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There are no fees charged for any appointments cancelled or changed with at least 2 working days notice. Denplan plays a leading role in private dentistry, helping more people to access and afford high quality preventive dental care. Denplan Care includes benefits such as Supplementary Insurance, which provides patients with worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover. Denplan Essentials is a bit of a half way house between Denplan Care and private pay as you go dental care. Orthodontics is a very specialised branch or dentistry, and we believe to consistently get the best results it needs to be carried out by dentists who only do orthodontics. We adhere to all the latest government regulations advice and guidelines regarding equipment, cross infection and decontamination.
You can either pay for your dental care through Denplan via a monthly direct debit or if you prefer to pay as you go for dental treatment you can pay by cash, personal cheque or most major credit or debit cards. We therefore offer a 12 month standard guarantee on all our fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee root fillings (as even perfect technique does not 100% guarantee a successful outcome), nor can we guarantee treatments that you request against our advice.
Many people feel a bit nervous at the thought of seeing the dentist, particularly a new dentist. Sometimes this is not enough and we will with some patients for more difficult treatments give you Valium tablet to take which can really help you feel a lot more relaxed. If you havena€™t been to the dentist in a long time you may be really worried about how much treatment you need.
Bad breath is most commonly caused by the smelly gases produced by the bacteria coating your teeth and gums. Strong foods like garlic coffee and onions and smoking of course adds to the problem, as can having a dry mouth caused by certain medical conditions and some prescribed drugs and mouth breathing.
Infections in the throat nose lungs or sinuses and diabetes liver or kidney problems may also cause bad breath.
The nicotine and tar in smoke will stain your teeth, it will cause and accelerate gum disease which may lead to tooth loss, you may get bad breath and it also increases you risk of developing mouth and throat (and obviously lung) cancers. Mouth cancer can appear in different forms and can affect all parts of the mouth tongue and lips.
Mouth cancer is most common in patients over 40 who smoke cigarettes or a pipe and drink alcohol. Hygienists are specially trained to thoroughly scale and polish teeth and are expert at teaching you how to look after your teeth and gums at home. We have usually seen white patches on the lining of your mouth (cheeks tongue on gums) Usually on both sides of your mouth. Oral lichen planus is more common in women than men and usually starts in middle age (whatever age that is!). Cold sores are a real pain, caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, usually triggered by Sunlight (sunblock on lips helps) or being ill with something else. A mouth guard is a specially made rubber like cover which fits exactly over your teeth and gums protecting them, and cushioning them from damage.
We can make some really great looking mouth guards in every conceivable colour and even in your team colours. Baby teeth get knocked out and we dona€™t usually try to re-implant them and if an adult tooth has not been knocked out in one piece it may not be possible to re-implant it, we will always do everything we can to help. Diet coke is better than a€?full fata€™ coke because it has no sugar in it and therefore doesna€™t cause tooth decay, however all cokes and fizzy drinks contain carbonic acid which mean you are essentially bathing your teeth in a weak acid and this destroys enamel (dental erosion). We use x rays to take radio graphs which give us much more information about your teeth and mouth than we can see just by looking. We wouldna€™t recommend it but if you are going to have it done ask how they sterilise their instruments.
Sensitive teeth are usually triggered with cold food (icecream?) or drinks, or touch (toothbrush or fingernail?) or sweet foods (chocolate?).
Yes, Bacteria from the mouth can get into the blood stream and affect the heart, lungs and bring on early labour and diabetes. We are very proud of the care we provide, and we know that most of our patients most of the time are very happy, but sometimes despite our best efforts we do get it wrong.
In the unlikely event we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction and you would like to progress it further, please speak to our practice manager who will provide you with written comprehensive information to help you to do this effectively. When appointments cancelled with less notice we will do our very best to reschedule the time reserved for you with another patient. Unlike fee per item private dentistry where patients pay for treatment after each session, Denplan allows patients to budget for high quality preventive dentistry, with an affordable monthly payment. Patients are placed in a charge band from A to E dependant on their dental history and reflecting likely future dental needs . This means we are independently reviewed on a regular basis so you can be absolutely certain we are providing you with the very best and safest care.
Orthodontic experts have had many years of extra training, and are very experienced at solving problems when situations are not totally straight forward.
