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Luna Cobra, Australia’s on Eyeball tattoo artist reckons that tattooing your eyeballs is safer than is than smoking or drinking.
Luna, the Melbourne-based tattooist who specializes in eyeball tattooing completely disagrees with the experts, saying the process of this kind of tattoo procedure, is utterly safe, if done correctly. The Labour government’s spokesperson, has officially stated that the decision is a “major stuff up” and will endanger the health of many Australians, with his statement being backed up by the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists president, Dr Michael Steiner, who said that a practice like this can result in permanent blindness. What are your thoughts on this controversial tattoo procedure and would you ever get one yourself, or do you have one already!?
Its was National Piercing Day in the USA this past Monday, and piercings studios all over the massive country went wild!
If you missed it though, don’t despair, as the 28th of June is still coming up – which is World Piercing Day! Every year, on the 16th of May, piercings parlours in the States offer a variety of specials and promotions on their piercings services as well as their piercing jewellery.
Body piercings have been around for thousands of years now, in fact, did you know that the oldest recorded piercing to have ever been done was over 5000 years ago? The Western world sow a huge rise in body piercings and body modifications (other than the earlobe piercing) in certain subcultures back in the 1970’s, when rock and roll played a huge part in the youth of the society. In the 1990’s though, piercings gained even more popularity, and became pretty mainstream. Piercings and body mods have been used as a form of expression, in cultures, religious, rebellions and even for medicinal purposes! So it doesn’t at all surprise us that piercings and the piercing culture has become so wildly accepted on a worldwide scale – that its been warranted a national day in the USA and an international World day for the rest of us!
So don’t forget to book your piercing for the 28th of June and see which piercing parlours in your area will be running promotions and specials! Yip, Thailand is at it again – going beyond the expectations of their guests is something that the Thai people have become accustomed to. Known as the Sak Yan in Thai (even though the proper spelling is Sak Yant with a silent t) the supposed magical-religious tattoo designs are done ins black ink and can be traced back in time to their use in the Tai tribes of South Western China, as well as in Vietnam – almost two millennia ago! Body piercing has become a fashion norm nowadays and it is common to find people who have had some kind of piercing done on different body parts, including the eyes, ears, tongue, nose, fingers, and the navel etc. Although you may agree that sporting a body piercing would make you look more stylish and get you a place in the ‘in crowd’, you need to understand the possible complications that might arise if you do not take care of the pierced area properly.
The issue increases manifold in the case of belly button piercings that are more prone to infections and wounds. If you have already opted for body piercing in the past, you would know how painful the process would be. How To Clean a Belly Button Piercing How Infections are Caused Wounded areas usually attract disease causing pathogens.

Bacterial and fungal infections in these areas are generally caused due to trivial reasons that are usually overlooked during the piercing process. Taking Care of Belly Button Infections Belly Button Piercings need to be handled carefully, especially if the pierced area is infected.
Are you struggling with obesity and trying out every possible means to curtail the fat from your body?
The quest for a family begins with an overall assessment of the personal health and fertility of both the partners. Bael is a very significant tree which has been used for treating variety of illnesses since ancient times.
The wacky red-eye-tattooed artist has slammed back at the government in Australia who are wanting to ban the practice completely.
Tattooing your eyeballs involves injecting whatever colour ink you desire, into the white part of your eyeball, which is called the sclera, this will permanently dye the white part of your eye to another colour. Offering piercings to their customers at ridiculously low rates, as low at $5 per piercing in some parlours. So mark the date in your calendar, put a reminder in your phone, stick a post-it on your fridge if you must.
Luckily enough, for all of us who are obsessed with body piercings, there will still be the 28th of June for us to get in on all the promo’s and piercings specials! Earrings and nose piercings were very much present in Ancient Egyptian times, and nose piercings in Indian culture is still very much part of their culture today. Share your new piercings with us on on Facebook Page and check out our piercing jewellery videos on the body jewellery that we make. Instead of having to stick them into a tuk-tuk and ship them off to a local Buddhist temple for a sak yant session. Of course, like most things in history, certain aspects of the tattoo tradition were picked up along the way. So if you have got your belly button pierced recently, here are some essential pointers you need to know about possible infections and precautionary measures to treat the same.
Added to that is the increased risk of infection in and around the pierced area if you do not take proper care of the wound. These include the actual procedure or method used for piercing, and the cleanliness of the place where you get it done. Of course, belly button infections are not hard to diagnose once you start noticing the initial symptoms, including extreme pain, irritation and redness in the pierced area.
You can also use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant to remove the pus and clean the infected area. Both the labour government and ophthalmologists in the country have exclaimed their views on eyeball tattooing, saying its appalling and highly dangerous.

Piercings Parlours and studios all over the world are bound to set specials on their piercing prices just as they did in the states last Monday. National Piercing Day and World Piercing Day is where the love for body mods, body piercing is highly promoted and celebrated! So as much as your parents want to believe that its some young, hip and degenerate phase that you’re going though (although they may be right) – piercings have been around forever!
Lip and tongue piercings and even lip and earlobe stretches, were and in some parts, still are a big part of certain tribes in Africa and America.
From millennial youth, to 40 year mommy’s, to teachers and even doctors sporting all kinds of different piercings. The Siam Hotel have officially invited former monk Ajarn Boo to set up his very own sak yant tattoo studio in their exclusive strangely named the Opium Spa. Including intricate patterns, from vivid animal figures, to geometric signals and Buddhist phrases, as well as some Brahmanism content. So be completely sure that you want to have your belly button pierced before you go ahead and do it. Once pierced, it would take a few days to heal and would be more prone to infection within the first few days.
Simple facts like piercing your body with unhygienic tools or even dirty hands can cause infections. If you notice pus coming out of the pierced area, you need to get it checked by a doctor immediately as it could lead to the formation of an abscess in the navel.
If you remove the piercing, then the pierced area will close up and block the pus, thereby creating an abscess which is more painful (and harder) to take care of. In such cases, you can use a hot press (make sure you disinfect it first) to liquefy the pus and help it come out of the navel easily.
This didn’t stop a recent decision officially made by the Baird government to place eyeball tattooing under the exact same law as regular tattooing and piercing laws. He believes that tattooing your eyeballs could result in perforation of the eyeball, or that people may have an allergic reaction to the ink, which could cause long term inflammation and damage. Ignoring these vital signs can increase your chances of being infected by other abdominal infections later on. Using a hot press over the affected area would also improve the blood circulation in the area and quicken the healing process. Of course this hasn’t been taken well by fellow Australian politicians and eye specialists.

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