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Searching the Facebook community section for resolution and came across more irritated users.
Facebook have also added extra instructions on the chat bubble itself to guide users about what to do and provide two points of direction should one of them be missed.
I know this article is about bubble chat on mobile, but facebook have just launched this bubble chat on the desktop version of facebook too. However, the latest version of the top rated FB Purity browser extension does let you switch off bubble chat and revert to the old style chat. You may be inhibited since every-time you access Facebook messenger for chatting on iPhone, you always are required to get through Facebook Messenger app or to install it if it has not been downloaded?
Tip 2: Once the downloading is starting, press Home button to go to screen, then touch and hold on the Messenger app logo which has not been downloaded completely yet to remove it . Probably everyone has gone through that excruciating moment of seeing a Facebook message, but realizing that you should not have read it. The extension also allows you to choose the messages that you want to mark as read, in case you do want to reply back. People have expressed their dissatisfaction with Facebook’s feature ever since it was introduced a few years back, but it seems that the social website not only decided to keep it despite the negative feedback, but they did not offer the possibility to turn it off either.

Although this is the most known extension, it should be mentioned that there are other ways to disable the privacy-invading feature, one of them being another Chrome add-on known as Facebook Chat Privacy.
Also, for those who don’t use Chrome, there is one other extension which works with several browsers, and it is called Social Reviver, which allows not only to disable the above-mentioned feature, but also to go back to some of the old Facebook functions. However, the bad thing about most of the add-ons available for download is that you will no longer have the option to see if someone has read your message either.
So, before going for any of these measures, you will have to decide what matters most: knowing if someone is ignoring you on Facebook or not letting others know that you are ignoring them. Today even Facebook has got enough Viruses to get you in trouble with your Facebook friends. Enter your email address to subscribe to Technozed and receive notifications of new posts by email.
While others may find it handy, it can be cumbersome if you have a friend who expects you to reply immediately. Chatting in Facebook Messenger  is good because it is designed with features just to chit chat and conversation, but most people still prefer to just keep checking in & chatting with friends on Facebook application. To get rid of Facebook Messenger, all things you need to do is downloading this application without any other complicated manipulations.

Knowing that it was already too late as the person who had sent it to you was already aware that you had seen it. The solution to it is Facebook Unseen, a Chrome extension that helps you hide the fact that you have read the message from the person who has sent it.
After removing the virus app or all apps, you will have to Clean your browser History, Cache and Passwords. Usually the Facebook virus gets to you when you click on a link, clicking on the link gets the Virus to your account, which automatically spreads same message and link to other users, the virus can spread your profile picture to all your friends making them to click on the link and automatically they get the same virus. In this article I will explain how to fix your Facebook account if you have a Facebook virus. I flicked the bubble down, I dragged it down, I bounced it around but the bubble persisted.
My colleague searched for a solution which instructed her to switch off the Facebook app running in the background.

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