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In the evening, pour 300 ml of water over a tablespoon of minced bay leaf and cook for 5 minutes (in an enamelled pot).
This recipe is also effective in naturally eliminating stones in the bile and converting it into sand. This method of treatment will last about 2 months, and bunions on your feet will disappear completely.
Smear the bunions with the mixture, but before that, it is necessary that you soak your feet well in warm water (3 liters of water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda).
Another great tool for relief from painful bunions, joints and other phenomena of this kind is iodine with aspirin.
Smear your painful areas with this solution (ankles, aching joints and other growths) every night.

It is best to dip a cotton swab in the povidone iodine, and over the knuckles draw the iodine network.
You can also apply a solution of lemon juice and iodine in the same proportions on bunions, which is also effective in cases of “plantar fasciitis”. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Their formation is caused by: flu, angina, gout, poor metabolism, wrong diet, rheumatic infection and long periods of wearing uncomfortable shoes.
That is a sign that the salt in the body has began to dissolve and slightly irritate the bladder.
It makes regular everyday activities including moving and even breathing difficult and painful.

Treating joint pain is crucial to maintaining a high quality of life and prevention should start early! Always treat injuries to joints quickly and effectively, don’t continue to use a joint that has been injured!
This helps to strengthen both bones and muscles.Keep your joints warm in cold weather.Make sure your body is absorbing enough calcium!

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