The problem is it doesna€™t necessarily follow that not having any pain means you dona€™t have any dental problems. However, on top of this we will always assess each case on its merits, and if we believe an item needs replacing because of something we could have done better, we will redo it free of charge whether it is under guarantee or not. For example if we advise that the only suitable treatment for a broken tooth is a crown, and you request we do the best filling we can in the circumstances, we will always try to do what you would prefer but we cannot guarantee that filling will last. Sometimes this fear or phobia is so severe it will stop people coming to see us unless they are in really severe pain. Food debris trapped in between the teeth can also start to decompose and cause a very unpleasant odour.
The minty ones will temporarily mask the smell but antibacterial mouthwashes (Purple Listerine, Corsodyl) will help get rid of the bacteria that cause the problem. To be honest they will often do a better job than most dentists, because they are gum specialists, and because they can spend more time with you finding the best routines tools and techniques to help you keep your mouth plaque free. You may be totally unaware of them, but sometimes they can get sore and ulcerate and you may find it difficult eating hot or spicy foods. This is rare but if you have this condition it is important you see your dentist regularly to have it checked.
Basically your tongue resembles a map because the top surface will develop smooth red areas with wavy white lines which looks like a map.
This is commonly seen under dentures especially when dentures are worn at night, and in Diabetics or people who take inhaled steroids (Asthmatics) and if you take a lot of antibiotics, but anyone can get it.
It also can help protect against damage to the jaw and neck and even the brain, helping prevent concussion from a heavy blow. It has fragile ligaments which need to be kept intact if it is to be successfully replaced. We have recently invested in new digital radiography technology which reduces the radiation exposure still further.
It can show us decay in between the teeth or under old fillings which if treated early is much easier and less expensive than waiting until the problem becomes obvious .
People with gum disease are almost twice as likely to have coronary artery heart disease than those without gum problems.
If you need to cancel or change an appointment please give us as much notice as possible, this allows us to offer the time reserved for you to someone else, and helps keep our costs and therefore our prices down. This monthly payment covers all routine dental care including examinations, advice, radio graphs, hygienist appointments where clinically appropriate, fillings, root fillings, extractions etc. The number of hygiene and dentist appointments needed annually is tailored to your individual needs and the monthly fee reflects this.
We are very lucky to have a branch of Total Orthodontics very close to us in Haywards Heath. We believe to get the very best results for you it should only be provided by implant experts who have received several years of additional training and who just do implants.
All our equipment is properly serviced and maintained and our staff receive regular training to make sure we are completely up to speed.

We will not normally send invoices, though naturally we will always give you a receipt for your payment.
The earlier in the day that you ring, the more likely you are to be seen that same day and at a time that suits you best. We always try to be fair and reasonable and to treat you the way we would like to be treated ourselves. It doesna€™t matter how well you brush your teeth you will not get rid of the plaque (bacteria and food) in between your teeth without using something designed to clean in between. It could be youa€™ve had bad experiences as a child and the smells and sounds in the surgery bring those memories back, or your fear is very specific and you are really scared of injections or the slow drill. If we find this is the best way for you to receive treatment we will refer you to a specialist centre where they can use general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation. So effective and regular tooth brushing and cleaning in between your teeth with dental tape or interdental brushes and cleaning your tongue is crucial to keep your breath fresh.
Quite often this will mean that if you smoke your gums dona€™t bleed (first warning sign of gum disease), even though they are very unhealthy. If you ever have a mouth ulcer which does not heal after 3 weeks please come to see us so we can check it out.
Some people are more susceptible to gum disease and need more help keeping their mouths healthy. Your gums probably will bleed when you see the hygienist even if they dona€™t bleed when you brush them normally because your hygienist is cleaning areas you are missing, and arena€™t healthy.
It isna€™t an infection, but may be an auto immune disease sometimes triggered by some medicines. Antiviral creams such as Acyclovir which you can buy a€?over the countera€™ should be applied as soon as first signs appear and often.
It is really important to wear one whenever you play sport that involves physical contact or a moving ball. We may need to splint the tooth in position and you will almost certainly need further work on it later on. If you get pain that lasts longer than this and is triggered more with hot things more than cold you have toothache not sensitivity! To prevent gum disease you need to make sure you remove all the plaque from your teeth every day. While we wona€™t say we welcome complaints (because that would be ridiculous!) we do genuinely believe a negative comment gives us an opportunity to improve not only our service, but also our relationship with you. The beauty of Denplan lies in the fact you can budget for your dental care and there are no big unexpected bills to pay. The amount you pay each year is less than you would pay if you were paying for each appointment separately and supplementary insurance covering accidents or emergency care is also included.
