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I found that when at home, it was best to use a lap pad and receiving blanket under her to simply allow her to air out and have nothing on that would constrain her bum or cause further rash. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The two major IPL teams Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) suspended for the next two years to be held in 2016 and 2017. The New Rising Consortium Sanjiv Goenka of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group have picked Pune as their home base. A reverse bidding process was conducted during the team auction, IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla said total five bidders came to bid for the ownership rights for two new franchises, Chennai-based cement major chettinad, Harsh Goenka’s RPG group, Axis Chemicals were the other three bidders. The IPL players draft conducted on 15 December 2015, where both franchises will pick 5 players each from suspended teams CSK and RR.
The Pune franchise, expectedly picked Indian limited overs captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the first player for Rs 12.5 crore in the first player draft of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in Mumbai. Ajinkya Rahane was the second choice for Pune and Rajkot selected Ravindra Jadeja in the same position.

Pune opted for Faf du Plessis as their fifth and final player, while Dwayne Bravo was Rajkot’s pick. From one night of our baby sleeping through peacefully and neither she nor us waking up to change her diaper it became a problem that quickly led to painful chafing and rash.
There is an option for a natural Bordreax’s Butt Paste in a green tube, but I decided on this one because it was for extreme diaper rash and had 40% zinc oxide for maximum strength, as opposed to 14%.
I used California Baby’s Diaper Wash Area mist to help soothe her and all has seemed to work and she is quickly on her way to recovery.
This has been made on 8 December 2015 a team auction conducted by BCCI, Pune and Rajkot taken part as replacement of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. On the other hand, Director of mobile phone and electronics manufacturer Intex Technologies have won ownership rights of Rajkot. New Rising will pick the first player, intex pick second player and both alternate therafter. I figure if I can help future mom’s prevent or minimize the pain and tears for their babies having diaper rash, it’s wonderful!

Before I knew it, I was wiping her little bum when screams and tears came flowing from her little eyes…my heart was breaking! I hope that this helps and I know there are a ton of products out there, and these were all awesome and worked in my family. I really liked the butt paste and found that it coated her with the right thickness to heal her bum and protect it from the diaper rubbing. I was using Costco brand’s wipes made without alcohol and from Tencel, which proved to be harsher than the ones I later bought to help her soothe.

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