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Toothpaste on Burns, Is it Good, Does Toothpaste Help Burns on Face, Skin or Cause Burns in Mouth? In some instances, the tickle can be caused by serious underlying medical condition such as cancer, pneumonia or bronchitis.
Persistent cough that lasts for long could be a symptom of major underlying medical condition. The reflux can cause a condition called Barrett’s Esophagus- the cells along the lining of the esophagus grow abnormally increasing the risk of cancer of the esophagus. Although lung cancer is rare, it’s vital you don’t take it for granted and get checked by your GP as soon as you notice symptoms. Most people would consider wheezing as the key symptom of asthma, this can be true but there are other unusual signs of asthma. It is actually hard to detect asthma, some other health related conditions such as: heart failure, bronchitis and vocal cords dysfunction tend to present symptom that are related to asthma.
A severe cough is unusual symptom of asthma which appear after cold or as a result of infection in upper tract of the respiratory system.
When your throat is exposed to allergens, postnasal drip occurs as soon as the sinuses drains down your throat. Treatment involves preventing allergies, treat your allergies to alleviate a tickle in throat and other related conditions. After stopping smoking, the tract begins to repair itself and what follows is the cilia regenerating along the lining the respiratory tract. A cough during pregnancy is sign of infection which should clear in not more than two weeks.  A cough is the responsive action to clear the air passage of the mucus and irritants. If the cough is persistent, it could be a symptom of a sinus infection that irritates the throat and makes it dry. Some people who go for septorhinoplasty, have had sore throat which feels like laryngitis and can be coupled with a dry irritating cough. If you have an acute bronchitis, the main airways to the lungs is seriously affected which lasts for a brief period of time. This reduces the ability to fight off infections, you are prone to have chronic lung problems including asthma or cyst fibrosis.
If the cough persists for more than two weeks, has blood, a tickle at the back of your throat that leads to soreness and or you experience shortness in breathing, you should visit your healthcare provider for treatment. Stretching your voice can cause a chest stretching, this leads to a little swelling or a feeling of a lump at the back of your throat.  You may consequently feel irritation or scratchy feeling that might take days to recover. For all those who are wondering how to get rid of pores, it is essential to know that pores are required for the skin to retain moisture and remain hydrated in order to have suppleness and firmness in its tone.  The real problem starts when these pores get enlarged allowing the harmful rays of the sun to penetrate the sub surface of the skin and also act as ponds for accumulation of dirt and dust. Pores are a constant feature of skin and no matter how much care is taken some enlarged pores will keep appearing on your skin.
Steaming the Face:  This is by far the most essential step in your quest of hoe to get rid of pores. Apply Ice on the Face: Every time you steam your face to get rid of pores it is mandatory that you give it a rub of ice. Using Toothpaste: Applying toothpaste on the areas affected by pores is another proven means to get rid of pores. Consume Adequate Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits especially oranges contain citric acid and tangerines which are useful in building collagen in the sub skin layers. Pore Tightening Mask: Home made mask comprising of Rhassoul clay, aloe vera, lemon juice and green tea is another favorite treatment for large pores.
Daily Face Wash: It is good idea to wash your face daily after returning from outdoors to remove the accumulation of dirt on the pores and preventing their further enlargement.
There are several over the counter products as well as prescribed medications which can be employed to get rid of pores when the natural remedies prove to be ineffective. Spot Treatment: There are numerous commercial over the counter products that can be applied exactly over the affected areas to prevent and diminish the pores. Chemical Masks: The most commonly used mask of this kind is the sulfur mask useful for unplugging pores and lowering inflammation of the skin, which can be obtained from your local drug store.
Commercial Face Washes: A large number of face washes and face soaps are available which are designed to help get rid of pores by daily usage. Prescribed Medication: When most of these remedies fail one can consult a dermatologist and seek prescription of topical as well as pill type drugs to effectively get rid of pores. While adopting the above mentioned measures for getting rid of pores it is advisable to keep a few precautions in mind.

