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Three Weeks to Vitality: The Ultimate Cleanse is a 21-day whole foods-based holistic detox program. This program is designed to help people lose weight, learn about liver detox and why it's so important to cleanse in our toxic world, break sugar cravings, increase energy, get clear skin, get better sleep, decrease pain and inflammation and improve GI function. Stay up-to-date with Holistic Health Naturally by signing up for our free weekly newsletter. You want to know what dentures are made up of this means- You may be wearing a denture or you just have some curiosity to know.
Dentures ( I'm here talking about the Removable Dentures what old people wear not fixed one) can be defined as removable dental prosthesis with artificial teeth attached to the denture base that replaces the masticatory surface and associated structure of a mxillary or mandibular dental arch.
Earlier when advanced materials were not discovered dentures were made of  vulcanite, vinyl plastics, Type IV Gold. Denture teeth are also made up of acrylic resin but they are company made and prefabricated. Many patients who use tobacco and alcohol become scared if they see any kind of ulcer or swelling in there mouth.To answer their question I am giving some points here about how does mouth cancer look like when it starts.
Where will you find it- Usually involves Tongue, Cheek, Fold between cheek and gums, Lips ( lower lip mostly), Palate. Note: Share this or email this article with someone who smoke, drink or use any form of tobacco.
No matter what people say but I have saved some really bad tooth with help of root canal treatment. Some of my patients ask me the purpose of a crown after a root canal treatment and I'm explaining you the same thing in detail.
To understand the purpose of crown we have to understand which type of tooth are subjected to root canal treatment and what happens to tooth after root canal. Usually those tooth which are infected and structurally compromised by decay are subjected to root  canal treatment. Those tooth which are affected by excessive attrition or abrasion and patient is suffering from pain or severe sensitivity. Those tooth which have history of trauma in the past and now they have become dead, discolored and infected. In the process of root canal treatment the dead or living both kind of pulp is removed from the canal present in the root of the tooth. These kind of root canal treated tooth are most of the time decayed and major amount of supporting structure is lost, which is replaced with large filling. Let me first clear the situation- "Teeth getting sharp" means patient is experiencing sharp borders and edges of incisor or molar teeth and he may be suffering from repeated cheek bite and tongue bite. Due to continuous grinding of teeth normal anatomy of tooth is lost and jagged or sharp borders are formed. Decay of tooth which ultimately results jagged borders and broken tooth with sharp borders. Fracture of the borders of the teeth due to accidental biting on hard stuff will result in sharp borders.
Repeated trauma to adjacent soft tissue due to this sharp tooth may result in serious problems. It is advisable that you should consult your dentist as soon as possible and get it corrected.
A conservative surgical procedure for management of cysts in oral cavity and other parts of the body. What is Marsupialisation in layman terms- The roof of the cyst is removed and the cavity is evacuated the cyst lining may be left intact at that movement but cystic contents are removed and the cyst is left open. This technique relives the intra cystic pressure and reduces size of the cyst and promotes healing. After some time when there is enough healing and cyst have been reduced in size then cystic lining can be removed or any kind of cyst removal surgery can be performed, following which the cyst is closed. Partsch was the person who invented this technique hence the name Partsch operation is applied.
When cyst cavity is so big that complete removal of cyst will result in excessive structure loss. When cyst is in proximity with vital structure which will get harm if complete cyst is removed.
Decay at the gum line is some sort of cavity formation or decay of the smooth surface of the tooth just adjacent to the junction where gums touch the tooth. Theses type of caries may occur on the superficial surface of enamle only or it may go deep into dentin and root surface. When it goes deep into dentin then tooth sensitivity starts, Patient feels sharp pain while eating cold food. Most of the time decay at the gum line is cause in anterior region which is region of  esthetics. Other health factors or medical conditions which results in xerostomia are the major contributing factors in this type of caries.
Children may have caries at the gum line which is result of wrong method of bottle feeding.
Carbonated drinks and energy drinks which contains large quantity of sugar and carbonated water have been found to be a one of the biggest predisposing factors in this kind of dental problem. If it is asymptomatic and present just on the superficial surface then it can be treated by restoration. If damage is extensive then dentist may use full coverage crown or compomer for restorating the tooth surface. If tooth have become symptomatic and infected then Root canal treatment followed by Crown will be suggested for you. Dipping tobacco is a form of smokeless tobacco; In this form of practice person keeps a finely grounded or shredded tobacco leaves in the labial mucosal fold ( between lip and gums). Gradually the juice of the tobacco is absorbed by the fine capillaries present in the buccal mucosa.

