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There are other possible causes: Vitamin deficiencies in A and D may also trigger your skin to get dry. Olive Oil: Dab a small amount of olive oil in the driest areas of your face and body, paying more attention to the knees, elbows, hands, feet and thighs. Coconut Oil: Another wonder kitchen product, it seems that there is not anything that coconut oil cannot do. Yogurt: Perhaps you are already aware of the many benefits that yogurt brings to our body when consumed. Milk: Like yogurt, milk is has lactic acid that can gently dissolve dead skin cells, a by-product of dry skin, to reveal moisturized, fresh looking new layer of skin. Aloe Vera: It is not a secret that the gel contained within aloe vera leaves is an excellent moisturizing agent. Oatmeal: Try checking key ingredients of today’s best creams, lotions and moisturizers, and you will notice that oatmeal is included in the list. Papaya: Papaya is rich in antioxidants and contains a special enzyme called papain that can kill dead cells and cure skin impurities and hence is an excellent natural exfoliant. It is often experienced during winter season, where the outside cold air and the heated air inside cause the humidity to drop. Sunburn is another common one, and dry skin may also be caused as a side-effect of some pharmaceutical drugs. If you are suffering from dry skin, then Try these natural, gentle remedies to revive your skin’s lost moisture. However the sticky consistency of honey plus its antibacterial properties create an environment favorable for healing inflammation – without neglecting moisture.

If you have an aloe vera plant in your garden, cut a leaf and split it open – you will see a clear gel and you can apply this directly on skin that needs extra help in moisturization. The simplest method is during bathing, to rub a handful of salt all over your body, paying extra attention to the driest parts like elbows, heels and knees.
To gain maximum benefit that avocado has to offer, include the fruit in your diet and treat your dry skin to an “avocado mask” composed of honey, sugar and avocado paste.
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However people can also get dry skin while living in a tropical country where weather tends to be hot. To pamper extremely dry skin, leave it overnight and you will wake up to well rested, moisturized skin in the morning. If your hair and certain parts of your body are dry and blotchy, all you need to do is a dollop of coconut oil and dryness will surely go away.
Yogurt is also rich in lactic acid, which can soothe and exfoliate the skin, tighten the pores, and stimulate collagen production. Not only the mechanism of salt rubbing removes dead skin cells, it will also improve blood circulation. Dermatologists even recommend an oatmeal bath for babies who have dry skin- that is how effective and amazing oatmeal is. Perhaps their body does not get adequate amount of hydration, or they are bathing and washing their hands using harsh soaps too often.
The reason why coconut oil is a great product than your over-the-counter moisturizers is that it is oil-based and contains natural emollient properties.

Honey can be used alone or in combination with other skin fixes that can also be found in the kitchen – such as the ones on this list.
The lactic acid content makes yogurt a benefit kitchen item for waving goodbye to dry skin and saying hello to smooth and moisturized skin. Salt is capable to reduce inflammation, so if your dry skin starts to get irritated, go and douse yourself in a salt water bath. The antioxidants and phenols are the reason why oatmeal makes a cheap and convenient remedy for dry skin.
Any leftover can be placed in an airtight container and stored briefly in the refrigerator for another use. In worst cases, there are cracks and peels evident to the naked eye and these can sometimes be surprisingly uncomfortable for their small size.
As a cleanser, just rub a small amount of raw local honey all over your face, lips, heels and other dry areas using your fingers or with a cotton ball then rinse with lukewarm water. Slather your face and other areas that need moisturization with yogurt every morning then wash off with a splash of cold water. You could also try cooking the oats with water as per usual until soft and pasty, allow to cool and apply to skin. At night before retiring, your skin can benefit from a simple facemask recipe of mixing yogurt and honey or oats.

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