By the time they cause pain treatment becomes more difficult more expensive and time consuming and the outcomes are less predictable.
If the practice is closed and you cannot wait till opening time, please telephone and listen to the answer phone message which will give you instructions on accessing our out of hours emergency service. The more you come to see us the more you fear should lessen, and regular dental care can become a normal part of your life. Our dentists and hygienists can help show you the best ways of keeping your mouth really clean.
If your dentist has asked you to see one of our hygienists it is because they feel it will make a significant difference to your oral health.
Your hygienist isna€™t damaging your gums shea€™s identifying areas that need more attention. Unless it is giving symptoms we dona€™t usually treat it, but if it is, then we usually use oral steroids. The migrans bit refers to the fact the map changes, because the position of these smooth red areas changes with time. You will have very red areas in your mouth under your denture (if you wear one) and you may have red sore areas at the corner of your lips. Cricket, Hockey, Football, American Football, Boxing and Rugby are the most obvious sports. Not only does the carbonic acid damage your teeth it also damages your bonesa€¦ so please try to reduce your intake or better still stop it completely. You get about the same amount of radiation from having two dental X-rays as you do travelling on a flight to Spain. Our dentists and hygienists can help you find the best tools techniques and routines to keep your mouth and the rest of your body healthy. In some circumstances we are able to re-store the implant (put the crown on the titanium post) for you once it has been placed.
At our check ups we will check your teeth and gums very carefully and advise you of any potential problems. Your gums will bleed, your breath may smell, you will eventually start to lose the bone that supports the teeth. We use bubble gum flavoured cream to numb your gum before we give injections, we put you in charge so if you ever want us to stop you just wave at us and we stop. And if it does hurt at all please say something, we have various techniques which can help including a new gel called oraquix which will numb your gum. For some reason we dona€™t understand yet the top layer of the tongue is not shed evenly and so leaves a red area a bit like a scratch on the skin.
We can make one for you (A?45 for clear A?65 for coloured ones) which will fit exactly and protect your teeth and gums properly. This means in practice on Denplan you pay about 35% of the normal private fee for crowns dentures etc. If you need any additional treatment (a filling for example) you will pay privately for this, but we reduce our normal fee charges by 10% for patients on Denplan Essential.
It wona€™t happen overnight and some people are much more susceptible to the problem than others, but if you can get into good habits and routines and use some tape or tepe brushes every daya€¦ then you are well on your way to keeping your teeth and gums healthy for life.
For further help and information on Dental Phobias contact the British Dental Health Foundationa€™s Dental Helpline on 0845 0631188.
We sometimes see children as young as 13 whose permanent front teeth are notched (see picture.. If it is something small, please write on one of the patient comment cards in the waiting rooms and put it in our suggestion box in reception.
It also does not cover referral to a specialist (should that be needed for example for a difficult wisdom tooth extraction, for orthodontics or for specialist gum treatments). If your teeth and gums are completely healthy, we will give you advice on how to keep them that way.
Mouthwashes such as the purple coloured Listerine will help mask bad breath and may have some effect on the progress of gum disease.
Our hygienists are kind and sympathetic, they really want you to improve your oral health to help you keep your teeth for life. Children who havena€™t got all their second teeth will need new mouth guards more frequently to accommodate the new shape of their mouths and teeth. We may also recommend you increase the interval between check-ups to a year or even 2 years if you are spectacularly good! You need to visit us regularly so we can check your mouth for the very earliest signs of mouth cancer which are easy to treat. It is because of your feedback that we have re-upholstered the waiting room chairs downstairs, increased appointments outside normal working hours and we are continually trying to find magazines to suit everyone! The biggest problem is they are more uncomfortable so tend to stay in your kit bag not in your mouth! Sometimes the damage can be repaired using tooth coloured fillings bonded to the teeth or in more severe cases using porcelain veneers. Not only does this have an effect on costs and therefore prices, it also means lots of patients, some in pain, had their treatment delayed).

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