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Here is a YouTube video that explains 3 natural breathing remedies how to stop a cough fast. Cough Treatment (Medical References) Some insightful medical studies actually explained the main cause of cough and how coughing is connected with hyperventilation.
Flem throat: remedies rid excessive phlegm , Natural home remedies and cures to get rid of phlegm. How rid mucus normalbreathing., Get rid mucus, phlegm rid phlegm 2 minutes (breathing remedy) phlegm learn practice.
My son has had a cough for over two months now, and it's allergy related, the doctors prescribe all sorts of medications, but it is still not getting rid of the phlegm, when he coughs, you can really hear the phlegm. If you're suffering from a sinus infection, a cold, or the flu, using a nasal spray or decongestant will help get rid of that phlegm. The best thing is physical therapy away from chemical drugs, and I advise you to address your child honey and milk on an empty stomach.
If you’re seeing blood streaks in your phlegm, it could be a sign of serious bronchial infection, tuberculosis, or even lung cancer. As noted above, products like Robitussin and Mucinex are called expectorants, and there are plenty of them. Eucalyptus oil in boiling water is far and away the most common natural remedy for chest congestion and an overabundance of phlegm. Garlic is considered by some in the field of alternative medicine to be an expectorant, and a good supplement to be taking in general. Goldenseal is an herb that has been used for a very long time to cure pretty much anything that ails you. I cough up gel phlegm every morning which is expelled easily as it drops like a piece, one from the throat another from the nasal cavity.
My client whom I care for is an alzhimers patient as well as progressive cancer and not being treated for either.
While post nasal drip isn't necessarily considered phlegm because it's produced by the mucous glands in your nasal cavities, it is the most common cause of chest congestion, and can be easily cured by taking a decongestant like Sudafed, Claritin, or Zyrtec. I would suggest considering asthma as a cause for this and treating it, not just allergies.

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If you’re coughing up yellow, green, or brown phlegm, your body is in the process of fighting an infection. Sufferers of lung cancer and tuberculosis often describe the presence of blood in their phlegm (or sputum) as resembling coffee grounds.
Lung and bronchial infections are common enough, but they are even more common in people who smoke regularly. Anything that helps to numb the pain of a cough or suppress a cough will allow more mucus and phlegm to build up because you’ve essentially shut off the mechanisms in your body that are meant to produce, well, productive coughs. Generally speaking, when phlegm starts to get coughed up, it means that the substance has served its purpose and needs to be expelled. It’s very challegeing at times while she is spitting up and throwing up alot of excessive phlegm, mostly clear to cloudy to even dark, thinking blood. If the color of your phlegm is brown or gray, it may be your body is expelling tars or resins built up from smoking or inhaling large amounts of dust. Spit that phlegm into a tissue rather than trying to swallow it, because swallowing often times reintroduces the phlegm back into your pulmonary (lung) system. There are plenty of natural expectorants to help you get rid of phlegm, some examples are found in the sidebar to your right. Many people put a towel on their heads, take the water off the stove, and hold themselves over the water to breathe in the resulting steam.
Powdered Garlic supplements are supposed to leave out many of the valuable healing compounds found in the Garlic clove. Found in pill form as a tincture, this helpful plant can be procured quite easily from online health vendors. It takes me at least one hour every morning in the washroom trying to get some out of it out. Please, if you have a chronic issue, especially one that’s making it hard for you to breathe, go see a doctor. If you are cough up brown or grayish phlegm, it's your body trying to tell you you're smoking too much.

Phlegm is differentiated from other mucous in that it comes from the lungs rather than from the nasal passages; though, post nasal drip, a common symptom of colds, flus, sinusitis, and inhaling other irritants is often the cause of a phlegm like build up.
Regardless of the color of your phlegm, if you’re cough it up, you should go see a doctor. Do yourself a favor and quit smoking now before you start seeing the inevitable streaks of blood in your phlegm that preclude a diagnosis of lung cancer. Extended or excessive doses of this herb is not recommended and has been implicated as the cause of some respiratory failures.
If you’re having problems breathing though, or are in the least bit unsure of your health, you should really go to a doctor. For the time being though, let us focus on getting rid of phlegm, because that’s what you came here to learn, isn’t it? Cough medicines that are not explicitly labeled as expectorants will only serve to exacerbate your phlegm troubles. But to me the biggest help is to sleep on a 12: wedge pillow, proof that it helps immensely is that when I work my way toward prone the congestion becomes very evident and wakes me up.
Not diagnosed with anything specific but one specialist said air going to my lungs is decreased to some sixty something percent.
I currently am taking two different puffers as well as preventive powder but nothing seems to help. Anything that helps to numb the pain of a cough or suppress a cough will allow more mucous and phlegm to build up because you've essentially shut off the mechanisms in your body that are meant to produce, well, productive coughs. Daily activities are not as easy as they used to be, but I do as much as I am comfortable with.

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