath or shower, your skin will be happier and healthier. You sweat, the bad bacteria start to multiply and there isn’t enough good bacteria to keep them in check.

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