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You should always have a cat urine odor remover handy, since inappropriate elimination is a common problem many cat owners have to deal with. In this post, wea€™ll look at what I (and many other cat owners) think is the best commercial brand of cat urine odor remover that will easily remove any urine stain and the horrible odor from your home.
Kids a€?Na€™ Pets is formulated specifically for cleaning up any biodegradable stain and odors and works great for pet and human urine, feces and vomit stains and odors.
Many cat owners report that before using Kids a€?Na€™ Pets, they have a lot of trouble finding a cat odor urine remover that completely gets rid of the smell. When your house smells like urine, ita€™s makes embarrassing having guests over and can ruin your social life!
It also makes you create a negative association with being in certain parts of your house since the smell is so bad. Not only is this great for cleaning up after pets (especially house training your kitten or puppies), ita€™s also great for young kids who can have accidents around your house as well. Dog owners often choose hardwood floors when purchasing or remodeling a home, as they are simpler to clean and maintain than carpeted floors. Pour enough vinegar on the floor to cover the spot and allow to sit for five minutes before blotting up with paper towels.
Pet urine or feces stains on your hardwood floor can happen whether your pet is young or old. I have a granite counter top in my bathroom (THE only bathroom that all 5 of us in the house share).

Ita€™s incredibly frustrating coming home and finding new spots of urine on your carpet, furniture or some hard to reach corner. It works not only to remove the urine stains, but also discourages your cat from re-urinating by completely eliminating the odor which causes them to come back and pee on same spot. You want to gently blot the urine rather than wipe it, since wiping the spot causes the urine stain to spread. Kids a€?Na€™ Pets is a cat urine odor remover that consistently remove stains and urine, even when other odor removal products (both commercial and homemade) have failed. A Common cleaners and odor removers such as Lysol, bleach, Pine Sol, Fabreeze, Oust, Glade and others completely fail to remove the nasty urine smell. The horrible urine smell is also a powerful reminder of your disobedient cat and can cause you start to resent her. You can also call your local pet stores to see if they carry this brand of cat urine odor remover.
However, many pet owners never anticipate their beloved pet will have an accident in the house. Place a layer of towels over the spot and press down firmly with your foot to draw the urine out of the wood before it dries. That counter top is my only attempt so far at bringing my house into the 21st century ~ pretty soon everything will be back in style again so I may just wait ?? That being said, we also have very HARD water which means anything that comes into contact with our water gets a nasty build up. We have really bad hard water in our area and I am looking forward to getting rid of the white crusties on my faucets and counters.

Whata€™s great about it is that it doesna€™t work by simply covering up the odors, but eliminates the odors completely by breaking down the stain that causes the nasty smell at a chemical level. Once you clean up the urine stains around your house with Kids a€?Na€™ Pets, youa€™ll feel so much happier that your house smells like the way it did before.
Dog urine is acidic and can seep into the hardwood, resulting in staining and lingering odor. It tends to drive me bonkers especially with the granite because you have to be so careful about what you use on it. The trick is to really saturate the stained area, which makes it a bit more expensive that you might think (ita€™s still way worth the cost). Enzymatic floor cleaner is designed for pet stains and will help break down the proteins in the urine to eliminate staining and odor. The floor may appear stained after the initial cleaning, but should return to a normal color once the liquid has evaporated. The Zep not only removes regular everyday dirt and grime from the sink area but it also totally removes the hard water deposits.

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