There is no predicted time period for cancer to occur, but it is said to have lesser potential to cause cancer then it's smoked form of tobacco; but this does not mean it is not lethal. Heart cancer is a very rare kind of cancer which arises in inner tissue or muscles of the heart.
Heart cancer can be further divided in two types depending upon the source of origin of the cancer.
Primary Tumor- which primarily arises in the tissue of the heart and the source of tumor is in the heart tissue itself.
Secondary Tumor- Is a kind of tumor which have origin some where else but it spreads to heart due to metastasis. Most heart tumors are benign myxomas, fibromas, rhabdomyomas, and hamartomas, although malignant sarcomas (such as angiosarcoma or cardiac sarcoma) have been known to occur. More then 70% of the primary tumors of heart are Myxomas which is nothing but tumor arising from connective tissue of heart, Myxomas are usually located in left and right atrium.
Doctor may advise for Echocardiography, in which  it is seen as pedunculated mass which is heterogeneous in appearance. Bening tumors of heart are not so lethal by direct nature but its presence creates problem in electrical signals and flow of blood.
Malignant Tumors have grave prognosis and person is not expected to live more than 2 years after the diagnosis of the disease. Congenital- No specific cause is known, may be associated with other congenital problems like hear disease or Pierre- robin syndrome. In acquired type of micrognathia patient gets it after the birth.Mouth breathing is one of the causes resulting in micrognathia of upper jaw. In true mandibular micrognathia patient looks like having rerusion of chin, steep mandibular angle and deficient chin button. Crowding and irregularly placed teeth this occurs due to lack of space for teeth to erupt and grow. Due to small jaw tongue is forced back into the oropharyngial space causing obstruction of airway space resulting in difficulty in breathing.
Depending upon the age of the patient and severity of the condition an orthodontic appliance or a surgery can be suggested.
It have been years I remember how I remove broken tooth for first time as a dental student (not some thing to brag about) and I see tooth removal as a permanent loss of human body, which have serious effects on oral health in long term. I hereby ask every one to care for yourself and your family members oral health very seriously.
If due to any reason your dental surgeon tells you that this tooth can't be saved then go with his suggestion. In India a routine tooth extraction may cost you any where from Rs 250 - Rs 400, surgical tooth extraction will cost Rs 400-Rs 1000, wisdom tooth surgery will cost Rs 1500- Rs 5000.
If you have undergone any kind of tooth extraction or other kind of dental surgery then it becomes essential for you to know about the precautions after tooth extraction. Most of the dental clinics will give you a verbal as well as printed instructions to follow after tooth extraction, If you don’t have such kind of information then you can read it from this article. It is best for you to consult your dentist or physician if you have any concern related to your oral problem. Here I am presuming that you or your family member has been undergone tooth extraction and sitting in front of the computer for information about post operative care. Your surgeon will keep a pressure pack made up of gauze piece on the extraction socket, you should bite on this pack for 45 minutes at least. Apply an ice pack or a cold towel on your cheek on the side of surgery do this for 15 minutes with little breaks in between, Repeat it frequently on the day of surgery. No matter what anesthesia your surgeon used and no matter how smooth his surgery was, It is common for people to feel different grades of pain after surgery.
Little blood will ooze out of the socket and you may see blood stains on the pillow next morning. From next day of extraction you should gargle with salt water at least 3 times a day it will remove any food particles from the socket and fastens healing process. You may feel bony surface at the extraction site don’t disturb it with tongue or finger it may lead to infection. No matter what your dentist may do the pain never goes, this kind of situation can occur with any unfortunate patient, he or she complains and complains, dentist tries and tries but pain still persists. Human cranium is one of the most complex things nature have developed and faults may occur even by nature, huge number of nerve supply and synaps are present in our brain and slightest problem in any one of them will result in intense pain. Pain is protective mechanism of the body which tells us there is something wrong inside there? I have collected and listed 3 neuropathic orofacial pain which can be misunderstood as toothache or dental pain. Trigeminal neuralgia which is also known as tic douloureux, is a sharp, stabbing or lancination pain arising i norofacial region which is supplied by trigeminal nerve. Sharp, electric shock like pain which lasts for seconds to 1 minute followed by refractory period which feels like burning pain. Dental pain in the area which does not show any abnormalities in physical or radiographic change, pain is same as TN- sharp, electric shock like.
This pain may occur after extraction or endodontic treatment because they involve amputation of tissue which contain nerve supply of a human structure. All the above conditions can be recognized and un needed dental treatment can be avoided by taking excellent description of chief complain , quality of pain, duration, trigger agents, history of the problem over chronological fashion should be noted and contemplated. Dental and gum problems result from poor oral hygiene and not brushing your teeth often enough or with the right things.
