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While it is possible to get rid of genital warts with natural therapy, it is very necessary for the affected person to give a serious thought to how they could have occurred in the first place and whether it is proper to indulge in activities which could have brought them about.   Experiencing this affliction should be sufficient deterrent for undesirable practices. You can make use of the excellent curative properties of Aloe vera gel on the affected areas.  Good results can be obtained within a matter of days with daily application.
The versatile apple cider vinegar applied over the warts causes them to subside quickly.  A tiny cotton ball dipped in it and held in place with an adhesive tape is necessary for this to take effect.
Download Step by Step Instructions to Cure Genital Warts ( for both men & women ) at home.

This entry was posted in Skin & Hair Care and tagged Cure Genital Wart, Get Rid of Genital Wart on December 8, 2011 by James Roberts. They can cause a lot of discomfort especially during intercourse, and are highly contagious. If they occur in the urethral opening, thus blocking passage of urine, it constitutes an emergency situation, and consulting a doctor then becomes inevitable.  It is possible that genital warts may disappear on their own,  but chances of recurrence are always present. It is always better to administer some form of treatment to these warts and get rid of them soon in view of their extremely contagious nature.

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