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Make sure you like EcoJoes on Facebook to stay updated on green ways to save money and help the environment. My first test was on my lovingly hand-tiled floor (see picture above) where my cursed cat had done some spraying of her own.
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We want to say THANK YOU for your years of support for both The Dog Bar and for the amazing small businesses in our awesome community! The stench is mostly caused by uric acid, containing insoluble crystals and salts that have strong binding properties. Cat’s noses are very sensitive to the smell of urine, particularly to the smell of ammonia.
Like many cat parents, I started off buying different enzyme-containing cleaning products, but there is not a single one that works for me. Sometimes, Lyra goes back to the same spot and leaves her poop or her hairballs on the carpet and kitchen floor mat.
Just when I was about to give up, I found out about this CO2 cleaner by Fizzion, recommended by Jackson Galaxy on his show “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet. One more thing that I like about the Fizzion Company is that they promote the use of reusable spray bottles to minimize landfill waste.
And you would have never guessed, the cleaner arrived just on time when Lyra had another disposal on my white carpet.
Just a tip to share: if this product doesn’t work for you, try applying white vinegar (spray) on the area.
There are some disadvantages of the product; one of them is that you need to have some patience to wait for the tablets to dissolve. Another disadvantage is if you spray too much of the liquid in one shot, the stains would fade away, and so will the color of your item.
For me, the important advantage is that the cleaner serves its purpose of helping me to prevent Lyra go back to the same spot to do her ‘business’ again.
To get the best results using repellents, use the Pest Rid Granules and Spray in the yard where you want to protect something you suspect they might target. Unlike the Pest Rid Spray and Granules which rely on smell to repel rabbits,A ROPEL LIQUIDA is a bad tasting agent that can be used directly on plants, grass, etc.
If the rabbit is still persisting in hanging around and you don’t want to risk it damaging any of your plants, install some ANIMAL NETTING. If the passive repellents are not working, you will need to get one of the more aggressive repellents we have. If local food is not available or the population of rabbits around your property is big, it may take more than the use of repellents. If you are not having success using these items as bait, use our TRAPPERS CHOICE RABBIT LURE.
By having the scent placed out over a large area, foraging rabbits will undoubtedly smell it even if they miss the trap by a wide margin. Another trap design which can be utilized when conditions are right is the BODYGRIP 110 or BODYGRIP 220. Order online and get a 5% discount!A We ship fast with 99.9% of all orders shipping within 1 business day!! Please show your support for our business by purchasing the items we recommend from the links provided.
I have a puppy and did fence off the yard and even put a small fence in front of it but the rabbits get in because I see poop.
If you review our article above, you’ll see several options listed that can help resolve this matter. When used properly around the yard, the Rabbit Away won’t pose a hazard to people or pets.
I volunteer for our local little league and I am thinking the rabbits are chewing holes around the bottom of my batting cages.
The good news is you can stop this chewing by applying some Ropel or Pest Rid to the areas they’re targeting. My sister lives outside of Las Cruces, NM and is pulling her hair out with all the plants and money wasted to the rabbits. My suggestion was to put out leftover meat and bones, well away from the house, to attract a coyote. At some point the demand for food will overwhelm her and what she offers will fall short of what they expect. PS: Please show your support for our business by purchasing the items we recommend from the links provided. How rotten fish smell freezer smell , Our freezers do their best to maintain and preserve our frozen frozen fish. Homemade skunk smell remover… works!!!!, This homemade skunk smell remover is an easy recipe to make to remove skunk odor and it really works!

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She lives in a hut at the bottom of the center, with electricity and food being donated to her by the locals. The fact that our dogs are LOVING all the attention they get when they're colored, sculpted, or blinged is simply the best part of the process!
Today is the perfect opportunity to break out the bejeweled collars, sassy sweaters, and fashion accessories. If you can perform just a couple of simple, self-improving tasks everyday, they no longer become tasks at all.
As they grew larger, they seemed to make too many cost-saving measures that compromised the quality of their food.
If the cat urine has been left alone for days and it dries up, developing reeking odor all over the house, cat parents would definitely have a harder time getting rid of it.
Before investing on fancy cleaners and expensive carpet cleaning machines, you need to learn how to prevent mishaps from recurring in the same place. Some detergents and other cleaners don’t contain enzymes, and even if they do, the enzymes are probably intended for blood stains only.
Therefore, using any product with ammonia in it would worsen the situation because it has the same basic ingredients found in urine and can induce a cat to urinate in the same spot where it was applied. Usually, I wake up in the morning and find either her poop or her vomit residue on my white carpet and kitchen floor mat. I find it a waste of my money, as enzyme-containing cleaners are packed in big plastic bottles and when they don’t work for me, I couldn’t simply throw them away so I tend to keep them inside my kitchen cabinets even if I don’t use them anymore. Cat owners would just have to buy refill packs and pour them in their reusable spray bottles. As I have been waiting for the item to arrive, I anxiously opened up the parcel box and checked out the product. It seems like she had never known that she had the ‘accidents’ on my white carpet before even till today. The only thing that I reach out from my kitchen cabinet when I see a Lyra’s mess again is Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover. They are found throughout the world and have a place in children’s books, TV and toys.
