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Bremenn’s Dark Spot Eraser is the solution you need to put dark spots to rest.  The formula demonstrably helps reduce the appearance of existing and future dark spots on the face, hands and neck. The redness on your face may be caused by rosacea and the dark spots on your skin could be age spots. Overview The dark spots on your skin are age spots that form when you stay in the sun for too long.
Overview The dark spots on your elbows are referred to by doctors as lentigines, or age spots.
Additional factors that cause pigmentation is biliary dysfunction, misbalance in hormones of body, long term use of hormonal contraceptives, liver disease, long use of ointments and creams.
Reveal and protect your skins past, present and future beauty from the summer sun with Bremenn’s Dark Spot Eraser, the dual-action product you’ll wish you found sooner! Sun causes the rosacea in your skin to flare up and the dark spots on your skin to get even darker.

The Mayo Clinic recommends over-the counter creams with hydroquinone, vitamin C and retinol to reduce your brown spots.
When you put your hands to your face, you transfer all the dirt and bacteria onto your skin.
American Association of Dermatologists warns that age spot should be examined by physicians. Cover up the skin with a hat and sunglasses, and if you have to be out in the sun, wear sunscreen with at least a sun protection factor of 15. You can also go to your dermatologist to get a prescription for retinoids and mild steroids. The acids used are gluconoic acid, licorice acid, azelaic acid, vitamin C and beta carolene.
Sun, stress and makeup irritate your rosacea, and its red color is the hardest symptom to treat.

This will remove the top layer of dead skin on your age spots, which will get rid of the skin that has the most melanin and reduce the color of your age spots.
Neither rosacea nor age spots can be cured, but there are several ways you can control the symptoms and reduce the red and dark spots on your skin. The redness and rosacea on your skin should not be scrubbed roughly, as it will irritate it even more.

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