Getting rid of pores is a relatively easy and simple process which can be undertaken by almost everyone at the comfort of home.
Having a throat with a feeling like a tickle can be irritating and makes you uncomfortable especially when you experience it in the night. If you have a cough that does not produce mucus also known as non-productive cough, you would feel like there is something in the throat. When you get a persistent cough that is coupled with a tickle, you could be having throat dryness. A throat that tickles is closely related to dry throat and can be the reason you have a dry cough.
A cough that feels like a lump in your throat, you may end up having a nasty or bitter taste in the mouth. If you suffer from a condition known as allergic rhinitis, you develop symptoms such as: sneezing all the time, a running nose and a tickle in your throat or dry cough. If you smoke, you have to stop otherwise you risk exposing your throat to irritants like smoke from cigarette and pollens.
Smoking filters or weed irritates the throat and can leave you with a horrible scratch in your throat.
When you smoke for some years, the cilia: tiny hair like projection lining the respiratory tract are destroyed by the smoke and chemicals content in the cigarette. Such case should be checked by a physician to examine other health problems that cannot be linked quitting smoking. In addition, coughing constantly during pregnancy is common; hormonal fluctuations is the cause for changes in throat and mouth.
A surgery around the throat such as tonsillectomy can cause you to have a dry cough and a tickle in the throat. You are likely to get a tickle in the throat that can make you to cough uncontrollably for few minutes. This condition is quite disturbing especially if you have a weak immune system and for people suffering from AIDS.  The good news is, it can be treated especially for children and adolescents.
You are prone to respiratory infections, this phenomena is common in children and young adults. This can happen after the viral infection has gone away leading to a dry, irritating cough.
However the good news is that they can be controlled and tackled by adopting precautionary measures. After the cleansing with lemon and pineapple juice is over take some ice in a napkin and apply it on the pores. However this results in drying up of the skin and may not be equally effective on all kinds of skin types. The action of collagen is to enhance the elasticity of skin layer giving it a supple feel and appearance. However getting your skin type checked and consulting a qualified dermatologist prior to trying out any of such products will help prevent any unwanted allergies or reactions to the sensitive skin of your face. This mask should never be applied over night as it tends to suck moisture and damage the skin of applied for long periods.
The exact chemical composition of such commercial products needs to be carefully checked prior to application on the face.
Firstly one must not try out all the measures simultaneously and should go step by step by checking out each method for efficacy. This kind of cough is distinct from the chest cough where mucus is produced whenever you cough.
It is common to have a feeling of a tickle in throat resulting from cold, allergy or an infection.
This triggers a cough reflex from the nerves lining along the area of the infected respiratory tract. A persistent cough that is coupled with breathing difficulty can easily be mistaken for chest infection while it is actually cancer of the lungs. The symptom include, having a persistent cough coupled with chest tightness and difficulty in breathing especially in the early hours of the morning. In most case, postnasal drip has been identified as the prime cause in allergy- induced tickle throat. It makes you feel like a hair and clearing your throat may be intense especially during the night.

The impurities find easy way and land on the respiratory tract as we breathe on a regular basis.
It is obvious that your body immune system is lowered, it is not surprising to catch a cough.
Some of the home remedies to be discussed later in the post can help get rid of a tickly throat. The tickle in the throat could be related to the breathing tube that is placed into your mouth and to the entrance of your lungs. The common cause of pneumonia is by virus, chemical irritants or basically foreign bodies that inflames the lungs. A viral infection to the respiratory tract is the common cause for acute bronchitis, you are even at risk of getting bronchitis if you‘ve had a recent illness or viral respiratory infection. As the infection gets worse, thick yellow mucus that sometimes have stains of blood will be noticed. Singing or screaming will often cause throat irritation and interferes with voice and consequently the singing process. The method is to first fill a tub or basin with hot water while taking care that it is not scalding hot. Simultaneously green tea which has amazing anti oxidant properties expedites the healing process on the skin. However these products must be completely washed off immediately after use to prevent any residual harmful effects. Any natural mixture or commercial product that causes pain or discomfort to the skin must be immediately abandoned as it simply means that the product is unsuitable for your skin type.
Pores help the skin to breathe and are thus essential for maintaining a young looking skin. Unlike chest cough which lasts for weeks, lung cancer tends to stay for long spreading even to the other organs. Over –the –counter medications including antihistamines can be helpful during the worst seasons of the year.
Keep the face over the water for 3 to 5 minutes depending on your comfort level and then rinse with mild warm water. Even applying round sliced pieces of raw tomatoes on the facial has been found helpful in getting rid of pores to a great extent. If nothing else works then the best solution might be to consult plastic surgeon for treating enlarged pores on the face and skin. In this post, we have a comprehensive discussion on the causes of a throat with a tickle and how you can get rid of it. It must be remembered that pores are quite a common occurrence and there is no requirement to loose sleep over it as it can be easily taken care of by a few easy measures.  One can effectively get rid of pores through home based remedies and even with minor medications. After exposing the face to the steam use a napkin drenched in lemon and pineapple juice to cover your face nicely for a few minutes followed by a cold water wash of the face.
Therefore by taking precautions which will prevent the blockage of the pores in the first place one can effectively get rid of pores even before they appear. There are natural enzymes in this mixture that help tighten the skin along with purifying the surface and brightening the tone. There is an established relationship between oily skin and blocked pores which aggravate the situation by rapid deposit of sebum and dead cells. The citrus element of lemon juice is excellent in its cleansing properties and great at shrinking the pores to a smaller size. A thorough and regular skin cleansing and care routine will go a long way in ensuring that the enlarged and ugly pores stay away from your skin and keep you looking young and attractive. However caution should be exercised not to let the lemon juice reach the eyes which are extremely sensitive to it. Additionally one should be careful about not exposing the facial skin to prolonged steaming as it tends to dry up the skin and may even result in mild burns.

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