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Blackheads are a common cosmetic problem caused by skin oil and dirt that settles into the skin's pores and oxidizes, turning a dark color. Squeeze your deep blackheads to bring the dirt and oil to the surface where it is easier to wash clean. Consult a dermatologist if your deep blackheads are proving stubborn and difficult to remove. Comedones such as blackheads are obstructions within the pore usually appearing due to acne. Overview Squeezing blackheads with the fingertips is a practice that many individuals engage in.
Use a mild exfoliating scrub to get rid of dead skin cells that can linger and cause your pores to get clogged. Wash your face with gentle skin soap, then apply a warm, wet cloth to the area in question for 10 to 15 minutes. Use makeup to cover your blackheads, when all else fails and there's no time to remove the blackheads. Overview Blackheads occur when oils accumulate in your pores, resulting in small black spots.

Over time deep blackheads can form that are embedded in beneath the skin and are very stubborn to remove.
The Beauty & Makeup Tips website states that a good skin toner will help you get rid of deep blackheads. The College Fashion website emphasizes the importance of doing this properly, and not merely picking at your face on an ongoing basis.
The College Fashion website explains that a dermatologist can provide creams or antibiotics to remove your blackheads and help you achieve a clear complexion. These spots are easily visible, and they can be embarrassing to people with rampant blackhead problems. They're not effective for long-term removal---they don't get deep into the pore, meaning you'll keep getting blackheads---but if you're headed out the door on a date, they're as good as anything. This works as an exfoliant, but also gets deep into your pores to clean out excess oil and dead skin.
This stick-shaped instrument applies gentle pressure around the blackhead, making it more likely to pop out. Wash your face with soap or a blackhead-clearing facial wash afterward and pat your face dry.

Wash your facial skin thoroughly and apply a warm washcloth to your face for 10 to 15 minutes; this will open up your pores. Many women struggle with blackheads, because the makeups they use get into the pores and accelerate the clogging.
After the BHA has been on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes, try gently squeezing out the blackheads again.
Washing your face daily and using some specific products can help you achieve a clear complexion and get rid of deep blackheads.
Use gentle pressure to squeeze down and up around the sides of the blackhead; you are trying to get "underneath" the blackhead. The key to remove blackheads is reducing the factors that cause pore blockage and keeping your skin clean and oil-free.

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