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I dislike them, the throwup all over the house, hardwood floor, rug, couch anything that should'nt have vomit on it.
She is not cleaning the boxes well and no matter how many fights we have nothing changes, im sick of the house (or that part) being smelly and dirty. Well i want to take this old bench seat thing we have in the guest bedroom, use a jiggsaw and cut a cat door into the side.
The thing with this god damn cats is when the go the bathroom, i dont know why but sometimes they will hang their little cat ass out enough so it doesnt get in the box, or when they try to cover it with litter they just throw litter all over the place. I can promise you the splashes of urine will have that wooden box stinking to high hell over time, and you'll never get the smell out of it.
From my limited experience, cats need clean limiter boxes, if you have 2 cats, get 2 boxes. Go to walmart and get one of those under-bed storage bins that are about 3' long and 2' wide.
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We keep the litter boxes int he laundry room and its all but quarentined, no matter how much u clean the boxes its gross, i dont know how people do it in apartments, i avoid this whole section of the house which is proving to be an out of sight out of mind thing. Even when the cats get out of the box they trail litter with them so the laundry room has it on the floor.
So urine (and probably poop) will touch the inside of this wooden bench, it will be cleaned regularly but the urine will probably soak in a bit before we get to it. We did in fact have one of those covered boxes but it took up far to much space, it was huge. First I cut a hole into the side of the bin so the cats have to go into it and then turn around in order to use it.
Put the enclosed litter box that is shown in above pics inside the bin, situated so the NON door end of the litter box is all the way back to the end of the bin. We are not content to merely resell products made by others; many of our products are made or designed right in our own shops by people who know plumbing.
Im going to use vinyl run mats to line the inside but i was hoping i could just do the floor, but if cat urine will eat the wood and cause rot i think i have to line the whole inside of this thing. The storage box idea isnt to bad because it will look like something that belongs in the laundry room, hmmm i have to think more.

That way if they hang their a**es out of the litter box when peeing it will wind up in the bin. Those items that we do resell are subject to additional quality inspections and often are remanufactured to meet our own stringent standards. Then I hid the plastic bin inside one of those litter box concealer things that looks like a bench.
Elseys cat litter which makes almost no dust, has no scent but somehow never stinks and tracks less than anything I have ever used. We have two of these setups sitting on a cheap sisal rug under the window in our laundry room. We put a cushion on top of the boxes and the cats like to lounge there, but to most people it just looks like a window seat instead of a litter box.

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