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Bumps arms (keratosis pilaris) treatment paula' choice, What’s this chicken skin all about?
Keratosis pilaris naturaltreatment kp natural remedy, Keratosis pilaris common skin disorder small bumps rough patches forming cheeks, arms, buttocks, legs thighs.
Keratosis pilaris occurs when the human body produces excess amounts of the skin protein keratin, resulting in the formation of small, raised bumps in the skin often with surrounding redness.[4] The excess keratin, which is the color of the person's natural skin tone, surrounds and entraps the hair follicles in the pore.
There are several different types of keratosis pilaris, including keratosis pilaris rubra (red, inflamed bumps which can be on arms, head, legs),[4] keratosis pilaris alba (rough, bumpy skin with no irritation),[4] keratosis pilaris rubra faceii (reddish rash on the cheeks), and related disorders.

Keratosis pilaris does not bear any known, long-term health implications, nor is it associated with increased mortality or morbidity.[8] It is not related to goose bumps, which results from muscle contractions, except that both occur in the area where the hair shaft exits the skin. Some cases of keratosis pilaris have been successfully treated with laser therapy, which involves passing intense bursts of light into targeted areas of the skin. Worldwide, KP affects an estimated 30-50% of the adult population and approximately 50-80% of all adolescents.
Depending on the body's response to the treatment, multiple sessions over the course of a few months may be necessary.

It is more common in women than in men, and is often present in otherwise healthy individuals.[9] The skin condition is prevalent in persons of all ethnicities. On their website you can watch a useful free video demonstrating the best way to cure acne quickly.

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