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Whether you are pregnant, want to become pregnant, or think you may some day be pregnant – read this. You may be surprised to learn that there are a number of skin disorders that may creep up on you while you’re pregnant. They might show up on your sides, down the front of your belly, on your breasts (thanks engorgement), or any other part of your body that expanded rapidly. Your breasts will get fuller throughout the pregnancy and you will give birth (safely and healthfully we hope), then – KABOOM! Dealing with your new mommy body image can be hard, but try to be proud of what your body was able to accomplish, not just what it looks like. On the nights when an extra coat of mascara just won’t do, bust out a pair of false lashes and turn some heads. Some women have great pregnancies … and in my case (and most I’ve seen), you’d do it all over again for your little nugget of love. My face gt dry , dark spots and patches on my cheeks,My bum is tar black,fortunately no stretch hubby tries 2 cheer me up.
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Times when you have no other option but to change in front of your friends at a gym, when you have a holiday but you refuse to go, for the simple reason that you wouldn’t be able to flaunt your curves. So, today SoSueMe is going to discuss a few different remedies to help with the appearance of stretch marks and also a few treatments that will almost get rid of them for you! Just remember before we start this topic- nobody is perfect and almost every girl has stretch marks some where.
If you’ve conceived lately, you dont get all the fuss about understanding the causes of stretch marks during pregnancy. When puberty hits, stretch marks make way easily as skin tissues develop, and hormonal changes are at their peak! Note: That stretch marks occur not only around stomach, but also around thighs, hips, breasts, and back.
First off- some of the best known methods used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks are anti-stretch creams, alpha hydroxy acids, endermologie and micro-dermabrasion. Although laser treatment won’t totally remove your stretch marks, it will make them fade and less noticeable. No matter how much you ask a girl to ignore these stretch marks, it just doesn’t happen. However, if the above two methods are beyond your budget, and you want to try the natural school of thought, natural alternatives for stretch marks removal can be tried at least once. Laserway deliver quality of service and treatment, expert and professional advice employing the latest technology in skin care cosmetics. There are various home remedies for stretch marks, which are inexpensive and are easily available at home. Massaging lavender oil on the affected area is also an effective home remedy for stretch marks. Aloe Vera has excellent medicinal properties and is very useful for overall skin care, especially stretch marks. You can prepare a home made cream by mixing and blending ingredients like ? cup aloe vera gel, ? cup of olive oil or almond oil, 4 capsules of vitamin E (liquid) and 2 capsules of vitamin A(liquid). Water is extremely beneficial for the skin; drinking 12-14 glasses of water, especially duringpregnancy not only helps against stretch marks, but also maintains overall glow of the skin. All of the above home remedies for stretch marks are extremely beneficial for overall skin health. Remember that all stretch marks are not permanent, and they will fade away with time, so avoid being overanxious.

