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Step 2: Where To Get Rid of The Problem- FirefoxFirst close out of Fire fox when you recognize that you have adware installed on your computer. Step 3: Where To Get Rid of The problems- SafariFirst open Safari so that it is open to the home screen (It does not matter what browser is you main browser). It seems that each of these folders match with every "zombie" Google volume displayed in finder. As has been mentioned in comments to other answers this will uninstall the service, which is not the point of the question. This is an entirely reasonable solution, and precisely the one I wanted for this very problem. Open your user Library folder (and possibly the computer’s main Library folder too, for good measure). Please quote the essential parts of the answer from the reference link(s), as the answer can become invalid if the linked page(s) change. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged osx osx-yosemite or ask your own question.
I was about to delete both folders, but before deleting them I decided to open the tmp folder with finder by doing "open ." from the terminal, and once the finder window popped up the "zombie" folders from My Mac got deleted automatically, it must have been a cache problem.

Launch the Uninstaller (by double-clicking on it), and you should get a message that the Google Talk Plugin has been uninstalled. By mentioning the Eject buttons it should be obvious that he's just asking how to get rid of the phantom mounted disks.
3) If you recently installed google voice and video, then deleting the dmg or package file for the installer and emptying the trash and then ejecting should work. These are based on your past conversations and writing style, so they may change over time to better fit how you do your typing.
It may even adjust to whomever you’re communicating with, too, which is just creepy cool.
Just tap and hold on one of the text suggestions when you’ve got the iOS keyboard up, and drag downward, toward the top row of the keyboard. About halfway down, in the All Keyboards section, you’ll see a toggle switch for Predictive.
I dont't need to argue with you, because I have provided adequate proof of the shortcomings in your opinion. If you cant handle someone criticising your opinion when you present it as a fact, then keep the opinion to yourself.

I am simply here to protect and inform those who will read your comment and will believe untrue information based off of your deceit. So they just made viruses and malware for PC's as it was easier and not that many people used Macs anyway. Just click and hold the globe icon on the keyboard and youll see an option to turn off the predictive text. Firstly, there is some description of security on EVERY operating system, but their just so happens to be loopholes and bugs, and they appear in every operating system! You seem to think of OSX as a security suite, or a hardware chip, it is an operating system that you install on your computer. In fact it is quite well known you can install OSX on any PC (Personal Computer), even those designed to run windows or Linux.

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