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The lower back includes five vertebrae- L1-L5- in the lumbar region as well as five topmost sacral vertebrae. Sciatica is a form of Radiculopathy caused due to compression of  the longest nerve root running from the lower back to the leg called sciatica nerve. Spinal Stenosis is the narrowing of the Spinal  column causing weakness, pain, numbness and sensory loss in the leg. Aortic aneurysm happens due to enlargement of the large blood vessel that supplies blood to the legs, pelvic region and the abdomen. Aging, degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs, heavy-lifting from improper body position or sudden movement crack the ring discus and outbreak its central part. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
October 12, 2014 By Anthony Leave a Comment Nothing is more crippling for golfers than constant, nagging lower back pain. September 16, 2014 By Anthony Leave a Comment With all the effort that we put in to eat healthy, exercise, and try to live a stress-free life, it would really suck to give back all those benefits by making the same fitness mistakes over and over again.
September 16, 2014 By Anthony Leave a Comment We allknow exercise is important for us — but how exactly do you find the time to workout?
July 27, 2014 By Anthony 2 Comments If you want more power in your golf swing, you need to train for power. SwingStrength goes beyond the clubs, balls, and swing aids to make lasting, total-body changes to help you shoot lower scores and play better golf with the swing you already have.
Given the modern hectic lifestyle, this problem afflicts both men and women, young and old alike.
Nevertheless, it is the resilient in vertebrae that cushion the bones during movements and act as shock absorbers throughout the spinal column. It may appear suddenly in sharp jabs or as a dull nagging ache making a person incapacitated, unable to carry out normal routine chores. Since your back supports the whole body muscles and therefore it is necessary that it should be strong and flexible. It is also referred to as lumbago, lower back pain, and other names commonly used in the world of medicine. It is composed of five smaller nerves that come out of the lumbosacral spine, and go down the legs where they divide into smaller nerves into the upper thighs, knees, calf muscles, feet, and toes.

Most affected are women above 60 years or younger individuals with physically demanding occupations. The ligaments keep the vertebrae intact while the muscles are attached to the spinal cord by tendons.
Thus ‘lumbago’ represents a ‘weakness in the loins’ or to be more precise ‘weakness in the lower back’. The pain may occur due to strenuous work like lifting heavy objects or owing to degeneration of the spine generally associated with the ageing. Strong back muscles also prevent you from injuries, pain, aging, menstruation related difficulties.
This condition is called sciatica, and it usually occurs in the lumbar spine, or lower back. Thus, once we do make it to the gym, we need to use tactics to save time and maximize our results. A problem experienced by most people at some point or other in their lives, in most cases, the exact cause of this painful condition remains unknown. Therefore, the lower back that bears a majority of the body weight leading to free movement at the waist many a times become a little too much for the ligaments, muscles and tendons supporting the body weight. Lower Back PainThis article explores various such back pain exercises for women to give them a strong back muscle toned body.Knee to Chest Lie on the floor on your back while bending on your knees and feet flat on the floor. Yet, with few medical investigations and suitable treatment one can overcome this problem in no time. After performing the pose once on each side, repeat the move bringing both legs to your chest at the same time.TwistsLie flat on your back with bent knees, placing your feet flat on the floor. Back ArchesTo perform this stretch, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Relax, then flatten your back against the floor and pull your abdominal muscles in so that your pelvic bone now tilts toward your head. Hold for five seconds.Bridge PoseBridge pose is a classic yoga pose that can help women with tight lower backs strengthen the muscles that support the spine. Use the strength in your legs to push against the ground and pull your hips and lower back off the ground. Hold bridge pose for three full breaths, then relax.Cat-Cow StretchStart the stretch on your hands and knees, then inhale and move into cow position, slightly arching your back and pointing your chest and tailbone toward the ceiling.

This is an excellent exercise to get relief from the back pain during the menstruation.RowsThis exercise can be performed at your home with a resistance band wrapped around a pole or even around stretched feet. Rows can also be done with dumbbell weights by placing the knee and hand of one side onto a knee height platform. Place the other foot on the ground and lift the dumbbell from the ground up to your ribcage. All of these row techniques will target your upper back muscles and make them stronger, leaner and more toned.Pull-ups and pull-downsThe wider you grip on the pull-up bar, the more you target on the outer edges of the back muscles. There are cable machines that allow for you to hold the pull down bar, sit with the tops of your legs secured beneath a cushioned pad, and pull the weighted bar down to your chest with your elbows and upper arms brought down near your sides. This exercise can also be done at home with a resistance band wrapped around a tall tree branch or other tall object.Lower BackLower back exercisesLower back exercises can be done at home with no weights or machines, but one very effective exercise called a lower back extension uses a piece of equipment that is common in gyms. Bend over at the hips until you are as low as you can comfortably go and keep your back straight. Your lower back muscles will engage as you bring your upper body back up in line with your lower body. These are done by laying flat on your stomach on the floor with arms extended straight above your head. Slowly engage your lower back muscles to lift your arms, shoulders and chest off the floor at the same time you lift your legs off the floor. Hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds at first and build up to 30 seconds as you get more comfortable with the exercises.Arm Pull downsStand in an erect posture behind the lat pull down machine and grab the bar with your arms. Now pull the bars to an extent when it touches your thighs, make sure while performing this motion your arms remain straight. This is one of the best lower back exercises with weights and works greatly to strengthen your back muscles.Hip BridgeLie straight on your back in a relaxed position.
Now go back to the original standing position and perform for the other leg.Barbell High Rows Your hands should be at equal distance while holding the bar and shoulders should be pulled back, with knees slightly bent.
Bent the elbows and slowly pull back the bar towards your chest, hold it for a second and let go slowly.

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