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It is very sad that even soon after your prenatal period is over; your stomach remains much bulky and larger than you had before your gestational period. It is a precautionary effort to play safe by starting exercises your abdominal muscles between first to second months of your delivery period. It is very important to make sure that your belly is ready for abdominal exercise as your abdominal muscles get separate during pregnancy phase. Take a long breathe out, try to boost your shoulders and a little head off the ground and mean while slide your right hand to your knee. During this process, your abdominal muscles will contract and you can even feel slight separation running down in the centre part of your abdominal muscles.

Breathe in, then engage your abs by pressing the curve of your lower back against the floor.
Continue this step until your back begin to arch and pull them back to their original positions.
If you have any kind of problem or issues, consult your doctor first before you start a new exercise.
If your feel smaller separation part then you may start with gentle abdominal exercise but if it is more than your three fingers, your abdominal muscles are not ready for any exercise.
In order to get rid of baby bumps, you need to tone your abdominal muscles to get them back in right shape.

Tighten your butts and abdominal muscles while tilting your pelvis upward and pressing curve of your lower back against the floor. Baby bumps could be overcome with help of gentle exercise which you may start it in your first month after delivery and soon after you recover your condition, you can take more challenging steps.

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