In addition to the native rabbit species, there has been a recent explosion of rabbits which have been released by people who were not prepared for the reproduction capabilities of their pets. They much prefer processed food and when unable to find any will quickly feed in gardens and flower beds. Although they may appear cute when they first appear in your yard, rest assured they are looking for something to eat. This has long been believed to naturally repel several small animals since coyote will feed on just about anything they can find. These hold granules or liquids and will both shield and protect the material from the rain and sun. So when used properly, grazing should stop immediately following treatment but in some cases, the rabbit may choose another plant on your property to eat so watch carefully for this pattern. This mesh like plastic is easy to install and will protect flowers, vegetables, shrubs and just about anything a rabbit might target as food. This special paste combines several food items rabbits love and has a strong odor rabbits can’t resist.
Remember, this is the only way we can stay around to answer your questions and keep this valuable web site up and running. To use, apply either the Coyote Urine or the Rabbit Granules along the bottom of the fence. In fact, pets will usually just acknowledge the product is there and then forget about it within a minute or two. It too has a slight odor but it works very well, will cover a larger area and can’t be seen after you apply it and the spray dries. Have you heard of rabbits chewing through rope or netting and is your product safe around kids. The Pest Rid is a bit stronger and will have a slight odor when first applied but within a few hours, this will dissipate and not be noticeable. A  A A Please show your support for our business by purchasing the items we recommend from the links provided. Personally I prefer to use the Screening since it’s stronger and sits around the plants but some people like the netting. Remember, this is the only way we can stay around and be here to answer your questions and keep our web site up and running. I ask because in fact the most common ways to get them to come around include the use of the gland lure and their urine. No doubt any canine can bite and if she has some coming around and then tries to befriend them or handle them in some way, she’d be making a big mistake. It could attract bad insects as well as unwanted animals like cats, dogs, raccoons, rats, snakes or lizards just to name a few. The girls had no idea they were being reunited with their former friend.As the family walked up to Rico’s crate, he began scratching and whining. This is a common occurrence for many food companies who start out with only the best of intentions. There are a total of five different bacteria strains found in cat urine and two of them constitute the cat’s distinctive scent.
Consequently, cat urine is technically immune to common household cleaning solutions, because moisture only reactivates the crystals and salts. Based on my experience, I usually tell my friends to choose cat-specific products that are specialized for getting rid of tough odors safely – a cleaner specifically formulated for cats.
The enzymes needed in order to clean up pet urine and odors are those that attach urine bacteria.
That left me trying to figure out how I could permanently remove the stains and the stench from the mats. The cleaner was advertised to work best on tough pet stains and odors with the power of CO2. Not only do they help you save money from buying new spray bottles, but they also help save Earth from plastic disposal.
It did clear much of the stains on the very first spray so I continued to spray for the second time. I bought the Fizzion 23oz empty spray bottle with 2 refills and till now I have only used up one tablet. Therefore, gradually spray a little amount of liquid at a time and wipe it a few times to remove the stains and smell.
They are able to reproduce quickly and will fill the landscape with as many rabbits that are able to survive. If you are not sure what they are eating but have seen them active in certain areas of your yard, PEST RID GRANULESA sprinkled out with PEST RID SPRAY applied over the top will keep them off the turf you treat. Rats, mice, squirrel, chipmunks and rabbits all seem to be afraid of coyote and coyote urine is a sure sign some are in the area.
It tastes terrible and will stop rabbits from eating any flower or shrub which has been treated. Just cut it to size, place around the plant you want to protect and either tie it on with something like fishing line or some light twine. If you have a fence in place as you describe, the entry point must be a hole or low spot under which the rabbit is crawling.
This will effectively keep rabbits from the fence and that will keep them out of your yard.

Remember, this is the only way we can stay around andA keep this valuable web site up and running.
And when used in our Liquid Guards, applications will last 1-3 months so its way more cost effective. One other reason I like the screening is because you can spray some of the liquid Coyote Urine over it to get extra repellency action. Remember, this is the only way we can stay around and be here to answer your questions andA keep this valuable web site up and running. Once the local population learns of food readily available in her yard, they will come with heightened expectations.
Common household cleaners often hide the smell from our noses, but not from your cat’s nose.
