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Unexpected muscle cramps usually have us yelling various strings of profanities that we shall refrain from listing here. When dealing with any problem, it is important to know your enemy well so you can apply the right solution. One important first distinction to make is the difference between muscle cramps and stomach cramps. When you exercise immediately after a meal, your body will send more blood to the bigger muscles being used, which are generally away from the stomach. There are many things you can do before the onset of cramps that can prevent them from showing up at all.
You can stock up on electrolytes by consuming food and drinks that are high in potassium, phosphorus, and sodium. By warming up the muscles before intense exercise, you can help yourself prevent injury and stop the cramps from happening. There are several types of foods and drinks that will cause the body to dehydrate faster, so it’s best to avoid high concentrations of these if you want to stop the cramping. Foods high in protein need more liquids to flush out some of the key nutrients, so if you already don’t drink a lot of water you might get cramps from a high protein diet.
Caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea can also dry out the body quite a bit, but the good news is that the water used to make the drink is usually enough to balance out the dehydrating effects. Alcoholic beverages however will cause you no shortage of dehydration problems, especially on a hot day. If you weren’t able to apply these methods in advance, you might need an immediate solution for dealing with cramps.
If you already have muscle cramps, there are several steps you can follow to get rid of them. There is no real scientific explanation for this, but some case studies have shown that drinking a salty liquid like pickle juice can help to zap the length of cramping in half. Depending on the severity of the cramp, heating up the area can help to restore blood flow and get rid of the pain.
There are a few different kinds of massages you can use to get rid of the cramps and relieve the pain. A sport massage would be used for athletes who have put too much strain on their muscles and haven’t been able to keep up with the blood supply needed to that area. A trigger point massage is a technique that focuses on one certain area and is used to help get rid of cramps in that specific region.
Whether you’re a runner, a swimmer, or just someone who wants a better sleep, you certainly don’t deserve these cramps. Join for free and you'll gain instant access to our tracking and reporting tools, expert coaching tips, and a free trial to our personalized training and nutrition programs. A: For starters, hydrate properly before you run and make sure you're getting the nutrients endurance athletes need. Hamstring Cramp is a condition where an individual experience unpleasant and often aching sensation in the group of tendons (four posterior thigh muscles).

The moment you suffer from the Hamstring Cramp, place a cold compress on it and hold it for 8 to 10 minutes. Sit on a comfortable and smooth surface and practice some easy hamstring stretches to ease the pain.
Electrolyte imbalance is one among the major causes of Hamstring Cramp that can be an output of dehydration. Cramps are possibly the most irritating thing in life, because you never know WHY they happened and WHEN they'll go away.
Overexerting leg muscles, sitting or standing for too long on concrete floors and continuously working on a hard surface can all cause an extremely painful muscle cramp. There are also medical conditions which can cause consistent cramps such as Alcoholism, pregnancy, dehydration and diabetes! The key to preventing cramps would be to build your leg muscles, that way they are less prone to spasms and overexertion. When you feel paralyzed in bed because of a cramp, try gently massaging in a circular motion to slowly ease the spasm. Amish formula stop leg cramps - stopslegcramps., Stops leg cramps is an amazing old amish formula that stops nighttime leg cramps in made generally available to leg cramp and charlie horse sufferers.
In this article we’ll first explain what causes muscle cramps, and then dive right into dealing with them.
Digesting a big meal takes a lot of blood flow from the body to support the break-down process. This list includes diabetes, dehydration, electrolyte deficiencies, tired muscles, vitamin deficiency, and disturbances in blood flow. It’s always easier to prevent something than deal with it once it has shown up, so try some of these preventive measures to stop the cramps from happening. Keeping a good flow of liquids in your body will keep the blood oxygenated so that no muscle is lacking in fuel. Sport drinks are a great way to replenish the body with electrolytes, and can be easily consumed on the go if you’re in the middle of a workout.
Cold muscles have a harder time getting blood flowing to the area, so they may constrict when there isn’t enough fuel being supplied.
Asparagus is probably best known for making our urine smell funny, but it also contains a dehydrating agent called asparagine which can cause us to cramp up more.
By causing cells inside your body to shrink, the alcohol is sucking the extra water out from those cells which can cause you to cramp from dehydration. Doing light stretches of the cramped area can help deal with the problem by releasing some tension in the area and getting the blood flow back to normal. If you can get around the taste and the curious nature of drinking pickle juice, try this next time you’re cramping up. Heat can help speed up the nutrient transportation in your body and supply the cramped area with what it needs to stop the muscle contractions. By cooling the area, a cold compress can help to relax the muscle and prevent further constrictions. By massaging the cramped area, it can relieve soreness and circulate more blood throughout the body.

The aim of this massage is to target the areas that typically transfer the pain to other areas, and ease them from doing so.
Keep on top of ways you can stop the cramps from happening or apply some of these methods if you get them and you’ll be running that marathon with no interference from your muscles. Hydrating before exercise and during prolonged bouts of activity will decrease your risk for muscle cramps, and you'll also recover better from your training.
The motion of inhaling and exhaling while running can cause stress on the ligaments resulting in pain on the side. Now, check out the image on your right hand side to get an idea of the simple easy hamstring stretches and practice them.
Place your hands on both sides of your hamstring and run your fingers through the affected area in circular motion, exerting medium pressure. In case if it is still aching, then you must better consult an experienced orthopedic specialist or surgeon for a proper treatment as it is an indication of a more serious problem. Dehydration is the leading cause of cramps, so make sure you are getting plenty of fluids daily.
Getting rid of muscle cramps is an important thing to know offhand, since they are usually fairly short in duration and we might not have immediate access to online how-to guides. By first identifying what is causing the cramps, it will make for a much simpler solution to the problem. Before exercising, do some light running or skipping to get your heart rate and the blood pumping faster.
Don’t over-exert yourself on these stretches, as the more intense ones could actually just make the cramp worse. It can also reduce inflammation from the muscle if it has been worked too hard, and the numbing properties of the cold-compress will help ease the pain a little. Deep and even breaths may be able to relieve the stress on your ligaments better than shallow breathing.
Hyper-flexion (muscles get stretched too much), muscle hypoxia (muscles don’t get enough oxygen), and the electrolyte imbalance (body doesn’t get enough calcium, magnesium and potassium) are some of the major causes of Hamstring Cramp. Warm baths, heating pads and consuming enough magnesium and potassium can also help fix your cramping issue.
Once you experience a Hamstring Cramp, make sure to fix it immediately as you will find it difficult to walk or run with aching thighs. On the other hand, carrying out the daily activities in this condition can make your condition worse.
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