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12.03.2015, admin
Both of my girls potty trained very early, which I am certainly thankful for, but it brought about different challenges. So, we’ve recently packed up the diapers for my youngest who turned 2 in January, and have been looking for an affordable, disposable option for nighttime.
That’s exactly what I found with the Mom to Mom brand diapers, found exclusively at Safeway.

The Mom to Mom Diapers have provided us with excellent leak protection – which is saying a lot for a toddler wearing one all night long with no leaks! The diapers are also designed with a a soft Hypoallergenic Liner that contains Vitamin E and Aloe, keeping with the comfort of the diaper for baby’s skin.
It is quite obvious that Safeway understands what we need as Moms, as Mom to Mom diapers offered at a value that makes them a great choice for all families.

So, while we’re not ready to get rid of diapers altogether for my 2 year old, I can happily say she’s day potty trained and on her way to being nighttime potty trained too!

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