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Carpet cleaning : smell wet carpet, Once you've determined the source of your wat carpet problem, you can spray vinegar and water over the carpet and blow it dry with a box fan to take the.
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When an animal urinates on carpet, it doesn’t just soak into the carpet, but also into the padding.
This is a spray on product, which is not typically the best choice to get down into the carpet padding, but still receives high marks from reviewers. Consumer reviews of this product are stellar; stating it not only eliminates the stain, but neutralizes the odor completely ensuring the cat will not use the same spot again.
After one or two applications of any of these products, it’s a good idea to then follow-up with a steam cleaner. By following these instructions and recommendations nearly any urine stain can be completely removed, even those stains that have been around awhile. About Velita LivingstonVelita Livingston is the founder and editor of the Cat Lover's Diary blog.

Cat Lover’s Quotes"Cat people are different to the extent that they generally are not conformists.
Not only does it use live bacteria to destroy stains, but it’s also nontoxic to humans and pets in addition to being environmentally friendly.
One of the nice things about this product is that they sell tablets the consumer can mix with water to refill the spray bottle once it’s empty. The site provides rich content with great advice on cat care tips and training, teaching you how to protect, pamper and live peacefully with your cat. Felines have probably the most pungent smelling urine and feces of any other domesticated animal. A product that simply sits on the stain or is rubbed into the carpet fibers will not do anything about the urine in the padding. If a cat smells the residual odor of urine, it will likely think that spot is an appropriate place to go and use it again. There is another product on the market by the same company called, Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer with which consumers are not quite as happy, stating the urine smells better than the product. Those kinds of cleaners will eliminate the stain on the carpet itself, but the stain always comes back the next day once the urine in the padding has time to soak back up into the newly cleaned carpet fibers.

Only a truly effective cat urine remover product will remove the odor to such a degree the cat doesn’t even know the stain was ever there.
The steam cleaner will get down into the padding and lift any residual urine that may be left over. Urine will soak into a carpet and many people find it nearly impossible to completely get rid of it, but it is possible. Once the carpet has then been allowed to cool off and dry somewhat, follow-up once again with another shot of the urine remover.
There are a few simple rules one must go by to get rid of cat urine on carpet for good, but first it’s a good idea to understand the physics behind the problem.

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