Cloves are a time tested remedy for tooth and gum problems because cloves have antiseptic and pain relieving properties. As an alternative you can boil one tablespoon of cloves in one cup water and let it steep for 1 or 2 hours. For best results dilute 1 part oregano oil with 30 parts olive oil and apply to the affected area or better still the entire inside of the mouth with a cotton swab.

Instead of your regular toothpaste try using a paste made of 10 drops peppermint extract, 1 cup baking soda, 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide. This is the herbal extract of marigolds and has been used for centuries to treat various ailments.
The assumption is that if the gum is not swallowed, then the ingredients should not be a concern. Some patients show high grade of attrition in which their tooth surface gets worn off more then normal.
In this procedure a slit is incised on the roof of the cyst the lining is then suture with the remaining border, cyst is drained and healing occurs.
When a cyst grows to such a big extent that complete removal of the cyst will result in permanent structural and functional loss then marsupialisation is advised.
Basic cause which can be blamed for caries of this kind is increase sugar consumption with poor oral hygiene practice. The nicotine present in the dip reaches into the blood and person feels effects of nicotine. Any of the jaw - maxilla- the upper jaw or the mandible- lower jaw can be affected from it. First don't let the tooth decay, second get it filled if cavity starts,third get it root canal treated if it goes deep and affects the nerve of tooth. Your name will be registered at the reception and your health history data will be taken out. Most of the time a dental xray is suggested for conforming the diagnosis and details about the affected tooth.
If your suggested treatment is extraction of tooth then surgeon will wait for you to take decision.
If your health history permits extraction then your blood pressure will be checked and a Xylocain sensitivity test may be performed on your forearm.
After conforming that your health permits the extraction, your surgeon will get ready and assistant will prepare your for extraction. A xylocain containing local anesthetic will be injected in the area of tooth extraction to make it numb, pricks can be multiple because tooth is a complex structure and it have multiple nerve supplies. Dental surgeon will wait for  few minutes and then look for subjective and objective symptoms of anesthesia. After conforming the effectiveness of anesthesia your dental surgeon will start the tooth extraction procedure. After making it lose your dental surgeon will hold your tooth with extraction forceps, and then he will give some side to side moments to completely remove it from socket.
After removal of broken tooth dental surgeon will inspect the socket and control the bleeding. At last he will place a pressure pack ( made up of gauze piece and cotton) over the extraction socket. At the end surgeon will prescribe you antibiotics and analgesics and give you post operative instructions for care after tooth removal.
Your surgeon will give you medication to control pain, take those medicines in time, It is better to take analgesics just before you feel the anesthesia is going off.
Hot food have tendency to dilate blood vessels around the extraction area this may increase the chances of post operative bleeding from socket.
8 people in 100000 will show up with TN, This condition is mostly seen in patients who are above 50 years,  females are slightly more affected by this condition. At the same time, it is possible that you are ignoring your visits due to the dentist for your regular tooth care. Fortunately there are some herbal remedies for gum pain which can alleviate the problem without much expense or even trouble.
Use this concoction as a mouth wash to let it act as one of the herbal remedies for gum pain. It has anti septic, antibiotic, anti fungal, anti viral and anti parasitic properties and has a very beneficial effect when applied topically on any infection. Some people prefer undiluted oregano oil, but this is not recommended if you have sensitive gums as it can be very strong. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
However, the toxic ingredients in gum, like aspartame, travel into the blood stream faster and in higher concentrations than food ingredients, because they absorb directly through the walls of the mouth, and these ingredients do not undergo the normal filtration process of digestion. He may ask some additional questions to further diagnose your problem, he will clinically examine your oral cavity for the problems. Solution will be deposited slowly because it eliminates the chances of increased systemic toxicity.( It is no way similar to a usual shot what you get at your physician). You will be awake but you may feel tingling, numb or swelling like feeling on the are of anesthesia.
Remove the pressure pack with help of clean fingers, don’t spit the pack out it may dislodge the clot and bleeding may start. It is also possible that your dentist is doing a poor job and not cleaning your teeth and gums properly.
These remedies are simple to find and use and if done regularly will ensure the overall health of your teeth and gums.
One of the easiest methods is to take some clove oil in a cotton ball and dab it liberally on the gums and teeth.
Ginger has excellent anti inflammatory properties and hence reduces the inflammation in the gums. At the same time, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide act on the teeth and gums to improve their health.

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