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Ulcers are not usually very pleasant, whether or not it is they occur within the stomach or intestinal tract or whether or not they occur elsewhere on the body. Additional medical information about mouth ulcers and canker sores can be sought from your doctor.
By the way, an ulcer is a general term often used to describe open or tender sores on the body.
Please keep reading for a further explanation of symptoms as well as examples of treatments used today.
Usually a cold sore appears on the outside of your mouth, and you can notice it first appear when you feel a tingling sensation.
Canker sores on the other hand are not a form of herpes, and can result from poor diet usually.

If you do, it can prolong the time that it takes for these sores to heal, and it can even cause the herpes virus to spread. Effectiveness of treatments also are also not the same for each person either, as each case is individualized.
This is different from a canker sore which appears on the inside of your mouth oftentimes near your gums.
You can find a variety of them and some popular names of such include the following: amlexanox, fluocinonide, or debractoral.

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