The supercharged power of CO2 technology is an old-aged technique characterized by using ‘club soda’ that is frequently used in dry cleaning. Lastly and most importantly, the cleaner is a non-toxic formula that is safe to use around your animals and children. I followed the instructions carefully, which read: Just add water to activate the supercharged power of CO2!
Pet owners are not willing to let their one or two rabbits become 10 or 20 so litters are released in the wild. Succulent pansies, just about any garden vegetable or fruit and several ground cover species of shrub are all targets for hungry grazing rabbits. Instead of ingesting the entire plant, they may only chew the flower or half the plant before moving to the next.
Traditional approaches including wire fences, scarecrow like dolls or predatory animals will not work. Pest Rid uses plant and food grade actives which irritate certain animals like rabbits and you can apply it areas in the yard where you don’t want rabbits active. But if you already have them well established and feeding on a regular basis, you will have to get one of the live traps listed below and remove the territorial rabbits because in general, these will not relocate due to repellents alone. You should still sprinkle some of the material on the ground where the rabbits are most active but once they are gone you can use the Guards exclusively. This product will deter even the most stubborn of rabbits and once installed, can either be left on the plant for the time you want to protect it or removed when not not needed and the rabbits have moved away. But when set to continuously sound, the Yard Gard will keep away any foraging animal like rabbits. You may catch it quicker by placing some short fencing around the desired plant at night when you first set the trap. Find this spot and then on the inside, set up a live trap so that as the rabbit enters, it has no choice but to go into the trap. How much raw or fresh food do you and your dog consume everyday (such as fresh fruits, meats and vegetables)? Not only does it clean thoroughly, but it also deodorizes to prevent cats from smelling the odors of their urine in the same spot.
Domestic rabbits which have been released in the wild are used to such devices and are not afraid of them. Common areas to to treat include gardens, flower beds, mulch islands or turf where rabbits are seen.
It is best to use some in several areas effectively establishing a round zone or barrier through which rabbits will not be able to enter.
It has been formulated for use on plants and inanimate objects which nuisance animals want to chew.
Generally, the rabbit will move after one encounter with Deer Off, but in some cases a few treatments may be necessary.
Take cuttings from the plant or flower it has been feeding on and place a trail leading into the trap. Unlike raccoon or squirrels, which have a natural curiosity to seek food aggressively and are quite easy to trap, rabbits will many times need a lot of help.
Since rabbits will use their trails over and over again, natural funnels with small entrances will work.
This will in turn “enhance” the natural repellency of urine to rabbits because the only thing worse to them besides coyote urine is an actual coyote! How much of your diets are comprised of processed foods (such as dry kibble for dogs or pre-packaged meals for humans)?
This way, they would deposit somewhere else, somewhere more appropriate, like in their litter boxes.
I dropped the tablet into the spray bottle and added water to the level shown in the instructions. Pest Rid is formulated to withstand rain and sun and will last 1-2 months per treatment depending on the nature of the climate.
Keep in mind that the use of either of these repellents works best if your problem rabbit is coming around your property and not actually living there. Under normal weather conditions, even trace amounts of Ropel will chase away even the most stubborn rabbit. The big advantage of the Deer Off concentrate is that it will last longer compared to Ropel. Furthermore, it will not take away any water, nutrients or sun light so the protected plant will be able to grow naturally.
Place the trap where you are experiencing the activity and you will be able to live catch the pest. Once trapped, you will need to relocate the rabbit at least 5 miles away to insure it will not return. So I went online to read the reviews and found out that many cat parents seem to be very pleased with their purchase. Repellents like these work best when targeting foraging rabbits and not so much if they’re living under your deck or in your flower bed.
If the area where the rabbit is browsing is large, you should employ some of the special TRAILING SCENT. Rabbits don’t migrate well and will take residence at the first place they are able to find a good food supply. Also, either repellent is a good place to start but the use of both is always going to be the best option.
This highly concentrated lure is used outside the traps entrance and will effectively increase the area being reached by the scent of the trap. Be sure to locate the animal where you know there will be a food supply so that it won’t return to your property.
And because they are living in true metro and city environments, it is not likely that other predators will be able to help in controlling populations.
This means you will have to take action if you want to stop them from destroying your plants and landscape. It has a field of view over 45 degrees and once it sees movement, it will zero in on the target and spray it with a three second blast of water. When the target rabbit comes walking through this area and tries to pass through the trap, it will get crushed.
It runs off a 9 volt battery, has a water port pass through to allow several hooked up in series and can used on just about any nuisance animal. The two springs are quite strong and will probably break your hand should you get accidently caught. Setting some of these out in your garden area will not hurt anything and they will work around the clock without needing any rest or maintenance. Remember, it will hurt cats, dogs or other small animals that pass through it so be careful when using it in residential areas. However, the need for quick and thorough removal of local populations can warrant the use of Bodygrip Traps and it can be a very effective tool when the conditions are right.

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