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Often, the smell of cat urine is the direct result of cat or other tree dwelling animal’s urine.
The high level of alcohol within this solution can help to immediately cut through the ammonia stench. As a final solution, the Christmas tree can be placed erect outside within direct sunlight until the odor dissipates. Being a cat lover, you understand how difficult it is to get rid of cat’s urine stain straight from your floor carpet.
Remove immediately the cat urine from your carpet by placing paper towels or newspapers on the urine. With the help of enzymatic cleaning product, apply it on the stain until you don’t see anymore the urine stain. I'm the main writer for Might Tom's Carpet Wonders Cleaning - the team are very proud of their work and the way they help the public and fellow cleaning companies. It can take as little as 5-7 days for a smell to develop within this water, so it is especially important that it gets poured out and replaced on a weekly basis.

In such cases, the Christmas tree can be taken outside and given a heavy spray with the garden hose to wash the ammonia-based odor away.
Pour a small portion of vodka within a generic spray bottle and proceed to mist down the entire tree. Similarly, you will want the tree to be in a location within the yard where it will be sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. He has an over-productive olfactory system with absolutely zero tolerance for unpleasant aromas. But it does not have to be difficult and time-consuming experience for you!  Carpet cleaning can be done easily without spending too much time for it.  So how would you deal properly with the urine smell and the stain caused by your cat?
After removing those hardened stains together with the foul odour, you can expect you cats will no longer urinate over that carpet.
Once complete, place the erect tree within a location of the yard where it will receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays, open space and fresh air will all work to naturally lift away any unwelcome odors.

If urine has penetrated through the bottom part of the carpet, place also some towels or newspapers under the carpet padding.  Continue doing it until that portion (top and bottom parts) got dried. Plain and clean water is the normal trick because there is no harmful chemical that will damage the carpet.
Once the Christmas tree has completely dried off, it can be taken back within the home and placed within the stand. If this solution has not been effective after one day, try leaving the tree outside for two or even three days until the smell is gone.

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