Striations on the skin surface (striae) that results from excessive stretching and rupture of elastic fibers in the dermal layer of skin can tear the dermis and produce scars known as stretch marks.
Intake of these Vitamins nourishes your skin & keeps it hydrated, thereby reducing stretch marks. Intermix all the above mentioned ingredients, apply the mixture onto the stretch marks & massage with this at least thrice a day. Apply a paste of powered Ground Coffee beans and Collagen moisturizing lotion like Kollagen Intensiv™ onto the affected skin area, massaging thoroughly. Cocoa Butter possesses the ability to penetrate the second layer of skin & heal up injured parts and reduces the skin stains. Apply a mixture of cocoa butter and Vitamin E extracts on the stretch marks and massage gently. These include various stretch mark creams & oils manufactured specifically for reducing the ugly stretch marks. We have listed all the possible options which one can have while trying to get rid of stretch marks. Pimples treatment hindi home face tips remove skin acne marks care rid, In video tips treatment pimples home. 10 simple natural ways rid acne fast, 10 simple natural ways rid acne fast teaspoon cinnamon apply face.
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You don’t want to be caught off-guard during one of the most vulnerable times of your life. To add insult to injury, it is not safe to treat your acne with most prescription medications during your pregnancy. Especially if you are a woman of color, slightly shaded areas like armpits and the groin will get darker. That’s great, but the hair growing all over your body might not let you enjoy the hair on your head. Sideburns, upper lip, chin, down your belly and anywhere else you can imagine, you might sprout hair. Even before the baby is big enough to press on your bladder, the fluid in your body has doubled, and to deal with it, your body needs to pee more. It is because of these scars that you flip your wardrobe, cover yourself at most instances, and stay disheartened, most of the time. Even the most beautiful celebrities in the world such as: Scarlett Johansson, Kate Benkinsale and Angelina Jolie have them- so don’t beat yourself up over it!
However, those women who have never been pregnant need to know that stretch marks aren’t just limited to pregnancy, and that they are actually associated with sudden weight gain or loss also!
When the body’s shape changes too rapidly for the skin- it responds to these lines by stretching, in order to restore. The following section tells you about some treatments of stomach stretch marks which is, even though pricey, a fool-proof solution to get rid of stretch marks on stomach. There are a number of home remedies for stretch marks removal (I have listed below), but they may not satisfy you. Remedies such as Wheat Germ oil, lemon juice, and Vitamins C and E are known to be effective in lightening the effects of stomach stretch marks.
One that I know very well adn have heard fanstsic reports about is: Laserway The Cosmetic Laser Clinic. They perform laser and non-surgical procedures throughout Dublin, Leinster and Ulster, specialising in laser hair removal.

These oils can also be used in aromatherapy and are also good for getting rid of stretch marks on stomach. Though aloe vera gel is available in the market, but if you get natural fresh gel from an aloe vera plant, then it is the best way to get rid of stretch marks. Apart from maintaining a healthy diet, you must also exercise regularly, as it helps in blood circulation.
This keeps your skin hydrated, which in turn maintains the detoxification level of skin pores, thereby restoring skin elasticity as well as removing stretch marks. Apply a mixture containing 1 tablespoonful raw sugar and a few drops of lemon juice and almond oil over your stretch marks 4-5 times a day, preferable before taking a shower. One can massage the affected skin with Aloe Vera & leave it for a few minutes, then wash this part with lukewarm water.
Regular massage reduces stretch marks by increasing blood circulation of that area thereby improving the skin texture. Skinception™ Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is one such product which claims to visibly reduced stretch marks. Exercising regularly tones up the muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves stress and maintains elasticity of the skin thereby reducing the risk of stretch marks. A pulsed dye laser (aka vascular laser) therapy is often used for recent & fresh stretch marks.
A fractional laser treatment (aka laser surfacing) can be used to get rid of older stretch marks.
My dermatologist told me it was something called Tinea Versicolor – a pesky fungal infection that some women get during pregnancy. This, in turn thins the area stretched, causing damage to the softness and flexibility of our skin. In that case, Laser surgery is what I can think of as the best way to remove stretch marks! These natural products listed below are not only effective against stretch marks, but are also good for maintaining your skin quality. You can also use it for aromatherapy, which is also effective against skin disorders and maintaining overall health of the body. Knowing that there are treatments makes me feel like there is hope for me wearing shorts one day. I think that all women haven’t too much wait for this procedure which gives them a youthful look. Apply a paste of Alfalfa leaves (crushed to powder form) and Chamomile oil onto the stretch marks 2-3 times a day. Applying a mixture of olive oil, water and vinegar at bed time serves as a good moisturizer which exfoliates dead skin cells. Well, it can be – but there is a whole lot more that happens to a pregnant body that no one wants to talks about. Apologize after you’re done and beg the people you love to have patience until you are done being nutty.
Trust me on one thing, even cocoa butter and bio oil help in lightening these not so nice marks on the area but most of us do not have patience to apply gels and creams, waiting for stretch marks to fade away. All the above mentioned home remedies are inexpensive and are extremely effective against stretch marks. Another way of getting rid of stretch marks as mentioned above is microdermabrasion which confirms removal of stretch marks by lightening their visibility.

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