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Most of the kids up to the age of 13 years will have frequent cough, running nose and fever. Take half teaspoon juice from the tulsi leaves and mix it with half teaspoon juice taken from fresh ginger.
HOW TO GET RID OF A CONGESTED CHEST AND COUGHINGHelp, use an expectorant is steam inhalation. Black eye is basically bruising around the eye, caused due a face injury and bleeding below the skin around the eye. This is not a serious condition and you can handle this easily with homely treatments. Coughs are of different types and the one that for more than one week have has to be examined by doctors.
The normal coughs are due to the irritations like the inflammation or mucus in the respiratory tract or due to the dust allergies. Also massage the upper part of the back and avoid the cold condition like air conditioner and fan.

Generally, black eye isn’t very serious, but it can be serious sometimes and can cause loss of vision. The pain associated with a black eye is also unbearable.  You can overcome this pain and swelling by using the following home remedies. Instead of coconut oil you can also use mustard oil. You can also massage your kid’s chest with a mixture of olive oil, sage oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint and rosemary. To cure the black eye before 14 days, use some of the home remedies, which are mentioned below. Massage these oils on the chest just before sleeping and the eucalyptus oil will alleviate the cough while the rosemary essential oil will make your child calm.
Use OTC cold medications with an added cough suppressant to help remedy a cough and clear congestion in the chest.
Choose a cold medication with a pain reliever or take a separate anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen to relieve pain. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.

Rest is imperative when battling a chest cold and other infections because it gives your body a chance to heal. Call in sick and take a couple of days off work or school to help your body fight the infection. Use a cool-mist humidifier (available from drugstores) to increase moisture in the air and help break up congestion in your chest.
Use over-the-counter vapour rub and apply a generous amount to your chest throughout the day to help clear your lungs and stop coughing from a chest cold.

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