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Clamorworld » In everyday life every one of us comes across various experiences, incidents which we either don’t share with anyone or share with family members and friends. Twenty-five years ago minister Edwina Currie sparked a scare over salmonella in eggs and had to resign amid outrage from farmers and plummeting sales.
There are foods that people instinctively associate with the risk of poisoning – raw chicken, raw egg, shellfish. It dropped by 54% in the three years following the introduction of the British Lion scheme in 1998, which saw hens vaccinated against salmonella, and last year there were just 229 reported cases.
Pregnant women, the elderly and young children are warned against eating a runny yolk, and forums on parenting websites contain discussion threads on the perils of raw cake mix. It’s impossible to precisely tally the number of cases caused by each type of food, but from what is known there are some less-expected culprits.
Watercress, beansprouts and curry leaves are believed to have been behind some of the most high profile outbreaks of food poisoning recently.

One of the more unusual outbreaks of food poisoning happened in 1951 in the French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit.
But while the industry recovered, the egg’s reputation for potential menace was longer lasting. Salmonella in UK eggs is now very rare, but the official line that raw egg should be avoided will remain. Despite episodes like the Sainsbury’s watercress recall it is hard for people to understand that non-animal products can be a risk.
There are around one million cases of food poisoning each year, according to the Food Standards Agency.
He also advises spreading it in shallow dishes to speed up cooling, or more simply, just cook the amount you want to eat. Five people died and many suffered hallucinations after eating rye bread contaminated by ergot, a poisonous fungus.

The majority are caused by the bug Campylobacter – commonly found in uncooked poultry, it is thought to be present in the vast majority of chickens. Wash vegetables underwater rather than under a tap so germs are not sprayed around the kitchen.
Any reheating at home should be thorough but is only safe if the advice above has been followed.
The world is waiting to listen to your voice, the voice which has kept you suppressed so far.

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