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Smoke fumigation: Smoke fumigation using specially designed cartridges for mole control is difficult. Vibrating devices: Devices such as electrical vibrators or plastic windmills that send slight tremors through the ground will repel moles. Harpoon- and choker-type traps are available through farm and garden-supply stores or hardware stores. Unfortunately, each device has a very limited range of effectiveness, so the average yard would require dozens of them to be effective. We have experts in family and health, community development, food and agriculture, coastal issues, forestry, programs for young people, and gardening. Once a mole has eaten the food supply throughout a run, the mole will stop using that run and start a new one.“Mole traps and baits must be placed in the active runs to be most effective. You are more likely to be successful at trapping moles in the spring or fall when they are not using the deeper burrows.

That makes good scouting essential,” said Byers.To find active mole runs, Byers recommends poking a hole through the top of the run.
Mark the location with a flag a few inches to the side of the run or by using a landmark that is memorable.“In about two hours, check the run and if the hole is repaired or plugged back up, the run is active and will be a good location for baits and traps,” said ByersHuman scentsMoles can smell human scents on some types of bait. Using gloves while handling mole baits can help increase product success and reduce possible chemical exposure to the applicator.
Mole baits are pesticides and can be harmful if not properly used as directed by the label.“Grubworm pesticides are used to kill grub worms and, unfortunately, can kill up to 70 percent of earthworms as well. Grubworm pesticides should only be used to kill grub worm infestations, not to control moles by reducing their food supply,” said Byers.Repellants and baitsMost products tend to work as a repellant, with castor bean oil as the active ingredient. Many have been tested on the Eastern mole and appear effective on this species, which is found across the Eastern U.S. This product contains chlorophacinone, a historically sound anticoagulant of the rodenticide industry.

The Eastern Mole is a small, sturdy animal about eight inches long, with a cylindrical body and elongated head.The Eastern Mole is grayish-brown on the back to pale or more brown on the belly. Many of these are built after rains when the mole is in search of new sources of food and are usually not re-used from day to day.Digging fastDigging of surface tunnels normally proceeds at a rate of 1 foot per minute.
Moles are insatiable eaters and can consume 70 to 80 percent of their body weight daily.STAY INFORMED.
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