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Use rosehip seed oil, a natural skin healer, to reduce discoloration and return normal skin tone.
Rub the flesh of tomato, lemon, or papaya on the bite marks twice a day until the dark spots disappear, says the Organic Facts website. Visit your dermatologist if your bite marks are large, very dark or resistant to treatment at home. Overview Dark spots on your skin, also called hyperpigmentation, can have a variety of causes.
In an effort to be more open about me and my life outside of fashion I'm trying new avenues to connect with you all. Right now my skin routine consist of Garnier Clean Plus Blackhead Eliminator Scrub, Ocean Salt & Imperialis from Lush. So I pose this question to you all, what are some products or remedies that have worked for you? Facial discoloration is asymptomatic (without any symptoms) but is of great cosmetic concern, resulting in psychological stress.
The result is chloasma (also known as melasma or the mask of pregnancy), irregular brown patches on t he forehead, nose, and checks.
Most of these pigmented areas lighten again a few months after delivery, though they may not clear up completely. Sepia (homeopathic medicine) is of utmost importance in treating discoloration occurring after pregnancy. Sun-damaged skin or sunspots, medically called lentigos, and commonly referred to as liver spots, are a product of sun exposure. Homoeopathic medicines treat the hormonal imbalance and thus control the excessive production of melanin. I was wondering if it was ok to have cosmelan or dermelan treatment whilst taking thyroxine??
I am sameera age 40, I am suffering from melasma from 10 years, I tried creams, microdermabrasion and peels nothing worked. Hi,sir I m Amit I suffered since 8 year for pigmentation on chest,back,hand,leg.I have used allopathic cream.
I have issues with skin discoloration, before it was on around my next but now its in my upper back. I m 4 years old,have pigmentation on my face for last 2 years,i had consulted with many Dr .Please suggest me some medicine.
Im 24 year old male im having chloasmas on my face and my nose too, it really becoming brown and it really visible from far so i want this to gone from my face i really feel depress can you help for me . Hello sir, I am a fair complexoned women and developed pigmentation on my cheeks during my pregnancy .but it now been 2 years , its still in my face.
You just provided the details in your blog but never answered to anyone in the below list of users.
During the pregnancy I got pigmentation on my cheeks and nose areas.after 8 years of pregnancy it not disappear.
Sir,i’m 23 old and i have brown spots called til in hindi on my face they are around 20 in number. I am 58 years old and really suffering from the pigmentation on only my cheeks , nose and fore head .

I abdul nabi having melasma at my face so i request some homeopathic medicine from your end. There are a number a things and bad habits that cause dark circles under our eyes like a lack of sleep, stress, diet, dehydration, too much caffeine etc. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer is best for removing the wrinkles. Only on the dark areas of eyes especially innermost corners, creamy concealers apply carefully.
Especially if you have fair or sensitive skin, those little bite marks can take a long time to go away on their own. People say "oh just wash your face more", or "drink more water", and anyone that suffers from acne will tell you, we wash our face all the time, and we drink enough water to become a fish lol I've tried all the products on the market, Proactive, Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Neutrogina, Epiduo, you name it, I've probably tried it. It believes that skin disorders are a reflection of inside and need to be treated from within.
I understand it’s a contraindication as it’s a greater risk to sun exposure after treatment and the down time may be longer, but if I take care of my skin as I should can I have the cosmelan done? I feel strongly that something should be done internally, as my neck,underarms, inner tights , feet are also dark. For the past three months I have been suffering from bluish and brown patched pigments on my cheek bones ,over the eye brows and neck. I tried for all types of treatment but no best results.just it become dull for when i am using some external application but returns the same. Can you suggest me the medicine, doses and duration to treat the above problem and also that from where i can get these medicines in chennai? This way you will not satisfy anyone with your claims of homeopathy but you will loose their faith.
I’m 49 and I love the sun but even if I get a blemish and touch it like slight squeeze , it leaves a blood blister !
I have taken a lot of allopathic , homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments since 6 years to remove this. Rimmel London Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer is done the double duty due to its creamy characteristics. The good news is that you don't have to hide your limbs; home remedies or a visit to your doctor will remove those reminders after the sting and itch are gone. He might also recommend a chemical peel, according to an article posted on the Real Self website.. I can't tell you the amount of times when I'm getting makeup done for a photoshoot or runway show and wondering what the MUA is thinking when she sees the hair on my face. During pregnancy the hormone level can increase the body’s production of melanin, a pigment that tints the skin. Another strong opinion that homeopaths propagate is that any external application can lead to the suppression of the disease and result in a more serious systemic disorder.
Along with it, eat a well-balanced diet, avoid cosmetics, avoid direct exposure of skin to sunlight and please do not self-medicate. I don’t know whether it is calcium deficiency or hormonal problem or deficiency in body.
I have many patches on my body but it never worried me now that it’s on my face I am very very depressed .

All results are found to be normal and biopsy report reveals hyper pigmentation viz lichen planus . I had severe breakouts 2 years back and now I took ayurvedic medicine it helped me in my breakouts to a greater extent but not with my marks.
Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer – Oil Free is used for removing scars both from skin and body. So one thing you may or may not know about me is that I have suffered from acne since I was about 12. But what I have found after doing some research online, the darkness & bumps I get, aren't from acne, but the ingrown hairs that are trying to make it's way through the skin.
Or sometimes I don't want my guy to caress my chin because I know I didn't have a chance to get the hair off my face. I need something that can help me clear my skin, and get rid of these acne scars, because they suck. One may also notice a brown line down the abdomen, from the belly button to the public bone, called linea nigra. A well-prescribed homeopathic medicine not only takes care of hyperpigmentation but also treats as a whole and improves general health as well. I hav been on contraceptive pills for more than eight years .the moment I saw the patches on my face I have discontinued the tablet.
At present under the guidance of a cosmetologist I’m under treatment having night creams and sunscreen for morn applications and MELANO TX 75 mg tab morn and night .
Palladio Herbal Liquid Concealer is riched in vitamins that make the skin fresh and healthy.
So in this time l have not inflammation or eaching problem but light black spot on my face is present .
Please give me a solution .right now I am on medicines like silicea 6, kali sulphuricum 6 and external application of s cure cream. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer this is best for removing the spots and act as an excellent highlighter. The dark circles are the most common problem among ladies that give the tension because they spoil the beauty of their faces. NYX Cosmetics Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand is one of the best items that available in 11 different shades.Revlon Colorstay under Eye Concealer is giving the natural effect.
I don't get serious breaks out now, but what I am left with is serious acne scars, MAJOR Hyperpigmentation, and ingrown hairs. Dark circles appear due to the poor circulation of blood inside the tiny vessels under eyes.
Best concealers include Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is known as best under eye concealer due to its creamy and moist property. YSL’s Touche Eclat is known as the world most popular under eye concealer and provide good coverage of dark circles.

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