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Ingrown hair problem is a benign skin condition which is commonly seen among individuals with curly or coarse facial or body hair. To remove deeply embedded ingrown hairs apply half a teaspoon of Epsom salts directly on the ingrown hairs and then rub your skin gently. Like Epsom salts, brown sugar is a wonderful natural exfoliate which is extremely helpful in reducing ingrown hair condition.
For this particularly effective home remedy, simply combine one cup of brown sugar with a quarter cup of extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil. Using almond meal as a natural exfoliate is a great way to keep your skin super smooth and to free the ingrown hairs. The walnut scrub is an extremely popular home remedy to free deeply embedded ingrown hair on the face and the body. James Young began writing in 1969 as a military journalist combat correspondent in Vietnam.
Shaving causes many instances of ingrown hairs or pseudo-folliculitis, but shaving isn't the only culprit. In addition to shaving, injuries and friction could set the stage for ingrown hairs and infection. Razor bumps without infection heal quickly if the trapped hair is freed and allowed to grow. Either pseudo-folliculitis or folliculitis could lead to more serious conditions, such as boils, carbuncles or cysts. Rubbing the Epsom salts into the skin in a gentle circular motion can help to free the trapped hair follicles.
Gently rubbing the skin with brown sugar helps to get rid of dead skin cells and other surface impurities.
The natural antiseptic properties of honey will prevent the ingrown hairs from becoming infected. Oatmeal is one of the top tried and tested home remedies to get rid of painful ingrown hairs.

Young's articles have been published in "Tai Chi Magazine," "Seattle Post-Intelligencer," Sonar 4 ezine, "Stars & Stripes" and "Fine Woodworking." He has worked as a foundryman, woodturner, electronics technician, herb farmer and woodcarver. Anything which cuts or breaks body hairs slightly below the surface of the skin could trap the hair and trigger the condition.
Impacts and scrapes might sever hairs below skin level, with the injured tissue healing over the embedded hair. Close shaves increase the risk of ingrown hairs, so avoid razors with more than one cutting blade. Large swellings around ingrown hairs, pockets of pus and tenderness indicate that the problem has gone beyond mild irritation. Some razors place a fine wire wrap between the blade and the skin to ensure that a fine stubble always remains. A cosmetically disfiguring condition, the problem of ingrown hair is exacerbated by waxing repeatedly or shaving too close to the skin. To prepare the exfoliating almond meal scrub, simply combine two tablespoon of almond meal with one teaspoon of organic honey.
To prepare this homemade scrub, combine one tablespoon of quick cooking oats with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and two heaped tablespoons of yoghurt. Young graduated from North Seattle Community College with an associate degree in applied science and electronic technology. Individuals with curly hair suffer from pseudo-folliculitis more often than those with straight hair, and incorrect shaving habits contribute to the frequency of this problem. On the buttocks or thighs, the friction of clothing wears away body hair, and any hair breaking off too short could be trapped.
Shaving against the grain, the direction the hair normally lays, also aggravates this problem.
Ingrown hair condition which occurs primarily after puberty can even cause skin discoloration, extensive skin scarring and painful infections. Soaking hair from three to five minutes with a hot wet washcloth softens the hair for shaving.

Laser treatment offers a more permanent solution by destroying unwanted hair, including the root, and preventing regrowth. The best way to diminish the problem of ingrown hair is to follow some tried and tested home remedies. Repeat this home remedy twice a week for at least one month to mitigate the problem of ingrown hairs. Embedded hairs don't always lead to infections, but do cause bumps and inflammation until treated. Don't stretch the skin while shaving, and use shaving creams formulated for sensitive skin.
Applying warm compresses to the area three to four times a day in 20-minute sessions could help the boil open and drain. Finally, scrub your body (particularly the areas where you have ingrown hair) with a long handled brush having natural bristles. Rubbing the skin in gentle circular motion will help to free the trapped ingrown hair follicles. Never lance a boil yourself, and keep the area clean by washing with anti-bacterial soap three times a day. Repeat this home remedy three or four times a week, for a couple of weeks to get rid of ingrown hair problem. Boils that don't drain, turn red or show red streaks, or accompany a fever require the attention of a physician. Multiple and recurring boils, boils near the anus, on the face or near the spine, or boils complicated by diabetes also require a doctor's care.

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